Jan 272014

Ola from Minna Life

- Uniquely functions
- Made from silicone
- Great designs
- Rechargeable
- Waterproof
- Magnetic charger could be stronger





Some companies say their products are different, tossing around the words unique, original, and innovative.  Not all companies can live up to these claims, but Minna Life certainly can.  The release of their first product, Ola, introduced a new concept; creating your own patterns and intensities at the squeeze of a ‘button’.  Ola is made from silicone, is rechargeable, has power behind it, and has a wonderful shape.  It’s an all around great product that’s worth adding to your collection!


Ola from Minna Life is a rechargeable vibrator that’s designed to provide you with a unique pleasure experience, every time you use it.

Great for female pleasure, the end of the vibrator curves upward, effortlessly connecting with your internal pleasure zones.  Since the end is also the thickest area of the toy, it keeps your focus on targeted stimulation and doesn’t make you feel stretched during use.  Ola also works well as a clitoral vibrator since the long handle allows you to comfortably lay back and enjoy.

Because of the way this vibrator functions, it’s a great couples’ toy.  Bust out the blindfold and allow your partner to take over.  Since the one holding the vibrator gets to control the intensity, it heightens sensitivity and provides a unique experience every time you use it.

Ola lacks a proper flared base, so it’s not recommended for anal use.  Though the design would likely prevent it from accidentally slipping inside of you, it’s better to play it safe than wind up in the emergency room.  If you’re looking for anal stimulation, keep it external and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Waterproof vibrators certainly make every day tasks a little more exciting.  You can safely use your Ola in the shower or tub without having to worry about water leaking inside of your toy and damaging it.  It’s also much easier to clean and care for as a result.


Ola is made from silicone which is a body safe material that’s non-porous, latex free, phthalate free, and easy to care for.  You can safely use any water-based lubricant with your toy, but other types could potentially cause the surface to degrade.  When it’s time to clean, you can use soap and warm water, your favorite sex toy cleaner, or you can sterilize with a 10% bleach solution.

Untitled-3The surface of Ola is very smooth and glides easily across the skin.  It does attract some lint, but is very reasonable and easy to wipe off.  The silicone is a skin over the firm internal parts, so there’s no give or flexibility for the insertable portion of the toy.  The squeeze pad on the handle of the toy is the only area that has give.  This spot is soft and easy to press and hold down.

The only area where texture is present is toward the top where the controls are located.  The buttons are raised slightly from the toy which make them easy to find and use.  Because the shaft of the vibe is totally smooth, it might feel a little simple for those that require texture in order to feel stimulated.  However, it’s perfect for anyone who finds texture to be distracting.


The Ola comes in your choice of Pink or Violet.  It would have been nice to see a third option for those who don’t care for those colors, but they’re muted and aren’t over the top.

The shape of this vibrator is really fantastic.  The insertable end of the toy starts out thick, and narrows as you follow the curve up the shaft.  The top is where the controls are located and serves as the handle for the vibe.  This area is a little wider than the top part of the shaft which makes it much easier to hold onto during use.  The buttons and squeeze pad are both in convenient locations, making it easy to change functions which is important when you’re using the pad.


When I first saw an image of the Ola, I thought it would be fairly large in size.  Opening the package proved me wrong!  The size was much smaller than I expected which makes it work for a larger range of toy users.  You don’t have to be a size queen to enjoy this one!  It’s very reasonable and should work for anyone who’s used to penetration.  Size queens, it’s a little on the small side, but the shape helps provide more targeted G-spot stimulation which makes up for the lacking girth.

The total length of Ola is 7 3/4″, approximately 5″ is insertable.  The tip of the toy starts out at 4 1/4″ in circumference, increases to 4 1/2″ at the widest point, and narrows down to 3″ (if you insert to the charging area).  It’s a very manageable size which also makes it great for traveling with.



Untitled-10The Ola comes with a USB charger that connects to the vibrator magnetically.  The white oval on the back of the vibe is where the charger connects.  It isn’t a very strong connection, so you’ll need to make sure it’s set up well so it doesn’t accidentally become disconnect while charging.  The charger itself is made up of two pieces, the magnetic part, and the cord that plugs into it.  The squeeze pad on the vibe can sometimes become deflated and the end of the cord was designed to help.  Simply press the end into the small circle on the top of the handle and the squeeze pad will puff up again which helps it preform better.  This is the sole purpose of the pieces being able to separate.


