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Revel Body Sonic Vibrator

- Made from safe, quality materials
- Waterproof
- Easy to use and understand
- Rechargeable
- Additional attachments can be purchased
- Interesting technology
- Might not be the right stimulation for some
- Need to use two hands if your clit isn’t easily exposed
- Can’t apply much pressure





The Revel Body is a pretty interesting product that is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before.  The TrueSonic technology provides an interesting sensation that will appeal to those looking to try something different.  It’s rechargeable, waterproof, made from body safe materials, and additional attachments can be purchased to help suit your specific needs.  It has a lot of great things going for it, but falls short for me.  The tip doesn’t extend far enough from the toy to easily access a buried clit, and requires the use of two hands.  Not only that, but while you’re spreading your labia, you can only hover over your clit because pressure causes the tip to stop moving.  If your clit is easy to access and you don’t care for pressure, this might be great for you.  But for anyone that needs pin-point stimulation and has a hidden clit, the Revel Body on its own won’t quite be right for you without the purchase of additional attachments.


The Revel Body is a discreet, non-threatening massager that’s quite unique.  It’s the first product available that features TrueSonic technology which sets it apart from other products of its kind because of the way it functions.

This spherical shaped toy was designed to provide users with a little something different to aid in sexual pleasure and can be used in a variety of ways.  For sexual purposes, you can use the attachment on any area of the body that you find to be stimulating; clitoris, nipples, penis, etc.  But you can also use it on other areas of the body for massage.  It’s great for solo use, but can easily be placed in the hands of a willing partner for them to use on you.  Though it’s smaller in size, the shape does prevent it from working well between partners during intercourse, but a change in position might be all you need to make it work better for you.

The massager and attachment are not meant for internal use, and would be not only uncomfortable, but unsafe to try inserting anally.  

The fact that the Revel Body is waterproof is great for a number of reasons.  It’s easy to clean, it won’t die if you squirt during an orgasm, and can be used in the tub or shower.  When used under water, the opposite side of the massager (the funnel end) can sort of suction against your skin.  I was told others have compared it to oral sex, but it might not be strong enough for some.


The Revel Body is made from silicone and plastic, which are both body safe materials that are free of harmful chemicals, they’re non-porous, and latex free.  These materials are wonderful because they’re easy to clean and care for and can be sterilized.  For regular use, you remove the attachment and clean both pieces with soap and water or a sex toy cleaner (making sure to clean well in the attachment tunnel and the seam that’s around the toy), but you can also use a 10% bleach solution to sterilize the toy which makes it safe to share.

Because the surface is made from silicone, you should only use a water-based lubricant since other types could cause the surface to degrade.  If you’re noticing the attachment is making more noise than you’d like, you can also lubricate it.  When you put a few drops of water between the toy and attachment, the toy will be noticeably quieter for approximately 20 minutes.  Using a water-based lube instead of water will make that time last even longer.

The silicone makes up the majority of the toy’s surface, but is more like a skin covering the firm internal parts.  The area around the tip that comes in contact with your body is the only place you’ll be able to feel the silicone squish beneath your fingers.  The attachment it comes with also has some give to it, but I wouldn’t consider it soft either.  It’s comfortable without acting like a cushion against your body.

The surface is matte and only a small amount of drag can be felt from it.  It’s not buttery smooth, but it’s not going to eat half a bottle of lube during use either.  It attracts small particles while remaining easy to wipe clean before use.  This isn’t one that you set down for one second and it looks like it’s been under the couch for a month, it’s very reasonable.

The only real texture is the seam that goes around the center of the sphere, the words ‘revel body’ that are near the charging area, and the three buttons that control the toy’s functions.  The attachment it comes with is totally smooth and will be suitable for those that don’t care for much texture during use.  If you enjoy some texture, be sure to check out the other attachments that can be purchased separately.


The Revel Body is a dark grey massager with pink tipped attachments.  It would have been nice to see the neutral colors follow into the attachments as well since so many are opposed to pink products, but the contrast is nice.

The design of the product is quite discreet and immediately makes me think ‘web cam‘ and not sex toy.  This is awesome if you’re looking for a product that will blend in with its surroundings rather than stand out, and might make some new toy users feel more comfortable knowing it doesn’t immediately look like an adult product.


In general, the Revel Body is round, though not entirely.  One end features the tip of the attachment (that’s in contact with your body most during use), and the opposite side has a cavity where you see the flat end of the attachment.  The controls are also on the back side of the massager, making it easy to intentionally change functions during use.

