Aug 042013

Bust Breasts Boobies Bosom What comes to mind when you hear these and similar words?  Chances are, each word might bring up a different thought in each person.  Some slang sounds very stiff, while others sound sexy.  What I want to know is, how many of you pictured a woman either naked or mostly exposed [...]

Aug 022013
Our Intro Into Anal Adventures

Pleasing my partner has always been top priority for me when it comes to bedroom time.  When we first started seeing each other, we started off with very basic positions and activities, but it wasn’t long before it felt like we were always doing the same things.  I never wanted him to feel like sex [...]

Jul 212013

I met my husband in February of 2010.  We met online through a dating site and after the first introductory exchanges were made, we were chatting all day, every day.  We had seen photos through the site, but I didn’t really have any of my full body. I made sure he knew I wasn’t some [...]

Jul 052013
The Skin I'm In

One of my biggest challenges as a female is learning to accept myself as I am.  It’s easy to compare myself to other women and to standards that few actually rise to.  I’m far from perfect.  I have stretch marks, cellulite, varicose veins, lopsided breasts, and an array of other imperfections that seem to scream at me [...]

Jul 012013

Having three children, there are many days I look at them with pride; so impressed by their accomplishments and how wonderfully they’re all developing into amazing young ladies.  Still, there are many moments where I just shake my head listening to some of the things that come out of their mouths. For some reason, my [...]