Aug 252013

Elephant Trunk

- Unique Design
- Can be customized
- Made from silicone
- Storage pouch included
- Extra attention is needed for cleaning
- Texture might not be right for some




Exotic-Erotics is a company that creates fantasy dildos; most of which are designed after animals and fictitious creatures, but there are some products modeled from actual men.  The Elephant Trunk, though non-sexual in appearance, is a dildo that features truly impressive details.  Best for solo situations, this toy can really rock a session!  Though it’s mostly straight, the tip of the toy has a slight curve which may connect with the G-spot, but that will depend entirely on anatomy.  Even if it doesn’t, the girth provides an amazingly full feeling that’s sure to satisfy the size queens!

If you’re daring, the Elephant Trunk is also safe to use anally thanks to the flared base at the bottom and the overall length.  It’s important to note that the tip might be a little difficult to insert, and it’s not a beginner toy.  It’s quite large and heavily textured and should only be used by those who have a good deal of anal experience.

You absolutely can use this with a partner, but because of the length, you need to be careful with thrusting.  Even though the tip is very soft, it wouldn’t be difficult to ram it too hard against the cervix, causing discomfort.  Just use caution and it should be fine.  The base on mine is far too large to use in a harness, but the small size might might be suitable for that type of play since the base of the small is 1.9″ in diameter.


The Elephant Trunk is made entirely from body safe silicone.  It’s latex free, phthalates free, and is completely non-porous.  This particular silicone has a matte surface to it which does have some drag, but it’s not unreasonable; picking up some lint but easily being wiped clean.  It’s really unlike any silicone I’ve felt before.  Even with the drag it has a smooth feeling to it, quite hard to describe if you’ve never felt it yourself.  A good water-based lubricant eliminates the drag and makes all the difference with helping the toy slide once it’s applied.

The amount of give to the material will vary because you’re able to choose from four different options (will explain further in the customize section).  My Elephant Trunk was made with the cored option, making it soft on the outside and firm on the inside (it’s also been called dual density by other companies).  This option gives you a plushy outer layer, without the whole toy being floppy and difficult to use.  The firm core makes the trunk stand totally straight without leaning and makes it much easier to insert and thrust.  The outer layer is nice and squishy which makes it comfortable during use, especially if you purchase a larger size.  It’s able to bend a little bit when you manipulate it, but doesn’t flop over otherwise which was something I was really concerned about.

The outer layer isn’t super thick; the core seems to be one size, making the upper portion of the toy less squishy than the bottom since it increases in size.  The size increase is done using the softer silicone, at least that’s how it seems to me.  Other dual density toys I’ve used had too much of a squishy layer and not enough of a core, the difference on this one is much better.


Untitled-8The surface of the toy is obviously covered in texture.  The wrinkles and creases make it look that much more realistic (as an actual elephant trunk) and adds stimulation while you’re using the toy.  How obvious the texture is during use will depend on the firmness you selected when customizing your toy and how sensitive you are.  With the cored version, the texture is actually quite subtle, the softer the surface the less obvious it is.  I’m not very sensitive to texture, so keep that in mind, but I don’t see this being overwhelming unless you have a strong dislike for texture.  The sensation feels like it’s lightly ribbed, only unevenly patterned; so even though it looks like nothing you’ve ever tried before, it probably feels more ‘normal’ than you would expect.

The base of the toy is shiny and totally smooth.  There’s no suction cup option for this product, but many others have that option.  The flat bottom paired with the weight of the toy actually keeps it in place fairly well on a flat surface.  You can’t suction it to the wall, but you could set it on a wooden chair (or something similar) during use and it will stay in place for the most part.


What I found most appealing about this toy was the fact that in general, this would be considered a non-sexual design.  It’s not modeled after an elephant penis, it’s the trunk.  While I love all the amazing fantasy dildos and penis like toys, I really love how unique this idea is.  The details of this particular toy are highly impressive and photos truly don’t do it justice!  The tip of the toy is made only of the softer silicone and is very squishy and pliable.  It’s sort of cupped on the top, and inside forms shallow nostrils.


Just underneath this area is where you start feeling the firm core.  The fact that the top is totally soft is really great since it’s a lot more comfortable to use.  It does act as a cup and will contain bodily fluids and lubricant when you pull it out, but it’s very easy to clean because it’s not very textured inside.


Every time I look at this piece I get more blown away by the attention to detail!  The front of the shaft (with the opening facing you) has a more prominent area that goes down the length of it, but the back and sides are all the same; covered in horizontal and vertical lines that make it look so realistic.  The base at the bottom is much wider than the base of the shaft.  It’s necessary thanks to the length of the toy and does a great job at keeping it grounded.

