Oct 052013

Have you seen the images yet?  I’ve been a big fan of the company since 2010 when my husband and I purchased the We-Vibe II.  We didn’t fall in love with that version, but I’ve since tried many of the other items available and haven’t been disappointed yet!  Most recently we tested out the We-Vibe 3 and were both really impressed with it, I can’t wait to see how we enjoy We-Vibe 4!  Check out the images and information they recently released:

wv4_image1We-Vibe 4 takes couples to new heights of intimate pleasure. The world’s number 1 couples vibrator, completely redesigned for better fit, heightened intensity and more control. She wears it during sex for extra stimulation to her clitoris and G-spot. Together they both share the vibe.

Extensive product research and testing with consumers, retailers, sexologists, relationship counsellors, OB/GYNs and sex researchers has led to the most advanced We-Vibe to date.

We-Vibe 4 is shaped for even greater pleasure. Its new compact form hugs the body to deliver stronger, more intense vibrations. The curved clitoral stimulator follows the curve of her body and gently rests between the labia, while the stiff mid-section ensures a snug fit. The redesigned G-spot stimulator sits in place behind the pelvic bone, increasing stability and comfort for both partners.

vibration_modes_fullIt’s one wild vibe. Made with silky-soft medical- grade silicone*, We-Vibe 4 is body-safe and 100% waterproof for fun in the shower and easy cleaning. The simple control button, at the top of the clitoral stimulator, cycles through 6 vibration modes. Or the remote control allows for fine-tuning of the stimulation. Use the up/down buttons to step through 10 levels of intensity or press and hold the up button to soar to max right away. Use the left/right buttons to go backward or forward through the modes — including the new Echo vibe, which alternates between G-spot and clitoral vibration.

wv4_image2Feature summary

  • Wireless remote with intensity control
  • Silky-smooth and soft medical-grade siliconeis ultra comfortable
  • Compact, body-hugging form stays inplace and fits all body types
  • Stiff mid-section for snug fit — makes a great panty vibe
  • Two powerful yet whisper-quiet motors provide intense stimulation
  • 6 vibration modes, including new Echo vibe
  • 100% waterproof
  • Eco-friendly1 rechargeable battery with USB connection
  • 6-hour charge delivers up to 3 hours of play
  • Discreet carry case for charging and travel
  • 1-year warranty
  • Easy soap-and-water clean-up
  • Remote has replaceable lithium cell battery (CR2032)
  • Use only with water-based lubricants

1 Carbon-neutral manufacturing, a rechargeable battery and recyclable packaging and materials make the We-Vibe 4 an eco-friendly choice.


*hopefully this means it’s doesn’t attract lint like the others!

Do you think the changes will be satisfying to more users?  What do you think of the updates?  Is this something you’d be interested in purchasing?




Oct 032013


Trying new things in the bedroom is an important element of self discovery.  Touching yourself in a new way, trying out a new toy, exploring an area of your body you previously felt was off limits; all of it can truly broaden the way you experience pleasure.  The same goes for couples when it comes to positions, toys, and how/where you’re touching/being touched.  Everyone enjoys different things, and every once in a while you’ll come across something that no matter how hard to try to like it, you simply don’t.  It’s always shocking when you hear about Bob not enjoying blowjobs or how much Jenny dislikes being fingered.  Everyone associates these things with extreme pleasure, but the truth is, not everyone enjoys them.

When you’re trying something out on your own, keep this in mind:

  • Forget about how well it works for anyone else, drop the expectations and just see what happens for yourself.
  • Take things slow and make sure you’re relaxed and alone so there’s no pressure from anyone.
  •  No matter what you’re trying out, if something is causing extreme discomfort (and I don’t mean in an awesome kinky way), don’t do it.  You’re looking for more ways to experience pleasure, it shouldn’t be painful (unless that’s what you’re trying out).
  • If you don’t experience what you were hoping for the first time, you can always try it again.  You may never experience exactly what you’re hoping for, but you should at least enjoy trying.
  • If you’re not enjoying it, don’t do it!  Simple as that!

Exploring on your own is often much easier than exploring with a partner.  You’re only worried about your pleasure and if things don’t preform the way you hope, you’re the only one who feels disappointed.

