Sep 172013



Fill in the blanks.

1. My passion project is raising my children.  

2. In the morning I hate to jump out of bed to do something

3. If our apartment (wish it was our own house) were bigger, I would like it.

4. Please don’t smoke close to me or my children, or YOUR children for that matter.  If that’s something you want to do, that’s fine, but it bothers many of us who don’t.

5. I have had strange things happen to me but dealing with psycho family is the worst.

6. Oh baby that feels good. Will you rub my shoulders ?  I would give anything to have a shoulder/back rub!!!

What is one thing that you do to make yourself (and only yourself) happy?  This is something that you do that makes you feel uplifted and blissful when you get done and something you can repeat often.

While it would be very obvious to answer with masturbation (and very fitting), there are other things I do only for myself as well.  Taking a bath, reading a book, listening to music….perhaps I feel happy too easily! 

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  5 Responses to “TMI Tuesday: Fill In The Blanks”

  1. Wish i could give you that shoulder back rub
    i totally get how that is good and relaxing

  2. #6 Anything? ;)

  3. I feel where you’re coming from with statement #3, especially living in NYC. xxx

  4. Hey, don’t knock happiness…finding joy in things is a gift (especially when dealing with psycho relatives, I can relate)!

  5. Oh man, I totally feel you on smoking. Puh-lease keep your cancer stick away from other people!


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