Untitled-3Untitled-4The shaft starts off at the thinnest area and gradually gets larger as you work your way down.  I chose the medium size, but other options are available.  The full length of the medium (including the base) is 12 3/4″.  Of that , 11 1/2″ are insertable.  Measuring at the top, center, and bottom (as pictured to the right); 6 1/2″, 8″, 9 1/2″.  The very bottom, just before the base, is 10″ in circumference.  This is far from being a beginner friendly toy!  Because the surface is soft, it’s a lot more manageable than it sounds; but it’s still a very large toy that truly shocked me when it arrived!  Laying it next to my arm nearly made my jaw drop, the length is longer than my forearm, and my fingers can’t reach around most of the toy.  Make sure you’re property warmed up before using this toy or you may experience some discomfort.


One of the great things about Exotic-Erotics, is that they offer a variety of sizes, firmness levels, color options, and on some, suction cups.

-Sizes – There are three sizes available for the Elephant Trunk; small, medium, and large.  I chose the medium because I’ve recently discovered that I enjoy a really full feeling during my play time.  The size difference between each of them is quite different.  If the small seems too small for you, the medium may be too large.  Make sure you take a good look at the measurements provided on the site before making your choice.

-Firmness - Deciding on size and firmness sort of go hand in hand.  The larger the toy, the softer you probably want it to be.  You have four options to choose from.

  • Soft
  • Medium
  • Hard
  • Cored (+$20)

With a toy that’s long like this one, it’s best to get the cored option if it’s available.  It might cost you a little bit more, but your toy will stand straighter and be easier to use.  If you’re unsure about which firmness is right for you, Exotic-Erotics offers a $5 sample set that will give you the best idea before making your purchase.  If you choose to try out the sample set first and end up making a purchase, they’ll take the $5 you spent and put it toward the purchase you make.

-Color Options – I went pretty basic with mine, liking the idea of it being a similar color to an actual elephant, but you can go pretty crazy with your color choices.

  • Custom (no fades) (+$5)
  • Florescent Blue
  • Florescent Green
  • Florescent Orange
  • Florescent Red
  • Florescent Yellow
  • Green Glow-in-the-Dark (+$15)
  • Grey
  • Light Blue
  • Light Brown 
  • Pink
  • Swirl (two of the offered colors) (+$15)
  • Fleshy Pink
  • White 
  • Black 
  • Blue
  • Brown 
  • Green
  • Red 
  • Yellow


Included with your toy is a lovely care card that explains everything you need to know about properly taking care of your toy as far as cleaning it, using lubricant, and storing it.  While some might be concerned about the texture on this toy, I found it to be very easy to clean.  It’s a little large and didn’t fit well in my bathroom sink, so you may need to clean it in the tub/shower.  You do need to pay some extra attention to cleaning the toy thoroughly.  Because the crevasses aren’t deep it’s not difficult, but you can’t just go over it with a toy wipe.  You may feel the need to use a soft bristled tooth brush on it, but I didn’t find it to be necessary.



When you’re working on customizing your toy, you’ll see a little box that allows you to add a storage pouch free with your order.  Make sure you select that box, especially if you’re purchasing a larger toy since it’s difficult to find an alternative option.  If you don’t select this box, your toy won’t include one.


It arrives in a plain brown box with the toy already inside the storage pouch, sealed in a clear plastic bag.  The included care card is in the actual box and the reverse side mentions that the product cannot be exchanged or returned if the plastic bag has been opened.  Make sure you received the right product before opening your toy because you won’t be able to return it otherwise.

The pouches are handmade and fit the toy perfectly!  The material for this one reminded me of wind pants and doesn’t produce any lint.  It’s well made and fits the toy quite well.


I was so excited when I placed my order!  I’d been interested in trying one of these products for a long time and was overly giddy when I received the confirmation email.  Exactly one week after placing my order, the box arrived at my door.  The first thing I noticed was how heavy the box was, but the real surprise came when I opened the package.  I knew this toy was going to be large, but no amount of looking at images and measurements would have prepared me for having it in my hands.

I felt a little nervous at first, unsure if I was even going to be able to use it, but after having a really positive experience with Crackers the Cockatrice from Bad Dragon, I knew once I was warmed up that it would be amazing.

I used a few other toys first, and when I was ready, I lubed up the Elephant Trunk and did my best to relax.  The top of the toy was a little tough to insert because its so soft, but I was able to figure it out.  I was impressed with how soft the material felt, but didn’t love how heavy it was when I was laying on my back.  I decided to stand next to my bed, right foot on the floor, left foot on my bed and I straddled it.  I was able to use my left hand to hold the base in place and I went to town.  Sliding on top of something so large was a totally new and exciting experience!  After enjoying myself for a bit, for the sake of the review, I figured out how far I was able to insert it.  After it was in 8″, it started annoying my cervix.   I highly doubt many women can take the full length vaginally, and was shocked when I measured what had been inside of me!  Since the tip of the toy is soft, I was able to insert it much further than if the toy had been firm the whole length.

