Oct 202013


After years of debating, I finally bit the bullet.  I’m done having children, I’m done nursing babies…it was time to give my worn out nipples something shiny and new to enjoy.  I know it’s going to take some time to get used to them, time for them to heal, but I’m already enjoying this new and exciting touch.

Sinful Sunday


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  1. Ooo fun. I have no piercings at all but I am contemplating it.

  2. Lovely! I hope you enjoy them. It increased the sensitivity of mine a lot, (this is both a good and bad thing!)

  3. Ohhh, pretty! That ring looks great on there, good luck with them! You sure look like you heal well, I know I’d be swollen like a balloon, bruised and in PAIN! I am freakishly sensitive everywhere…and now you know why I don’t have any piercings except in my ears (and those were an ordeal when I got them at 13, lol)!

  4. Beautiful!! Those looks like they will heal perfect and look lovely as ever.

    Definitely way to bite the bullet and go through with getting them!!

    xxx Miss July xxx

  5. Ouch, I love nipple play, but ohhh ouch… you are much braver than me,. :)

  6. SilverHubby says your nipple doesn’t look worn out, it looks beautiful. I agree.

  7. Your newly adorned nipple looks anything but worn out from here :-)

    Flip x

  8. Anything that feels good on nipples is good and that ring looks good too.

  9. I’ve had bad experiences with nipple piercings, but every time I see them on someone else I would love to have them again! Yours look stunning!

    Rebel xox

  10. Lovely! I know I enjoy mine, it makes play a lot more fun :)

    ~Kazi xxx

  11. Oh wow good for you. I have thought about it so much but never been brave enough. It is not the pain of getting it done but I have heard the healing can be long and sore so I will be interested to hear how you get along. Looks beautiful by the way


  12. Oh gosh!!! You are brave and lovely to see!!!
    Xxx – K

  13. *covers nipples* Definitely not something I would do myself (I’m just too good at get caught on stuff) But love the picture!

  14. I think that is a wonderful way to think about it. :) They look lovely.

  15. Lovely! I have always thought about getting it done but am afraid of losing sensation. I just love having them toyed with.

  16. That is awesome. I too have been thinking a long time about piercing mine as well. I just have to work up the nerve. Looks good on you.

  17. Congrats! The piercing looks great. I’m too chicken after hearing my best friends horror story, along with my x play-couple. The mrs had hers done, was on a bad accident…
    Yours look beautiful. Again congrats

  18. I want a triangular clitoral piercing but they can be dangerous so I have to wait – plus I’m still holding out for kids even though I’m 37. Congrats it looks beautiful!

  19. Looks stunning….enjoy the new feelings it will bring during playtime

  20. I have been banned from having my body pierced ;(

    Hope your healing is OK; I follow Miss Whispers on Twitter and she’s had one recently.

  21. I think that’s a great declaration and reward for being done with babies.

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