Having the cavity is important because it helps you remove the attachment for cleaning or switching it out for another one.  To do this, you must press on the flat end of the attachment (in the funnel).  This will bring the tip forward, making it so you can easily grab and pull it out the rest of the way.  Don’t be surprised if it offers resistance, it’s held in place my strong magnets and is totally normal.


The size makes it comfortable to hold and easy to manage.  Though I don’t have one to compare it to, it seems similar in size to a tennis ball.  It has a circumference of 8 1/2″, with the attachment itself being only 2″ tall.  The width of the included tip is 1″ in diameter which provides broad stimulation during use.  Because it’s discreet and isn’t large, it’s a nice toy to take with you on the go.  Revel Body also sells a travel kit which is great for storing your massager and for use on the go.



Untitled-3The Revel Body is rechargeable and will require an initial charge before use.  It comes with a really neat charging base which prevents it from rolling and potentially disconnecting from the unit.  The base is USB rechargeable so you can plug it into your computer, or use the included adapter to plug it into a regular outlet.  When it’s charging, you’ll see a light glowing from within the cavity (or funnel area) of the toy.  The light will glow until it’s fully charged.  The time it takes to charge depends on how low the battery is.  The include booklet states:

“Charging the Revel Body will take approximately twice as much time as it was used (if you run the product for 10 minutes, it will charge in about 20 minutes).”

I’ve been extremely impressed with how long it holds a charge.  I used the Revel Body for over an hour without a decrease in power or needing to be charged.


There are three buttons that control the functions of the toy.  The power button, a plus button, and a minus button.  When you power on the toy, you’ll see the lights flash a few times.  How many times it flashes will depend on how juiced up the battery is.  One flash means it has about 25% power remaining, two flashes means 50%, and three means it’s fully charged.  I think this is a really awesome feature since it’s sometimes difficult to tell when your toy needs to be charged and when you can use it for an extended session.

Untitled-6Once the toy is on, you’ll be on the first setting and the three lights in the funnel will glow steady during use.  Rather than various patterns, this product features 10 speeds.  Each press of the plus button will bring you to a faster setting (and can be decreased at any point to lower the speed).  Please note I’m not saying a higher or more powerful setting, I’m saying faster.  The highest setting isn’t the most powerful, in fact, the higher settings actually feel more buzzy and less powerful than some of the lower ones.  It’s the speeds toward the middle (third, fourth, and fifth) that feel the fastest to me and provide deeper vibrations.  The motor within the massager isn’t like standard vibrators.  It’s a totally new concept that’s pretty interesting.  You can learn more about TrueSonic technology by visiting this website.

The sensations the toy provides are very different than what you might be used to, because the massager works differently.  The whole toy doesn’t vibrate, instead, the attachment moves in a sort of up and down tapping motion.  Even on the lowest speed it’s pretty fast, but the higher the setting the faster this motion is.  The sensation doesn’t travel through the toy, so there’s no concern about your fingers getting numb during use; the focus is in the end of the attachment as it moves.

The sound level is quite discreet, especially if you have it lubricated (as stated in the Material/Texture section).  Without lubrication, the lower settings give off a rattling sound.  It’s not loud enough that someone would be able to hear it outside of a closed door, but it might be distracting during use.  The higher settings don’t rattle, but have a very electronic kind of sound to them.  No matter what setting you’re on, some lube and a little white noise will prevent nosy people from knowing what you’re doing.

When you’re finished, you simply press the power button and you’re all set to remove the attachment and clean the toy.


The Revel Body arrives in a very modern and classy looking package.  On the outside is a thin sleeve that has an image of the product on the front and a little information on the back.  At first glance it looks like a package for a web cam, but once you read the box it’s obvious what it contains.  It can easily be removed and discarded if you require discretion.

The actual package itself only says ‘Revel Body’ on it, which makes it much more discreet.  The cover goes over the half box below, and the massager is resting on a plastic piece inside.  Be careful when you’re opening it, since it’s not anchored well.  Once you take out the massager, you remove the plastic tray to access the instruction guide and charger.  It’s all a very nice set up and does work well for storage since the cardboard is very thick and should last a long time.

Untitled-8(Please note, I placed the massager upside down on the plastic tray for the photo, it will be placed in the box properly when it arrives.)

The instruction guide contains all kinds of useful information about the product.  Version one of this product contained a booklet that was full of warnings that were really concerning to users.  This one is trimmed down considerably and is much more understandable.  Here are all the warnings included within the booklet, so you know what to expect prior to purchasing:

  • Part One
  • Part Two
  • Part Three
  • Part Four

I hope these images help to ease your mind about what you’ve heard concerning the warnings surrounding this product.