Though the size is extremely intimidating when you’re looking at it, it’s overwhelming awesome during use.  The full feeling it provides along with the light texture stimulated all the right areas and sent me into a blissful state of pleasure.  Though this isn’t one I’ll be able to use all the time, it’s an awesome option for when I’m needing a full feeling.

Interested in trying out an Elephant Trunk of your own?  Click the banner below to visit the site.


A massive thank you to Exotic-Erotics for providing this toy to me free of change (excluding shipping) in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines. 

Aug 242013

Last month Mr. Property and I were supposed to go to a tattoo convention with our artist.  At the last minute his plans changed and wasn’t able to make it, so we decided we’d pass on it as well.  We had a babysitter lined up (which doesn’t happen often) so we decided to take advantage and go on a little date.  We thought about going to see a movie, but nothing sounded good, so we went to lunch and then went to a couple antique shops.  Before we ended our date, he took me out for ice cream at this tiny little place in the middle of nowhere.

We got our ice cream and it started sprinkling, so we decided to eat in the car before going back to pick up the kids.  When we first got there I saw a container for cigarettes and found it funny, but it wasn’t until we were back in the car that we both got a good laugh from it.

buttsAh…it’s the little things!


Aug 222013

We Vibe 3

- Rechargeable
- Comes with a remote
- Solo and partnered use
- Great material
- Multi-function
- Grabby silicone
- Doesn’t fit everyone properly





We Vibe 3 is a dual stimulating vibrator that’s designed to connect with some of the most sensitive areas of the female body.  Great for solo play, it provides a totally hands free session, taking the work out of pleasuring yourself.  What’s better?  This toy is also designed to be used with a partner during intercourse!  With the vibrator in place, penetrative sex is not only possible, but gives pleasure to both parties involved; stimulating internal and external areas of the female body, and your cock wielding partner!  Need help coming up with positions?  Check out the 3-Play Book for ideas!

There are a few alternative uses for this toy, making it work for just about anyone, whether you’re playing solo or together.  With proper lube, the internal and external stimulators can be placed on either side of the penis and moved back and forth with a stroking motion.  The texture to these areas along with the vibrations make it a really stimulating experience.  Another use would be for anal play.  The insertable part can be placed inside of you, while the external stimulator can pleasure your perineum, testicles, and depending on anatomy, the bottom area of your vaginal opening.  Do use some caution with anal play, and make sure you sterilize the toy before using it vaginally again.

Totally waterproof, this vibrator can be used anywhere you and/or your partner feel like getting frisky.  It’s compact, travel friendly, and is a great product to take with you on vacation!  Because this toy pleases you and your partner and can be used during intercourse, it keeps you close and eliminates the need to bring several toys in order to please you both.  If you’re a really adventurous couple, the vibe can be used in public as well.  It’s comfortable and quiet enough that it can be worn under clothes without anyone knowing.

We Vibe 3 isn’t the first of its kind, it’s an updated version of previous models.  The 3 is rechargeable, just like the ones before it, but charges inside a plastic case that doubles as storage.  It’s definitely a great upgrade from the silky pouch that comes with the II.  That’s far from the best upgrade though; the 3 is also fully waterproof and comes with a wireless remote!  No more fumbling with the toy to change the settings, now all you have to worry about is who gets to control it!


Made from silicone, this vibrator is body safe, non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  It’s one of the best materials for a sex toy because of how safe it is.  This particular silicone has a shiny surface that collects all kinds of lint and particles.  You’ll want to rinse it off before each use because of this reason, or at least be very careful as you remove it from the case.  On top of picking up lint, it also has a lot of drag to it.  If you’re using it on your own, a little lubricant helps, but if you’re using it for penetrative sex, you’ll want to use a decent amount to eliminate friction which could cause discomfort to the penis.

There isn’t any give to the silicone since it’s simply covering the motors and parts inside.  The internal and external stimulators are very firm, but the area between them has a lot of flex to it.  You shouldn’t try to manipulate this area too much, but the flexibility makes it suitable for more users since it’s more likely to work with your anatomy.


Untitled-5The inside of the internal and external stimulators are both textured.  The external piece is much more subtle, having several rows of rounded, shallow ribs.  The internal stimulator has a little bit of a deeper texture to it, making it a little more obvious during use.  I don’t believe anyone would feel it’s too overwhelming since it’s not designed to be thrust, but it does move a little during intercourse.  The outside of the vibe (top of the external piece and bottom of the internal piece) aren’t designed to provide a textured stimulation.  The top has the name of the toy on it, but the bottom is totally smooth.  The smooth area is what would come in contact with the penis during partnered use, making the vibrations stand out.



