Oct 162013

giveaway10113The Sin Doll

Congratulations on winning and I hope you enjoy it!  Thank you each for entering and showing interest in the giveaway!  I’ll be having other hollow book giveaways in the future and will be working on a tutorial so you all can learn how to make your own.  I have other giveaways in the works, but wanted to ask your opinion.  I appreciate your input and it’s my desire to hold giveaways that interest as many as possible.

Are you more, less, or just as likely to enter giveaways that features a product I’ve hand made?

What other giveaways would you be interested in entering through my blog?

Thank you all, again, for entering the giveaway and I hope you’ll keep coming back to read reviews, experiences, and of course, enter more giveaways! 

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  1. More because its entirely unique


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