Oct 262013
Another Peek Into The Life Of Alison Tyler

Recently I had the pleasure of joining forces with Cleis Press and in doing so, was introduced to the wonderful work of Alison Tyler.  Her latest book Dark Secret Love is a memoir-inspired novel, teetering on the edge of truth and fiction.  This well written novel is hard to put down as you follow the story [...]

Oct 182013
My breasts

My breasts have never been attractive to me. When I was six years old I received my first training bra.  Being a chubby child and living in a home that required excessive modesty, my mother felt it necessary.  I remember it in detail, being white and having an illustrated hippo lifting weights on the front. [...]

Oct 142013
I'm not a good writer..

I’m not a good writer.  I don’t have any real experience with writing, and have trouble feeling confident no matter what I type.  I often question my abilities as a blogger and struggle to feel like what I have to say is relevant, easy to understand, and something others can relate to.  Some of my [...]

Oct 112013
I turned 'ugly'

Recently, someone on twitter shared a link that brought up a lot of emotions within me.  The post was titled, “How Fatness Turns Cute Girls into Ugly” and features 28 pages of comparison photos; one side displaying a thinner image, and the other showing the same woman after they gained some weight.  Some of the [...]

Oct 052013
We-Vibe 4, soon to be released!

Have you seen the images yet?  I’ve been a big fan of the company since 2010 when my husband and I purchased the We-Vibe II.  We didn’t fall in love with that version, but I’ve since tried many of the other items available and haven’t been disappointed yet!  Most recently we tested out the We-Vibe [...]

Oct 032013
You dislike....THAT?

Trying new things in the bedroom is an important element of self discovery.  Touching yourself in a new way, trying out a new toy, exploring an area of your body you previously felt was off limits; all of it can truly broaden the way you experience pleasure.  The same goes for couples when it comes [...]

Oct 012013
Wait..another one? Already?

You asked for more giveaways…how could I say no? What you may or may not already know about me is that I love creating things.  Since I was very young I enjoyed taking various items I had around my room and creating something totally different from them.  I was born with this creative drive that [...]

Oct 012013
And the winner is...

First I’d like to thank everyone for making my giveaway such a great success!  I so appreciate each of you tweeting, blogging, and passing the word around!  Once I removed the ones that weren’t truly completed (shame on you!) there was an amazing 957 entries!!! I’ve listened to each of your suggestions and will be [...]