We Vibe 3 has a wonderful shape that’s really designed to work for a variety of people and in a variety of ways.  Dual stimulating toys are great, but there aren’t many that will stimulate your partner as well.  Being designed to work for two people, stimulating three different pleasure zones, and being nearly effortless to use?  The toy practically screams, “buy me now!”   The image below gives you the best idea of how the vibrator works, and was taken directly from their website.


There were two questions that stuck out in my mind when I first heard about this product (actually, the We Vibe II):

1) Does it really stay in place like it’s supposed to?
2) Will there be enough room for my partner and the toy to comfortably be in my vagina at the same time?

For me, the answer was yes to both.  The shape of the toy does a great job at staying in place, even during penetration.  It might move a little bit during thrusting, but for the most part it stays exactly where it belongs.  As far as there being room, that will depend a little more on you and your partner’s anatomy.  It should work for most people, but if your partner is very girthy and commonly causes you discomfort during regular intercourse, this might not work out for you.  As long as you’re relaxed and  properly lubricated, there shouldn’t be an issue with the average couple.

The size of the toy is very compact, easily fitting in the palm of my hand.  Without measuring along the curve of the toy, its length is 3 1/4″ long and 2 1/2″ wide.  The two sides differ only slightly in size; the insertable area is just as wide as the top, but thins sooner than the top area.  It’s also very flat looking while the external portion looks more plump.  Even for a beginner, the size is very manageable, the only issue would be how it would work for you paired with a partner.



Forget batteries, We Vibe 3 is rechargeable!  The charging system is a huge improvement and is such a great feature to this toy!  Rather than having an adapter plug directly into your toy, this one gets plugged into a base where the toy rests.  Genius!  The base has three dips in it, one for either side of the toy, and one in between for the remote.  When the toy arrives, it requires an initial 24 hour charge.  It’s difficult to wait, but it’s well worth it!  Put the cover on over the toy, plug it in, and you’ll see a little light at the bottom turn on.  This light will glow steady and will turn off then the toy is juiced up and ready to go.  How long the charge lasts will depend entirely on the setting you’re using but should last through at least a couple sessions before needing to recharge (up to two hours according to the website).


Untitled-10On the tip of the external side there is a very small button.  It’s hardly raised from the toy, but you can feel it when you slide your fingers over that area.  To turn the toy on, you press the button once. Every press of the button after that will bring you to another pattern.  If you pass one you like, you’ll have to cycle back through them all to find it again, there’s isn’t a way to go back apart from that.  When you want to turn the toy off, you can cycle through the patterns, or simply press the button down for a couple seconds.  Going through the patterns using the button can be a real pain during use, fortunately thanks to the upgraded design, you can use the included remote to get the job done!

Untitled-1The remote is really basic and is made from ABS plastic.  It’s nice and compact in size and is simple to use.  The front shows the company name at the bottom, and the button itself is ergonomically shaped to fit your finger; making it easy to use even in the dark.  The back of the remote has a sticker on it that has information on it about the product but has no other information or marking on it apart from that.

The remote only controls cycling through the patterns.  When you want to turn the toy off while using it, you’ll need to go through each pattern until the vibrations stop, holding down the remote button will not turn the toy off.

My husband and I decided we would try testing how far apart we could be while using the remote.  We were both pretty impressed with the results!  While we couldn’t be on two different floors in our home, but we were able to be between 10-15 feet apart.  You could easily be out on a date with your partner and use this toy as a sexy, secret way to spice up your evening!

The patterns with this toy are fantastic!  There should be at least something that will work for you and your partner, and a position that will compliment it.  Please check out the playbook for suggestions.


The power behind the vibrations should be suitable for most users.  There are lower intensity levels for those that are more sensitive, and more powerful settings for those that need a little more power behind their toys.  I was really impressed with the variety and very pleased with the power, which says a lot.  Another reason the vibrations are so awesome is the fact that they’re deep and rumbly!  It’s not likely your clit will become numb from this one!  The vibrations are felt pretty evenly throughout the toy thanks to the two motors, so you and your partner will both be feeling the same amount of power.

With a toy that has real power behind it, there is always the worry that you’ll wake the neighbors as soon as you turn it on.  That’s not the case with this toy!  You could easily be in the same room with others and they wouldn’t be able to hear it as long as other noise is present (TV, music, etc.).  Super fun if you and your partner are adventurous!


Being waterproof, you don’t need to be careful when it comes to washing your toy.  Using antibacterial soap and warm water or your favorite sex toy cleaner will be your best option, but you’ll want to clean it with a 10% bleach solution if you’re planning on switching orifices or sharing with someone else.  Always make sure the toy is totally dry before storaging.