The Revel Body is a product I’ve struggled with.  I really want to like it, but it falls short in a few ways for me.  I’ve spent more time testing this product than any other I’ve received and have simply come to the conclusion that this isn’t the right product for me, but I think it would be awesome for the right person.

The original attachment is all wrong for my body and tastes.  I have a buried clit (or an innie as some call it) and the flat surface makes it a challenge to get the tip to connect well, even while I’m spreading my labia with my other hand.  I shouldn’t have to struggle to spread myself open in order to access things when I’m trying to pleasure myself.  I realize this won’t be an issue for everyone, but there are additional attachment that make up for this problem.

Once I found a tip that connected better with my clit, I was able to really test out the product.  I’m a pressure lover.  I really enjoy pressing down on my clit with vibrators or when using my fingers.  This product doesn’t work that way. It requires you to sort of hover over your pleasure areas during use since the power will decrease (or cease) if you press down.  This is something I don’t respond well to.  It took me a lot longer than normal, but I was able to climax using it (but only on the middle settings I mentioned were the highest in intensity).  If you aren’t into pressure, you’ll probably enjoy it a lot more than I did.  Again, that only has to do with my personal tastes and preferences.

One of the biggest things I was concerned about was whether or not hair or loose skin would be tugged on during use.  The booklet itself even says,

“You may place a layer of fabric between your skin and the Revel Body if you are experiencing too much sensation or if you’re using the Revel Body on hairy or loose skin areas.”

That statement alone is concerning considering the vulva is a naturally hairy area and the labia minora is made up of looser skin that’s pronounced on many women, including myself.  I was nervous, but I went about testing this without fabric, because I don’t think you should be required to put a layer of fabric between your sex toys and your body to prevent bad things from happening.  No matter where or how I moved it, it didn’t catch my skin.  I’m shaved, so I can’t speak for the hair aspect of it, but I don’t think it’s something to be terribly concerned about in general.

The final test I did with the Revel Body was in my bath tub.  The idea of the toy creating a sucking sensation when turned around really interested me since I love that feeling.  When I placed the toy under the water, I first pressed it against my hand.  I could feel a very light suction, but nothing extreme.  I tested out the various settings and didn’t notice it getting any stronger, no matter what speed it was on.

I did the best I could to get it to suction over my clit, and it was really underwhelming.  I’m a very lucky lady and have a man who really knows what he’s doing in the oral sex department, so I’m not sure if that’s why it wasn’t very stimulating to me or not.  I’m sure those who aren’t used to that type of stimulation would respond better than I did, but it really wasn’t a strong enough suction for me to be pleasured by it.

So, as you can see, my issues with the product are really surrounding my individual taste and needs.  I require a lot of power, pin-point vibrations, and good pressure.  This simply wasn’t the right toy for me.  If you have similar needs to me, you might want to pass on this one.  However, if you respond better to broad, lighter stimulation, this might be just the product for you!

If you purchase the Revel Body directly from the company, you’ll have a 30 day period in which you can return the product for any reason.  Please make sure to read their guarantee and terms to learn more.  In addition to that return period, there’s also a one year warranty against manufacturer defect-related problems.  If you purchase from another retailer, you’ll have to go based on their return policies.

Click the banner below to purchase the Revel Body, any (or all) of the attachments, and the travel bag!

The Revel Body was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

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  1. I’m fairly certain that this thing wouldn’t work for me, but I can’t help but want to try it. I suppose that’s normal what with it being new technology :)
    Thanks for being so candid!

  2. All your photos are amazing! You and I had almost the exact same experience with the Revel Body. I’m right there with you as far as the lack of pressure issue and only one or two of the settings feeling intense enough. I’ve been told they’re working on making some improvements, so I’m really curious to see what they come up with.

  3. This is too cute but not sure if it would work for me either, but I sure love to try it out.

  4. The new technology sounded extremely exciting. I was really excited to test it out, until the product arrived at my door. For some reasons, the box has been sitting on my desk for the past couple months, and I just don’t have the heart to take it out and test it. I opened it once and put it on power…but I don’t know… something about it just doesn’t seem to be appealing to me.
    I like that they have a 30 day period guarantee. That’s pretty neat!

  5. I would really like to try this, the new technology appeals to me since I still haven’t found just the right toy that is my quick go-to toy for clitoral stimulation. My biggest complaint with many of my toys is that they are too buzzy and I just go numb. Maybe this will work for me if there is enough power. Thanks for the detailed review-I had never heard of this before and now I have something new to try.


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