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- Rechargeable
- Unique Design
- Variety in patterns and use
- Silky smooth surface
- Gender friendly
- Could be a little stronger and more rumbly
- Not waterproof





Untitled-8G-vibe from Fun Toys is a really unique and interesting vibrator.  It’s sort of an all-in-one type of toy thanks to the overall design.  Often times you hear the words dual stimulator and immediately think of a rabbit vibrator (a vibe that can be inserted vaginally with a clitoral attachment).  While this vibe can be used that way, its use is far from limited to that.  It can be used internally, externally, or both and works with the female and male anatomy.  Even anal penetration is safe thanks to the shape and way it works.  Do make sure you fully sterilize between uses if you plan on using it anally and then vaginally, you don’t want to introduce yucky bacteria to your lady parts.

It’s truly impressive the variety of ways this toy can be used.  Several examples are included, but it’s not difficult to get creative and find alternative uses that will work for you.  Whether you’re flying solo or have a partner to play with, the G-vibe has a use for you.  It is a larger toy and might seem a little bulky to use it during penetrative sex, but it does serve the purpose if you don’t have anything else on hand.

G-vibe isn’t a waterproof toy, it’s labeled as water resistant.  I take this as meaning you can easily get the toy wet (like in the shower and while you’re cleaning it), but you want to avoid submerging it (like using it in the tub or pool).  A video on their site clearly shows the toy under running water, so there’s nothing to be concerned about as long as you’re not letting the toy sit under water.


Impressively silky smooth, the G-vibe is made from medical silicone and ABS plastic.  The insertable portion of the toy is the silicone area, with parts of the handle being made from the plastic.  Both materials are non-porous, phthalate free, and latex free.  They are extremely safe materials that are super safe to use.

As previously stated, the silicone this toy is made from is incredibly smooth!  It’s the type I always joke about, saying how I wish they made bed sheets out of this stuff!  If I could walk around all day touching it without everyone looking at me funny, I would.  It’s luxurious feeling!  There’s no drag and any lint it actually picks up, is really easily wiped away.  The surface has a matte appearance to it apart from the plastic areas which are shiny.

Plastic doesn’t make up much of the toy, only the inside of the handle, a ring at the base of the shaft, and some internal parts.  It’s silver in color and nicely offsets the rest of the toy.

There isn’t an obvious texture to the toy, though there are very subtle impressions where the vibe splits.  There’s also an obvious seam that runs down the center of both sides, but can hardly even be felt with your hands.  The motors in each tip feel a little bumpy in your hands, but I didn’t notice it during use.

Though there isn’t a lot of give to the vibe, there is a good deal of flexibility, especially in each tip.  They can be pressed together to form a standard shape (which is great during insertion), but can also be easily separated, allowing it to reach and connect with more than one sensitive area at the same time.



G-Vibe is available in three awesome colors; purple, dark pink (kind of like a wine color), and light pink.  I have the light pink and while it almost looks neon on the box, it’s actually a lot more reasonable looking than shown on the outside.

The base of this toy reminds me of Isla by Lelo, with the handle shape and coloring, and the top reminds me of Vitality from the Leaf line by Swan.  However, together in a toy like this?  Totally unique, at least to me.

The overall shape is very ergonomic; the way the tips bend, how easy the base is to hold, the button placement, etc.  A lot of time and consideration was put into this toy and it shows.  It seems no matter how you use it, it forms to your body in all the right ways!  Though this toy isn’t phallic, it would be very difficult to pass this off as anything but a vibrator.  It’s important to keep the toy out of site if you don’t like the idea of trying to explain what it is to your house guest.

On top of being (almost) all-in-one when it comes to using the vibe, it also seems to be a one-size-fits-most type of toy.  Beginners can use this as they normally would a rabbit style vibrator, having one tip inserted while the other is against their clit, and more advanced users can insert both the tips for a fuller feeling.  The toy grows with you as you change from being a beginner, into an advanced toy user.  The tips are each slim and easy to insert, but the way they reach out from the rest of the toy gives you a full feeling inside.