Like all silicone products, it’s recommended you only use a water-based lubricant with this toy.  During intercourse you’ll need to use a little more than normal, so don’t be afraid to slather it on or reapply as you need.

The charging base and cover also works as storage for your We Vibe 3.  Remove the adapter, cover your toy, and you’re good to go!  The cover fits on nice and snug so there’s no worry about it coming off while you’re storing it.



The toy arrives in an oval shaped box that is tasteful looking, but not discreet.  It shows an image of the toy on either side and includes a variety of information about it.  Since the toy comes with its own storage it’s not important to keep the box, but it should hold up fairly well to long term storage if that’s what you plan to use it for.

The box includes the toy, charging base and cover, adapter, and user manual.  The manual contains information on the 1 year warranty, and all the basic information about how the toy works.  The same information and more can be found directly from their website.



The first vibrating toy my husband and I purchased together was the We Vibe II back in 2010.  We were looking for toys to use together and that one jumped out at me.  We bought it, charged it, but when we went to use it, were both frustrated by having to press the button on the toy to change the pattern.  It wasn’t easy to do during use and so the toy was put aside and used infrequently.

When I saw that they were coming out with a third version of the We Vibe, I was immediately interested!  The upgrades sounded fantastic and the things that frustrated us both about the II were addressed and changed.  We weren’t able to get the 3 for a while, life and kids come before toys, but I was recently able to obtain this toy and try it out with my husband.

He kept putting it off, thinking it wasn’t going to be a good experience.  He doesn’t love vibrating cock rings because they distract him (his words), so he assumed this would be sort of the same idea.  I was finally able to convince him to use it with me when I said blowjobs would be put on hold until we tried it, that did the trick!

We don’t normally need to use lube during intercourse, so he looked at me a little funny when I told him to grab some.  I told him it was important, so he applied some to his cock before sliding into me.  I could tell right away that he enjoyed it from the way he was moving and the sounds he was making, and I was getting into it just as much.  Having something vibrating directly against my clit the whole time without having to hold it there was pure bliss!

I cycled through the vibrations twice, trying to find one that would work best for both of us.  Once I hit the fifth setting, it wouldn’t cycle through anymore.  I kept pressing the button on the remote but it wouldn’t change.  We finished our play time and did a little testing after.  It seems like it was a total fluke, because it hasn’t acted up since then.

We talked about our experience after and he said the only bad thing was that he didn’t apply enough lube (should have listened, Babe!) and he felt a little friction issue with it.  The grabby silicone really does require a fair amount of lubricant, so please, don’t be shy and reapply as you need.  Apart from that, he loved it, which is a lot coming from him.  I didn’t climax from it when we used it together, but I think the only reason was because I was focused on why the settings weren’t changing instead of the feelings it provided.  Overall, I love this toy, like a lot!  If it weren’t for the silicone having so much drag, I would have given it 5 stars!

Interested in getting your own We Vibe 3?  The banner below will take you to their website where you can purchase your own!


A huge thank you to We Vibe for providing this item to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines. 

Aug 212013

After posting my Sinful Sunday image at the beginning of the week, I was met with a flood of comments about how great the image was, and how sexy my man is.  One comment was made on twitter that made me laugh and interested my husband.  I couldn’t decide on just one image, so I decided to share a few.


Need help with your drool, ladies?

Sultry Saturday

Aug 202013


The first crush I ever had was on a little boy named Travis who was in my kindergarten class.  I thought he was so cute and recall how badly my older sister made fun of me for it.  Being six years old, it was obviously very innocent and nothing ever came of it.  As the years past, I had crushes on various boys, and was crushed on by many as well, but I wasn’t interested in having a boyfriend until I was in my teen years.

I was one of those that had the unrealistic dream of sharing everything with only one person.  I wanted that fairy tale where we met when we were young, shared our first kiss together, got married, both made love together for the first time, and walked hand in hand into the sunset.  Thank you chick flicks for putting that horrible thought into my mind!

I thought I was in love a few times, but those feelings weren’t always mutual.  I was homeschooled and pretty much the only people I knew my age where the kids that went to youth group with me at church.   When I was 15 years old my parents purchased our first computer and hooked up the internet in our house for the first time.  Rules were set in place, but I wasn’t great about obeying them.

On an online Christian teen forum, I met Andrew.  He was a little bit younger than me, but I didn’t care.  He was sweet and we had a lot in common.  Sadly, he was in another state so our chats were only through the computer for the first few months, until our phone numbers were exchanged.  It was the worst thing I had ever done up to that point, hiding all of this from my mother, but I didn’t feel like her rules weren’t fair considering how alone I was all the time.

