Oct 302013

My damp skin, always a reminder of what you do to me.
The evidence of my emotions always present
through the crumpled up tissues piled high
beside me.
Love or lust, pain or shame…the moisture
always gives much away, revealing
everything I feel even when I try to hide it.
Emotions inside, bottled up and shaken,
seem to explode in any way they see fit;
running down my cheeks, or my legs,
just begging for release.
Please help me ease the tension;
wipe or rub, kiss or hug,
my skin is wet and needs attention.

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Sep 282013

sinfulsunday9You exhaust me with the games you play, 
how stubborn you are, and the 
hateful words you say as if you’re entitled. 
We are a matched pair, you and I;
so full of passion and pain
and though we fight and scream 
and lose our way, we always come
back together in the end.
So send the hate to its grave
and let’s start new again;
every morning is fresh
with only a few remnants 
of the day

Sinful Sunday

Sep 272013

It’s easy to turn this into a game,
you’re so full of spunk and aren’t ashamed
of who we are and what we do together.
You think your ideas are your own
but lover, you’ve never come up with one.
I spin my web and capture you with ease,
knees bent, begging for release,
obviously enjoying every second of
this mess we love to make.
We take these turns and change our minds,
who’s on top and who’s behind;
it’s funny how you think at times you decide,
but we both know who’s in control.

In This Moment

Sep 182013

I can hear the pounding,
sounding through my mind.
Pulsing deeply,
timed yet freely,
as we lay intertwined.
The warmth of your body
fondly stroking mine.
Walls start breaking
as hearts are aching;
perfect love designed.
In this moment
nothing matters;
I am yours
and you

Wicked Wednesday... be inspired & share...

Not really wicked, but it’s what I’m feeling at the moment.


Sep 042013

The knowing look on the woman’s face went unnoticed by Jon who was desperately trying to hide his erection while paying for their room.  Lucy watched, burning inside from this flustered state that was so unlike him; hands shaking as he placed the card back into his wallet, fingers tapping the desk as he impatiently waited for the receipt.  When Lucy looked back at the woman, their eyes met and she felt her cheeks warm as the woman winked at her while handing over the much anticipated slip and room key.

After aggressively grabbing her hand, they flew out of the front office and to their room in such a whirlwind she didn’t even remember walking there.  The door closed loudly behind them as he pushed her against it; warm breath on her neck and roaming hands that didn’t seem to know where to start or stop.  The temperature of the room was cool, but her body was ablaze; every place he touched felt like electricity was surging through her.  Damp lips left a trail from her earlobe to collarbone, as he slid his hands down the curves he loves so much.  Lucy was breathing so fast she could feel her lips start to tingle and had to command herself to stay present in the moment.

With his hands gripping the back of her thighs, he pulled her legs up around his waist, pressing hard against her while he tasted the sweetness of her mouth.  She felt weightless there, ankles tightly crossed at the base of his back, while her fingers slipped through waves of his hair.  There was something so sexy about this sophisticated man looking so vulnerable, so untidy with his messy hair and half tucked shirt.  Lucy always wondered if his employees could even picture their boss looking so unkempt and the very idea made something stir inside of her.

He slowly let her back down, allowing his hands to glide back up to her bottom, fingertips grazing the silky new panties he asked her to put on.  The sensation only fanned the fire that had grown within him and he dropped to his knees, lifting her dress to get a closer look.  Lucy gasped as he rubbed his fingers over the damp spot that had formed, and her fingers made their way back into his soft brown hair.  Jon did everything he could to keep the intensity building, knowing the end reward would be more than worth it.  Starting at her knees he teased her with kisses as he kneaded her thick ass, his approval verbally obvious through the groans he made.  Little whimpers slipped through her lips as he drew closer and closer to her throbbing pussy.  Being almost too much to bear, she arched her back and subconsciously thrust her hips in his direction.  A quick smile formed on his face, knowing how desperate she was for his tongue to dance along her swollen clit.  He pulled her toward him, and gently kissed the outside of her panties before standing up.

Lucy’s lip puffed out as she pouted but Jon grabbed the hem of her dress and lifted it over her head before she could object.  The dress crumpled to the floor as he stepped back, admiring the perfect contrast the deep grey fabric was against her porcelain skin.  His expression changed, it was obvious he truly didn’t know what to say.  She felt naked in front of him, more exposed beneath his gaze than if she were actually completely nude.  Tired of standing with her back against the door, allowing him to tease her, she made her move.