With your partner:

  • Often times your partner will bring up something new to try out, whether it’s a position, toy, or even something more taboo.  If it’s something you haven’t tried or even thought about trying, it can feel a little uncomfortable to consider.  You really need to dive into what you’re feeling and figure out if your hesitation is valid, or if there’s really no reason to be concerned about trying it.  Talk with them about your feelings and ask why they’re hoping to try it out.  It’s important to communicate and be understanding, but don’t ever do something you feel is morally wrong or violates you in any way.  It should be about everyone receiving pleasure, and you should never feel like you’ve gone against something you believe in.
  • You might be the one bringing up something to your partner.  Keep the same thing in mind; just because it’s something you fantasize about, doesn’t mean it’s something your partner also wants.  It can feel really deflating to have them turn you down, but be respectful of their feelings.  While it’s important for everyone to be open-minded, there may be some things they refuse to explore.  It can be quite disappointing, but it’s important to not feel angry about it.  Talk it out, find out why they’re uncomfortable with it and make sure you reassure them if it has to do with insecurity issues.  Even after being understanding and discussing it, it might be something they simply aren’t interested in.  Give them time to think about it on their own.  Don’t bring it up again for a while and see what happens.  Sometimes they might come around and other times it’s best to simply keep them fantasies you have.  While a little reminder that you’re still interested every once in a great while isn’t totally wrong, don’t ever pressure them into doing something they don’t want to do.  That will only lead to issues in your relationship.

Just because a previous partner enjoyed it, does not mean your current partner will.

  • I can’t express that enough!  Everyone is different!  While your previous partner might have felt like your oral skills deserved an award, your current partner might not feel comfortable with receiving oral sex.  Don’t set you or your partner up for disappointment.  Make sure they’re enjoying what you’re doing; mold your skills to fit what their body needs, don’t try to make their body work with what you’re trying to do.

No matter how many times you’ve tried something, there will just be some things you never enjoy.  And even if it’s something everyone else you know seems to enjoy, it doesn’t make you weird or wrong for disliking it.  While the majority of the world enjoys eating pizza, there are many that don’t care for it, the same goes with sexual enjoyment.  Don’t put yourself in a box, and don’t force yourself to do things you don’t enjoy.

I’m all about trying new things and can’t express enough how important it is to keep an open mind about the pleasure you give and receive.  There have been several things I never thought I would do, and they have since become a pretty regular part of our playtime.  Once limits are set, don’t push them!  Respect your own feelings, the feelings of your partner, and really openly communicate about your desires, insecurities, and what your limits are.

Keep an open mind, be respectful, and own your pleasure!  Your pleasure is yours and no one else’s, and as long as you’re satisfied, that’s all that matters!


Sep 132013

Starting an adult blog can be a pretty intimidating and challenging process.  It’s difficult in general to know where to start as far as setting up your website, all the technical issues surrounding the beginning steps, and getting it to fit your tastes and personality.  It can be a frustrating process when you’re only a little more than clueless about coding, what a widget is, and whether or not your ‘Meta’ is necessary to display.  Once you feel like you’re making progress, it only takes one tiny mistake to screw up everything,  leaving you close to tears.  Your website will truly become your baby.  It takes maintenance, energy, time, and attention; especially when your baby is taking its first steps toward success.  While my blog was just pulling itself to standing, I created a post that referred all newbies to another blogger‘s amazing post for newbies.  There’s a lot of information in that post that also links to many other established reviewers.

Once you’re up and running is when you really start to feel the pressure.  With so many established adult bloggers, it’s difficult to feel like you’ll fit in, be noticed, and have a voice set apart from the rest.  Don’t let others intimidate you!  They were once the new kid on the block and they are every bit as real as you are, even if they are more ‘famous‘ than you.  Jump on twitter and get in on the action there.  Start following people you enjoy and respect and start conversations with them (you can start one with me anytime!).  An amazing community has formed, and welcomes new comers with open arms and sound advice.

Once your blog is live, you’ve made a few friends, and have written a few posts, it’s time to figure out where to go from there.  If you’re planning on reviewing adult products, it’s natural to want to reach out to every adult store and manufacturer possible to see if you can join their affiliate program, review program, or both.  Having review examples to show someone gives them a great idea on what they can expect from you, and might make them more comfortable with sending you products to review.  Sending out emails and reaching out through twitter is a great way to get someone interested in your blog and willing to take a chance on you, but there are things you need to pay close attention to.

Before emailing anyone, make sure you write up a disclosure policy and have it displayed on your blog.  It can feel overwhelming and hard to know exactly what you want it to say, but there’s a great website that gives you a place to start.  You can add to it, change it up, and remove parts, but it gives you a general idea of what it should include.

After you’ve emailed companies, expect some of them to say no or never respond.  Not everyone is willing to take a chance on a new blogger, and many companies will expect your traffic or rank to be a certain level before they’ll agree to anything.  Don’t let it discourage you!  It all comes with time and the more you put yourself out there, the higher your traffic will be.  Participating in memes will not only get you traffic, but they’re fun and help you meet other bloggers who have similar interests.  Whether you’re interested in creative writing, posting erotic images, or even taking photos of your toys themselves, there’s a meme you can participate in.  Take a look around and see which ones suit you.  I participate in a handful, but there are many others as well.

There will be many companies that are willing to take a chance on you without worrying about how popular you are or how much experience you have, and it’s always exciting when someone says, “Sure, where can I send your product?”.  But before you beam in excitement, hand over your address, and stalk the mailman, there are some things you need to watch out for.