Once we had chatted on the phone, I spilled it to my mom who was actually really reasonable about the whole thing.  We started talking on the phone daily, IMing online, and writing each other letters.  We were growing closer and our attraction for each other was very obvious.  We had each only seen one photo of each other, but our connection was the important thing.

After talking for five months, he asked if I wanted to be his girlfriend.  I was excited about him asking me and since I knew we both had feelings for each other, I said yes.  We were in love and everything felt so different.  I got to start telling people that my boyfriend called rather than saying my friend.  It was really quite silly how I felt about it all, but that’s what happens when you’re young and clueless.

I was nearly 17 years old at the time and had so much pride in the fact that I got to say “sweet 16, never been kissed”, truth is, I hadn’t even held a boy’s hand yet.  It was something that may have seemed small to some, but I took a lot of pride in it.  I was a firm believer in True Love Waits, and wanted to save all of myself for the man I would marry.  Agreeing to date Andrew was like agreeing that he would be the man I would someday marry.

That summer, his family asked if I would like to spend two weeks with them; one week at their house, and one week on vacation with their family.  I was floored!  After talking with my mom about it, she gave me permission and I very excitedly got to call him up and let him know that we were going to finally meet.  The time dragged on as plans were made, but the days before he arrived were filled with anxiety.  I was nervous and scared and didn’t know if he would actually like me or not.

When the day finally came, I watched he and his family get out of their van and start walking toward my house.  I was panicking inside, but so excited!  We exchanged a hello, and chatted a little bit, but nothing more than that.  He mentioned going for a walk with me, so his parents and little brother hung out at my house while my boyfriend and I went for a walk.  We were walking along together, obviously nervous, but he did manage to grab my hand.  I felt like I was on top of the world!  When we got back, my stepdad was coming outside just as we were at the end of my driveway.  Andrew instantly let go of my hand, afraid that we’d be in trouble if someone saw.  It’s funny now looking back on it, ah…sweet innocence!

We all spent time together that day, going bowling, out to dinner, etc. since the next day I was leaving with them.  Because the drive was so long, we spent the night at his Aunt’s house before continuing back to his.  He wanted to kiss me.  I knew he did because of how he acted the night before, but I wasn’t ready.  I thought we would spend a few days getting used to each other before doing anything like that, but he wanted it and I was scared to tell him no, so it happened.

The trip was going well, I loved his family, loved spending time with him, and things were going really well.  It all kind of took a weird turn a few days into it.  We were in his room (with the door open, house rules), sitting on his bed, just sort of cuddling.  Somehow, things advanced and his hand was on my breast.  I realize this sounds like a very small thing, but considering my plans, it was huge.  I felt guilty and wrong, but didn’t think I could say no.  Having never been in a relationship before and knowing I was in his house, states away from my family, I felt kind of stuck.  He didn’t force himself on me, exactly, but I felt pressured into doing things I wasn’t ready to do.  It didn’t go beyond my breast being fondled, but it was still emotionally difficult for me.

The rest of the vacation was interesting.  Mostly good with a few weird moments, and before I knew it I was heading home.  It was hard to say goodbye, but we had already talked about getting together again around Christmas, only three months away.  Once I arrived back at home, he started acting really weird; getting overly jealous and protective of me.  He didn’t want me talking with my male friends any longer and wanted all my attention to be directed at him.  That wasn’t all.  Every conversation became filled with him talking about us having sex the next time we saw each other.  I told him I didn’t want that, but he tried manipulating me by saying we knew we’d get married eventually anyway, so there was nothing wrong with it.

It came an obsession to him.  Every time we talked he added something to his ‘list’ of sexual things we’d do together the next time we visited.  It made me extremely uncomfortable, but since we had already kissed and he made it to second base, I thought I had to go along with it since he was going to be my future husband.

There was a strain between us not long after.  His anger and obsession were getting to be too much, and I was sick of him trying to control my life.  We had a long talk and agreed on taking a little break and seeing what happened.  During the same conversation,  he said he was going to date some girl from his school and that’s when I understood it all.  He was so concerned I was doing something wrong because he was.  As soon as he said he was going to date someone else, I told him it was over.  I wasn’t going to waste anymore time with him.

I had a hard time saying it was over, and felt really broken for a long time  because I shared so many of my ‘firsts’ with him.  My life moved on and my feelings changed.  I was careful who I let close to my heart, but after a little time I decided it wasn’t important any longer to wait on everything.  I certainly held on to certain morals but didn’t let myself hold back as much as I had before.  I learned a lot about myself and relationships based on the experiences I shared with him.  I never let another male control me, though some certainly spent a good deal of time trying to manipulate me.