The overall length of the toy is 9 1/2″.  If you’re inserting both tips, the insertable length is about 6″.  Each of the arms are 3 1/2″ in length and can be inserted about 3″.  At the base of the shaft, it’s 4 1/4″ in circumference, and each arm is 2 3/4″ around.  The size is quite large if you’re looking for something to travel with, but is very reasonable no matter your experience level as far as penetration goes.  Size queens may feel that it’s not large enough, but the design of the arms may surprise you with the full feeling.



G-Vibe is a rechargeable toy (yay!) that comes with a USB style charger.  On the base of the handle is a small plug that you pull out to uncover the charging port.  Once you insert the plug and connect it to your computer, the buttons illuminate with a flashing light to show it’s charging.  Once it’s finished charging, the lights glow steady to show that it’s ready.  The vibe comes with a partial charge, but you’ll want to fully juice it up before using it.  It took a little over an hour for my vibrator to charge the first time.


There are three buttons located on the front of the base.  The top button turns the toy on and increases the intensity, the bottom button decreases the intensity and turns the toy off, and the center button is in place to cycle through the patterns.  Each time you press a button, you’ll hear a little click and they’ll illuminate while you’re pressing down.  As soon as you let go of the button, the lights go out.  The buttons are very easy to press and can accidentally be bumped during use depending on how you’re using it.


There are ten levels of intensity and six vibration patterns.  Each press of the plus button (or holding it down) will bring you to a higher level of intensity.  If you find that you’ve gone too high, you can press the minus button to lower it again.  The pattern button doesn’t work the same way.  If you find a vibration pattern you like but accidentally pass by it, you have to cycle through all the patterns to get back to it.

The patterns are as follows (taken straight from the company website) :


If you plan on using only patterns rather than steady vibrations, you still have to press the plus button once to turn the toy on.  The vibe doesn’t hold your place, so make sure you remember which pattern and intensity level is your favorite since each time you turn it on you start at the first steady vibration pattern.

There are two motors in the toy, one in each of the arms.  The vibrations are the same in each, meaning you can’t control them separately.  Where the motors are located obviously generates the most power, but the vibrations can be felt throughout the rest of the toy as well, being weakest in the handle itself.  The vibrations are somewhat buzzy which was a little disappointing to me, but they aren’t light like some toys.  My hand tingles after I’ve been touching the vibe during use, but it doesn’t make my clit numb.  Though it’s buzzy, it’s fairly powerful on the highest intensity level, and there should be a little something for everyone thanks to the variety in speed.  Power queens may not be able to get off using this toy, but it’s great for teasing if nothing else.

The sound level is very modest, especially on the lower settings.  When on the highest setting, the toy can be heard from under the covers, but not through a closed door.  This is quite nice considering the power isn’t too bad, making it a great choice if you need something with some power that’s sound discreet.


For regular use, the vibe can be washed with antibacterial soap and warm water, or your favorite toy cleaner.  You need to make sure to clean between the arms really well since stuff can accumulate there, and also make sure the plug is firmly in place before having it near water.  As stated before, this toy isn’t waterproof, so try to avoid running water directly over the charging port.

If you’re sharing with someone or are planning on using it both anally and vaginally, you’ll want to sterilize it by wiping down with a 10% bleach solution.  You can’t boil this toy or put it into your dishwasher because of the internal working parts, so the bleach solution is your best bet.

Silicone is only compatible with water-based lubricants, and a little goes a long way thanks to how silky the surface is in general.  Using other lube types could cause surface damage to your toy, so it’s best to stick with one that’s water-based.

A great storage pouch is included with the toy, so you don’t need to worry about finding something else to keep your toy protected.


Elegantly packaged, the G-vibe arrives in a durable cardboard box.  It’s both attractive to look at, and great for long term storage.  Though appealing in design, it’s not discreet since it has a full image of the toy on the back, and much of the wording (including the name of the toy) gives away what the product is.  The box is closed using magnets.  You lift up the bottom of the box, and the whole front picks up, immediately revealing the toy.  It’s nestled inside and can’t move around because the piece is molded perfectly to the toy.  After you’ve removed it, you’ll see that there’s a little ribbon that pulls this area up, exposing the pouch, booklet, and charger.


