Oct 262013

sinfulsunday26This past Tuesday I finished the 26th year of my life.  I had been feeling a little down because I didn’t receive any cards in the mail and only one person called me, but my blogging/reviewer/online friends did an amazing job at making my day special (thank you!)

When evening came, I was pleased to hear my husband tell me it was time for bed, hoping he’d want to spend a little extra special time with me.  We took our time kissing and cuddling, and he was more than willing to make my evening pleasurable.  The lack of excitement from the day was completely forgotten as we embraced each other and shared our love; it was just what I needed and turned into the perfect birthday gift.

After all the passion, we decided it was time for some birthday spankings.  I never really understood the point of them when I was a child, but I can’t say I mind them now.  My husband had a blast trying to mark my bottom, and we ended up laughing and having a great time.  I didn’t get 26 blows, but it was still a great way to close that year of my life and start the next.

Sinful Sunday

Oct 202013


After years of debating, I finally bit the bullet.  I’m done having children, I’m done nursing babies…it was time to give my worn out nipples something shiny and new to enjoy.  I know it’s going to take some time to get used to them, time for them to heal, but I’m already enjoying this new and exciting touch.

Sinful Sunday


Oct 122013

sinfulsundaygoldenShower anyone?

This isn’t something that’s a fetish to me at all, but if my man and I are in the shower, it never fails; he urinates on me.  He finds it funny, and it doesn’t bother me.  It normally happens when I’m washing my face, or not paying attention, and I feel the warm stream on my foot, or the side of my leg.  I shake my head at him and we laugh, he’s such a goofball sometimes and I adore him!

Sinful Sunday

Sep 282013

sinfulsunday9You exhaust me with the games you play, 
how stubborn you are, and the 
hateful words you say as if you’re entitled. 
We are a matched pair, you and I;
so full of passion and pain
and though we fight and scream 
and lose our way, we always come
back together in the end.
So send the hate to its grave
and let’s start new again;
every morning is fresh
with only a few remnants 
of the day

Sinful Sunday