I will forever be proud of how much I’ve respected my body, even though there were some hiccups along the way, and no longer feel ashamed of what happened with Andrew.  I was young, naive, and thought I was in love.  Everything happens for a reason, I’m just glad I got out of that relationship when I did!

Aug 192013

The Men of TMI Tuesday



1. Advizor:
I once overheard in a bathroom, “There is nothing as over-rated as sex or under-rated as a good bowel movement.” Discuss.

- I think prior to having sex a lot of people made it sound like it was all fireworks and amazingly orgasmic.  Not many people talk about the issues you could have with it, so in the beginning before you’ve had a chance to experience it for yourself, it can sound a little over-rated.  Good bowel movements are good, but I don’t think they’re under-rated.  My husband constantly shares his pleasurable bathroom experiences with me!

2. the late phoenix:
Friendship lasts longer than cumming. which of your online friends that you’ve never met would you like to meet in real life? which do you think you could become life-long REAL friends with? Actual friends, like going out to coffee and movies with, gossiping with, kissing on the forehead, hugging, loving.

- I’ve never had a ‘real’ friend as an adult, so it’s hard to imagine actually spending time with someone.  There are lots of fellow bloggers that I get along really well with, and I would hope we’d be friends in ‘real’ life.  Mr. Will, TJ, Reenie, Shadow, Beck….and others…I just love everyone! <3

3. John D Stories:
In a parallel universe, who out of your blog or Twitter followers would you most like to spend a steamy evening with? What would you do? Why them?

- My steamy evenings are spent with my husband.  Unless we’re at a spa in a sauna…then I’ll get steamy with all of you! ;)

4. Virtual Sin:
(multi-part question)
a. What method of stimulation (intercourse, oral, manual, toy, whatever) gives you the strongest orgasm?
b. With what method of stimulation do you get the most orgasms?
c. If the answer to a is different from the answer to b, what’s wrong with your life?

- Strongest – Oral
- Most – Clitoral (with a toy)
- Nothing is wrong with my life, my husband isn’t always handy!

5. Jon Pressick:
Would you rather have a life where you only had sex once a year for 2 minutes or where you have to have sex, every day for a minimum of 2 hours?

- Every day for 2 hours!  Think of the weight you’d lose!  I seriously couldn’t have sex that infrequently! 

Is there anyone on your partner’s side of the family you find hot? If you could hook up with them without anyone finding out (ever!) would you?

- There’s no one on his side of the family I’m attracted to, and even if there was I wouldn’t do anything with them.  I’m more than content with my man! 

TMI Tuesday blog
Aug 192013

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Aug 182013

Mini G Rock

- Great shape
- Dual stimulating
- Silicone
- Battery included
- Removable bullet
- Takes an N battery
- Weak/buzzy vibrations
- Won’t fit everyone’s anatomy
- Cheap bullet



Untitled-8Mini G Rock from Cal Exotics is a ‘C’ shaped toy that’s designed to stimulate both internal and external pleasure spots at the same time.  Great for hands free fun, the vibe can be inserted while you rock your hips when sitting or laying down, and can be used with or without the bullet inserted.  If rocking isn’t your thing, you can easily move the toy with your hands, or your partner can lend you theirs.  This toy is very easy to use and shouldn’t intimidate most partners.

Though it’s designed for vaginal insertion, aimed mostly at G-spot pleasure, this toy can also be used anally.  Cal Exotics actually has a P-spot version of this toy for males.  The only real difference is the color, so as long as you don’t mind it being pink, this toy can also be used to stimulate the P-spot through anal penetration.  You’ll need to make sure it’s fully sterilized before switching from anal play to vaginal, but I’ll cover that more in the care section.

With or without the bullet inserted, you can use this toy in the tub or shower.  Because the included bullet is waterproof, there’s no concern about water leaking into your toy, no matter how you use it.


Mini G Rock has a silicone body, and a plastic vibe which has a silicone covering on the cap.  Being silicone is great because it’s a body safe material that is non-porous and phthalate and latex free.  The silicone this one is made from has a matte looking surface which is fairly smooth.  It does create some drag and it does pick up a small amount of lint, but it’s far less than shiny silicone toys.

There is only a small amount of texture and it’s on the top of the external stimulator, which I thought was a bit odd.  There’s a set of four hearts, one large and three small.  The reason for this?  I have no idea since it doesn’t come in contact with your body.  There is a seam that goes over the length of the body, on either side.  You can hardly feel it with your hands and can’t feel it at all during use.  Apart from that, there’s no texture to the toy.


The insertable area of the toy doesn’t really have much give to it when you press on it, but the opposite end is a little more pliable.  You’re able to sort of squeeze it while it still remains firm.  The toy has a decent amount of flexibility to it as well which makes it work better for a wider range of users.  The ends can bend toward and away from each other with ease, but always goes back to the ‘C’ shape when you let go.



