Jul 062013

-Be careful, if you jerk it around too much it’s bound to explode!-

Recently when my husband and I were out grocery shopping, there was an end cap of an aisle that contained the most wonderful carbonated beverage I had ever seen.  I lost it.  Tears were pooling in the corners of my eyes from laughing so hard.  Admittedly, I have a tendency to laugh a little too hard at times, but my husband also saw the humor which made me feel better.  For this trip, we passed on purchasing a bottle, but when my husband called on his way home from work a couple days later, I told him I needed him to grab me some.


Generic for, you guessed it, Dr. Pepper (my soda of choice), Dr. Perky is a cherry flavored soda put out by My Essentials which we found at our local Hannaford.  Being a pervert someone who appreciates the funny things in life, I just had to snag it and give it a try.  Honestly, it’s okay.  Similar to Dr. Thunder which is put out by Sam’s Choice (found at Walmart), it has a more prominent cherry taste than that of Dr. Pepper itself.  I don’t drink soda often, but the novelty of this was enough for me to need it.


Clearly they were reaching when they named this one; trying to keep the ‘P’ on there to make sure you knew the flavoring was similar to Dr. Pepper.  Either way, it gave me quite the chuckle.  I was glad to enjoy Dr. Perky this week…and hopefully you enjoyed some ‘Perky’  of your own in some form this week!


Have you ever been out grocery shopping and found something that had an inappropriate name?  Have you ever turned an innocent sounding product into something dirty?  What was it?



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