Untitled-7Though your vibrator arrives with a partial charge, you’ll want to plug it in prior to your first use.  When it starts charging, you’ll see a light behind the bottom button start to slowly flash, showing it’s connected properly and charging.  When the charge is complete, both the top and bottom buttons will slowly flash and you can disconnect and use.  One of the awesome features of this toy is that it’s easy to tell when it’s time to charge again.  When you first turn the toy on, the lights will blink to indicate how much battery life is left; three for full, two for medium, and one or none for low.

Untitled-8As stated above, there are a total of two buttons that control how the toy functions, as well as the squeeze pad.  To turn on, you need to hold down the bottom button for a few seconds until the lights flash indicating how much battery power you have left.  The glow behind the bottom button will remain on the entire time the toy is in use.

Once Ola has been turned on, you can create your own patterned or steady vibrations by how you press the squeeze pad.  You can simply use the pad the whole time you’re using the vibe (which would require holding the pad the entire session) or you can create your own pattern that will continuously cycle without needing to press down on the pad.  To create a loop, you need turn the toy on and then press the top button (the open circle).  The light will glow behind both buttons, showing it’s ready for you to customize your vibrations.  From here, you use the squeeze pad to create any kind of pattern you’d like.  It works with the pressure you apply.  The more pressure, the more intense the vibrations are.  When you’re finished creating your pattern, you remove your hand from the pad.  The pattern will cycle, but will change if you squeeze the pad again.  This can be really frustrating if you accidentally press the pad in the middle of your session, which is why there’s a locking feature.  Once your vibrations are looping, you simply press the top button second time.  This will prevent the pattern from changing should you accidentally squeeze the pad.  When you’re ready to unlock the loop, you simply press the top button again and the toy will act like you just turned it on, or you can press and hold down the bottom button to turn the toy off.  Sounds complicated, but it’s really easy once you get the hang of it.  Minna Life also includes a small quickstart paper with the toy that helps you to really understand how to use it.


There are no programmed patterns or settings to choose from, every time you pick up the Ola you get to set the pace for your session.  That’s what makes it so unique.  You’re not stuck with patterns that don’t do anything for you.  You can make one that suits any mood your in.  If you’re not into patterns, that’s okay too!  You can create a locked loop of steady vibrations too!

The vibrations are evenly strong through the usable portion of the toy, but can’t be felt as easily in the handle.  It doesn’t create numb or tingling fingers during use, but provides a good deal of power where it really counts.

The power and sound level behind the Ola are quite impressive.  For a toy like this I expected moderate vibrations, but was pleased to feel how deep and powerful they can be.  It should satisfy most, but some extreme power queens might feel that it’s not quite enough.  Even when it reaches the highest power point, it’s still fairly quiet.  Someone probably wouldn’t hear it through a closed door, but might if they were in the same room with you.


Untitled-1The Ola arrives in a cardboard cylinder that has an image of the toy boldly on the front and features some of the key points on the opposite side.  It’s not discreet because it’s obvious what it contains, but it’s done in a cute and tasteful manner.  When you open the package, you’ll find your Ola standing up inside it, the bottom is nestled inside a plastic and foam base.  Underneath that base you’ll find the charger, storage pouch, sticker, and booklet.  The booklet features all the important information about the toy and is covered in several languages.  The information is easy to understand and provides an overview of how it works and how to care for it.  It also touches on their 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.



When the Ola was first released, the concept was backwards in my mind.  I heard that it operated by squeezing it, but thought the idea was to clench your PC muscles to create the vibrations.  It wasn’t until I looked it up for myself that I understood how it actually worked.  I had to try it!

Upon opening my package, I was first very surprised by how small it was.  Being a size queen I never know if these kind of products are going to work out for me or not.  Internally, I need some sort of texture, bulging, power, or girth in order to get decent G-spot stimulation.  Since the designed lacked most of that list, I hoped the power would be enough for me.

Internal stimulation is a hit or miss for me.  The shape was actually really great, it easily connected with my G-spot, and the power was fantastic as well.  However, the whole time it was inserted I was dying to use it on my clit.  I’m big on clitoral stimulation as it provides the most pleasure for me.  I wasn’t sure if the end would work well for me or not, since I also enjoy pin-point stimulation, but it was worth a shot.

Since there was a fair amount of power behind it, I found myself really enjoying it.  I had a lot of fun playing around with the patterns, but for my big finish I enjoy steady vibrations.  Thanks to the way it functions, it was easy to switch from my teasing warm up to my powerful finish.

I think the Ola has so many awesome things going for it!  It has all the wonderful features I commonly look for in a vibrator and so much more.  If you’re sick of the same patterns and are looking for something that was truly designed for you, Ola is the one to get!

This awesome vibrator can be purchased through the Minna Life website by clicking the banner below.


Ola was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

Jan 272014

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