Arm extended, hand on his chest, she forced him to walk backwards until he was against the wall opposite the front door.  After placing a single kiss on his wanting lips, she slowly eased herself onto her knees, allowing her hand to casually slide down his chest and over his abdomen, stopping at his belt.  With her face inches away from the bulge in his pants, she slipped the black leather through the buckle and unbuttoned his slacks.  Mimicking the way he teased, she allowed her hands to roam, resting on his backside and with her teeth, she carefully pulled his zipper down; looking up at his shocked expression while watched this new move of hers.

In one quick movement, she pulled down his pants and boxer briefs, freeing his cock from the cotton cage that he’d been pressed against for most of the day.  The air felt refreshing against his skin, and it took only a moment for Lucy’s touch to drive him wild.  She was so gentle, and her warm mouth against his flesh always felt just as passionate as making love.  She took her time, leaving a line of kisses down the length of his shaft and when she got to the base, allowed her tongue to slide it’s way back to the tip, cleaning the drips her kisses had caused.   Jon’s legs were shaking as her mouth surrounded him for the first time today, and he did nothing to hold back his pleasure filled groans.  Reaching a hand around the back of her head, he thrust in and out of her for a moment, closing his eyes as he lost himself in the sensation.  The build up of the day made him feel more sensitive than normal and it wasn’t long before he felt the intensity climbing.  Her swirling tongue, the heat of her mouth, the softness of her lips; he was almost unable to hold back.  He pulled her head back and raised her to her feet, immediately tangling his tongue with hers.

After unbuttoning and removing his shirt, Lucy felt his hands slide around her back, and her nipples perked up as her bra straps slipped down over her arms and onto the floor.  She thought for a moment about picking it up, knowing it had to have been expensive, but the gentle nibbling of her nipple made her feel frozen in place.

“Oh Lucy, I need you so badly!” Jon whispered in her ear, realizing it was the first time either of them had spoken since entering the room.  A gentle kiss on her lope and it was like a dam broke; kisses were fierce, grips were tight, and he laid her down, finally ready to show her the unity he felt with her.  Lucy laid on her back, bottom near the edge of the bed, as he lifted her hips to help her remove the panties he’d chosen for her.  Her smooth lips were glistening from her arousal, clit swollen and exposed; ready to finally feel her lover deep inside of her.

Jon stood over her, and with steady hands brought her legs up to rest on his hips.  His fiery brown eyes locked hers in place as he slowly slid inside of her.  Lucy found herself biting her lip hard, trying not to make a sound as every feeling in her body seemed to surge toward her filled cunt.  He leaned over, placing one hand on the bed near her neck and the other on her face, slowly stroking her cheek as he gently rocked in and out of her.  All the love they had for each other was captured in this moment; their bodies connecting as one, filling needs deeper than either of them could understand.

With lips brushing and perspiring foreheads touching, their swell of emotions reached its peak.  Lucy tightly closed her eyes as her pussy clamped around her lovers cock, sending Jon into his own spasms; pouring his pleasure into her and allowing their passion to become one.  He lifted her further up onto the bed and laid down beside her, pulling her onto his chest and hugging her tightly.  They both knew nothing in the world could top their love for each other, and felt nothing but peace at the thought of it.

Jon quietly cleared his throat, breaking the silence, “Still curious about what’s in the the box?”

“What box?” Lucy replied with a smirk.

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Aug 292013

All Tied Up In You

The moment I laid eyes on you
I was bound to you.
You drew me in with those 
warm brown eyes 
and intense glances 
that left me shaken inside.
I was so unsure of myself, 
yet so secure, trapped 
in your gaze making me
burn for more.
Tongues tangled together,
forever thirsting;
Words spilling freely,
emotions bursting.
Passion and trust,
love and lust.
I was yours for the taking,
and so you took without looking back.
I’m all tied up in you;
lovers bound, 
freedom found,
in your hands
I’m safe and sound.

Sultry Saturday

Aug 072013
The Box (Part 3)

Lucy thought it was going to be difficult keeping herself busy today, but it seemed as though Jon already had it all figured out.  The longer she thought about it, the more she realized he had been a little different lately.  They were always very passionate with each other, but just the other day he got [...]