The curved design to this piece is great for someone interested in trying out a dual stimulating toy for the first time. Having a bullet in place takes away the confusion that may surround some rabbits because the controls on this toy are so simple.  The insertable portion of the toy has a rounded tip that slightly narrows before becoming thick again and the opposite end of the toy is sort of flat and a little wider; almost appearing as though this end originally looked like the G-spot side but was squished.  On the back of the toy, in the center area, is a small hole where the bullet goes.  It will fit any standard size bullet (5/8″ in diameter), so if the one included doesn’t work for you, another one will (Salsa fits!!).

Untitled-4The size of the toy is very modest, being a great fit for beginners and those that prefer slimmer toys.  How it fits with your body will really depend on anatomy, but the flexibility should make it work for more people than not.  Size queens will find this toy is quite lacking, but it does do a good job of targeting your G-spot.  The full length of the toy (when measuring around the curve) is 10″, but is 4 1/2″ if you measure across the toy as it is.  The thinnest insertable area is 3/4″ in diameter, and the thickest is 1″.  The toy can be inserted about 4 1/2″.

The bullet is standard size, being 5/8″ in diameter, but has a thicker cap that’s covered in silicone.  The plastic is white and totally smooth which does help a little bit with putting the bullet in place and removing it.  The bullet can be a little challenging to remove, and worse, it’s very easily to accidentally pop the cap off when you’re trying.  If you’re not careful, it also seems like it would be easy to peel the  silicone off the cap of the toy.

The toy is fairly travel friendly and is more discreet looking then some.  It wouldn’t take up too much room in a suitcase, but might seem a little large for a purse.  If someone were to see it, it would be difficult to pass it off as anything other than an adult product, but it doesn’t immediately catch your attention as such.


The bullet included with this toy is very basic.  Prior to using you need to insert the included N type battery.  There’s a paper included with the toy, but as soon as you open the cap, you’ll also see a thin plastic piece that shows you how to insert it.  It’s very straightforward and simple.  Once the cap is screwed back on, you simply press the top where it shows the power symbol, and it turns on.



It’s a single functioning bullet.  You press the power button once and it turns on, you press it again, and it turns off.  There are no patterns, no variety of speeds; just one setting.  The setting is a steady vibration that is very weak and buzzy.  If you are extremely sensitive to vibrations it may work for you, but the power was nothing more than a light tease to me.  It does travel through the toy fairly well, but is much weaker in the external area than the insertable tip.

Being so weak does have one advantage, it’s very quiet.  You might be able to hear it if you’re in the same room with someone, but no one outside of a closed door will know what you’re doing.  It’s great if you have roommates and sound is a concern for you, but it might not be worth it because of the power you’re sacrificing.


Silicone can be cleaned using antibacterial soap and warm water or your favorite sex toy cleaner.  Always make sure you remove the bullet and don’t put it back in place until both pieces are fully dried.  If you are planning on switching orifices or sharing with someone else, it’s important to fully sterilize it.  You can do so by boiling it for three minutes, wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution, or placing it on the top rack of your dishwasher.

Water-based lube is recommended for silicone toys, other types may damage the surface of the toy.  Since there’s no obvious texture and the surface is pretty smooth, a little goes a long way.

There was no pouch included with the toy, and the packaging isn’t great for storage.  You’ll want to find something else that will work.  A sandwich bag will do, but you may want to find a medium sized pouch to house it.


The Mini G Rock comes in thin plastic packaging that is pretty standard for Cal Ex toys.  It’s not discreet and is a little tacky looking.  It does have a good deal of information on the back of the packaging, but it’s not important to keep it just for that reason.  You can break it down and recycle it as soon as you find another storage option for this toy.



I knew the bullet included with this toy wouldn’t be enough for me, since they rarely are, but I was really curious about the shape of the toy in general.  I need clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm and not many rabbit vibrators work out for me because of my anatomy.  Did the Mini G Rock connect properly with my anatomy, yes.  Did it provide the stimulation I was looking for, no.  The external stimulator is wide and awkward.  It can stimulate a little, but not directly on the clitoris.  I’m not sure if this is because I’m a little chubby down there, or if it’s the design in general.  I’m guessing it’s a little of both.  If this area was more pinpoint rather than broad, it would probably work better for more users.

For a beginner and someone more sensitive to vibrations, this would be a great toy.  It’s inexpensive, made from great materials, and is very easy to use.  To those of us who need more power, the good thing is that this bullet can be removed and replaced by one that will better suit our needs.  Overall, it’s an okay toy, but didn’t really rock my world.

Interested in purchasing your own Mini G Rock?  Grab it from NitetimeToys!


Mini G Rock was provided to me free of charge by Nitetime Toys in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.