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1. What is your favorite food and drink? Please, tell a tale of how these two items came to be so special to you, we’d love to hear about it:

- Pizza is my favorite food because you can have it in so many different ways.  It’s hard to get tired of something you can switch up and change so much.

- Coffee is my favorite drink.  You can have it hot or iced so it’s great all year and is super yummy!

2. Have you ever incorporated the two items above or any food and/or drink into your sex play, like that certain famous film with the numbers in its title? Do tell, don’t leave out any saucy details:

- Honestly, apart from flavored lubricants, we’ve been really good about not adding food to our play.  My husband went on a long stretch a while back where he had to have a snack after each session.  Not to fuel up for more, but because he needed it before bed.  Always drove me nuts!  Crumbs in the bed and a break in our connection?  I’m so glad he got over that!

3. Do you have a food/drink-related pet name for your lover? Does your lover have one for you? What are they? For example: pumpkin pie, tall drink of water…

- I call him Baby Cakes sometimes…we have funny little things we say here and there as a sweet/playful joke, but nothing we call each other all the time.

4. Please complete this dramatic scene from a one-act play I’m working on for my local community theatre:

MAN: hello.
WOMAN: hi.
MAN: do you like rain?
WOMAN: what? rain, as in the weather rain?
MAN: no, i meant bread, i said rain, but i meant bread, i’m nervous around pretty women. do you like bread?
WOMAN: um, mister, did you know that my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard?
MAN: i know, i know, i drink your milkshake… i mean eat toast, i eat toast.

WOMAN: yeah, toast is pretty good.

5. Garrison Keillor once said, “Sex is good, but not as good as fresh sweet corn.” Do you agree or disagree? Make an argument for one against the other:  

Sex will win to any food hands down!  Sex fulfills an emotional, physical, and sexual need, whereas food only fills your belly.

Bonus: You have a best friend, this person has been your best friend since kindergarten. you are eating a bag of Cheetos on a park bench next to this friend. suddenly without warning, the friend smacks you across the face and exclaims, “Give me back my Cheetos, bitch!” What is your immediate reaction?

I would slap them back, laugh for a moment, and extend the bag their way so we could both snack on the cheesy goodness together.


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    also: smile. please. now?

  2. Baby Cakes is awesome! i can’t wait for CHINA, IL to start up new again…


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