Jun 212013

Ah, the first official day of summer, how I’ve been looking forward to you all year!

Last night my husband informed me that we would be going to the ocean in the morning.  He made sure to set the alarm nice and early so that we could hit the beach before it got too crowded, but I had other little plans.  When the alarm sounded, he gently rubbed my arm and told me it was time to get up, but I informed him I wasn’t ready to get out of bed just yet.  I moved closer to him and as we were facing each other, I ran my hand from his jawline to the bottom of his sexy ass; taking my time, showing him my desires.  I never looked at him, I just kept my eyes closed, enjoying the feel of his warmth against mine.  I slid my leg around his waist, and without changing positions, I guided him inside of me.
Yes, the start of summer was a HOT one; 79 degrees outside, and 101 between the sheets!
Oh, and the beach was lovely as well!
Was the start of summer a hot one for you?  

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  1. Lets just say the forecast looks promising. ;)

  2. A promising forecast is always pleasant! ;)


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