The included booklet doesn’t contain much information apart from what the buttons are and where the motors are located, but it does show all the different uses (the same ones that are shown in the use section).  The storage pouch is mostly white with ‘ft’ on the front of it and red drawstrings.  Nothing about it immediately gives away what it contains, but the toy can easily be felt through the bag.



When I first saw this toy, I was really intrigued by the overall design of it.  I was curious if it really could be used in all the different ways the site claimed, and set out to test it the best I could.  The only suggested image that didn’t work out for me was the one where it shows it stimulating the two nips at the same time.  Maybe if you have smaller, perky breasts that are close together, this will work for you.  But it didn’t work to stimulating both of mine at the same time.  That was truly the only way it didn’t work out for me.

My clit is pretty far away from my vaginal opening, and I often have trouble getting a dual stimulating vibrator that will connect well with both my G-spot and clit.  I didn’t have that issue with this vibrator at all!  It easily reached without me having to told it down against my clit.  That impressed me greatly!  After trying it a few different ways, my favorite was having the top arm inserted and against my G-spot, while the bottom arm rested against my butt hole.  I did this and used We-Vibe Salsa on my clit and it was deeply intense!  Using the G-vibe alone wasn’t quite enough since my clit tends to be a vibe hungry monster, but to tease and stimulate other areas, it was perfect!

If the vibe was more rumbly and a little stronger, it would be my absolute favorite toy.  It can be used in so many different ways, and by so many different experience levels.  I’m shocked this company hasn’t come out with other toys, but will be sure to look into them as soon as they do.

G-vibe is worth trying out and is a great addition to any toy box!  Click the banner below to learn more about this awesome product and company.


Fun Toys was kind enough to provide this vibrator to be free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This disclaimer is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

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  1. Way to just blow my review out of the water! :-P You did an exceptional job!!!! :-) I’m glad you enjoyed it too!

  2. I like this toy as well for the same reasons generally. The only thing that annoyed me was the complete lack of information inside the box on 1. Where the charge site is located on the toy and how it functions (mine is different to the pic shown, mine doesn’t have a cap style it’s just a really tiny slit on the toy which you push the charger in to…So I was worried I might pierce the silicone and break it if I forced the charger in without opening something first)

    Also doesn’t say what type of battery it contains, and whether to do 1 initial 24 hour, 8 hour or 1 hour cycle (different batteries require different cycles and some can be run down fully then recharged, others need to be kept on charge whenever they’re not being used)

    So that was worrying because I paid a ridiculous $200 for this toy at Adult Shop in Perth W.A Aus, and I sure as hell didn’t want to screw up the battery before even using it then have it need to be charged all the time or something because I didn’t do the initial cycle first…

    The salesperson also told me my toy is waterproof…I still don’t know if this is true because my charger port may be different, but it still has a pretty poorly looking seal around the plastic and the silicone. It even came with a small chip in the plastic (porous enough for bacteria growth?) and the molded edges of where the silicone meets the plastic are very rough, they like like they’re been cut off with a jaggered knife. I always thought if they’re very visible to the naked eye then bacteria and fungus can definitely grow in there…What do you think?

    Quite a buzz kill I must say. There’s nothing that gets you in the mood like worrying about sex toy product information because there’s none in the box other than some artistic pictures.

    • I totally understand your frustration surrounding the lack of information. Can I ask how long ago you purchased your G-Vibe? Having rough areas where the silicone meets the plastic isn’t ideal, especially when you’ve made such a large purchase. As long as you’re properly cleaning those areas (perhaps a toothbrush would help), I don’t think you need to worry about bacteria and fungus growing there. Still, that’s not something you should have to worry about in your toy!

      Here’s a link to their contact information:

      I’m not sure if there’s a warranty on their products, but I think explaining what you did to me and including some images might give them an idea of what’s going on. Hopefully they can do something to remedy the situation. Please keep me posted if you decide to contact them.

      I wish you the best!

  3. Sorry got on a rant there- great review by the way, I enjoy your site, very down-to-Earth.

    • Never be sorry! I want to hear everyone’s experiences and I’m glad you shared! I hope you’re able to figure something out with the company!


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