  • The period they expect the review to be written – Some companies expect the review to be written in a certain time frame.  Most are very reasonable, but some expect you to be a little more prompt.  Try not to contact too many companies at once since you might then have to worry about pushing out review after review as you get through them.  It’s very overwhelming!
  • Watch for red flags – Any time a company asks to proofread your review, it’s likely not something you want to agree to.  Your review should directly reflect your thoughts and feelings on a product, and someone expecting you to change your words to better suit their product/company is not a place you want to review for.  If you do decide to go through with it, make sure you let them know you’ll only be changing incorrect information, spelling errors, and grammar issues.  Anything beyond that is unacceptable.
  • Sometimes boxes just show up, and they aren’t discreet – There will be times you’re not given a tracking number and a box suddenly shows up at your front door.  Be prepared for that to happen.  Also, know that some companies don’t ship in totally plain brown boxes and will have their company name somewhere on the label of packaging.  If this is something that you’re concerned about, you can always try mentioning it to the company prior to shipment, but expect it to happen at times either way.
  • Make sure to add links within your review – Links to the product, company website, category it falls under (vibe, dildo, plug, etc.) is really important.  Some companies will let you know exactly what they expect of you, but others will just tell you to properly link.
  • Don’t forget the disclaimer! – It’s important to include somewhere in your review that the product was provided to you free of charge in exchange for the review.  It’s a requirement according to FTC guidelines and requires only a short sentence or two that can be included anywhere in your review.  The wording isn’t super important, but if you look at my reviews you’ll always see something like: “This product was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines”.
  • Email the company with your review link - Sending your link helps the company keep track of which reviews have already been written and which ones still need to be worked on.  If you ever have an issue where you’re unable to complete the review in a timely matter due to personal reasons, make sure to email the company and let them know of your situation.  Most will be very understanding, where they would probably get rather annoyed if you didn’t let them know what was going on.
  • Promote your review – Social media is a great way to draw attention to your review, your blog, and companies you’re working with.  Join twitter, make a facebook page, tumblr, google +, etc.  The more you promote your reviews/blog, the more traffic you’re likely to get.  Many companies will also post your review to their website and social media pages as well, which equals even more traffic!
  • Don’t expect to make loads of money – Though you may get lots of clicks on your affiliate links, you’ll only make money if people are purchasing through them.  Promoting sales and directing others to go through your links is helpful, but still won’t generate a ton of money.  Most companies require your total sales to be $50 or more in order to send you a commissions check, so even if someone does make a purchase using your links, it doesn’t mean you’ll be cashing checks just yet.  Each company is different as far as commission percentages and how much you’re required to make before getting paid.  Carefully read over the information before signing up with each company.

Your blog might look like a ghost town at first, but try to keep in mind that not everyone comments on everything they read.  Try to post material that leaves room for comments; ask a question related to the topic you posted, and try to be patient.  Write your blog for yourself, what you’re interested in, and what you feel is relevant, but do your best to engage others.  And just like when you write reviews, use twitter, facebook, etc. to let people know something new has been posted.

If you need help with anything, reach out!  I’ve been stuck so many times and have found the answers by simply tweeting about it.  Toss your question out there and see who bites.  If someone doesn’t know the answer, they often know someone that does.  It’s normal to be confused about things, to mess up, and to get stuck; and more times than not there will be someone available and willing to help you.

My blog is only three months old now, and I’m amazed by everything I’ve learned during this time.  I still have a long way to go, I’m still learning new things all the time, and I’m more than willing to share my mistakes and experiences with others if it will help in anyway.  I don’t normally directly address the people that read my blog, but I hope whether you’re just a reader, are interested in starting your own blog, or have been blogging for years, that you’ll reach out to me if you ever have questions or need advice.  I’m still pretty new around here, but I’m more than willing to do what I can to help.

I realize other bloggers have made very similar posts, but I wanted to share a little about what I’ve learned and feel is important for new bloggers to learn as well.  There’s far more information to learn than what I’ve written here, so check out the link in the first paragraph; much more established bloggers have included amazing information there.  And as I’ve already said, if you ever have a question about anything, don’t hesitate to ask!


Aug 042013





What comes to mind when you hear these and similar words?  Chances are, each word might bring up a different thought in each person.  Some slang sounds very stiff, while others sound sexy.  What I want to know is, how many of you pictured a woman either naked or mostly exposed in a seductive way, and how many of you imagined a modest woman feeding her hungry baby?

More times than not, the breast is viewed as a sexual object, something designed to satisfy a different type of hunger, but it has a very different and much more important purpose to many.  Breastfeeding is an incredible part of motherhood to those that decide and are able to do it.  There’s an incredible bond formed, and it’s an empowering feeling to know your body is able to produce everything your infant needs to survive for at least the first four to six months of their life.

Unfortunately, because the breast has become something so sexual, it leaves women feeling ashamed or embarrassed to feed their baby in public, and worse, women are being harassed for exposing even a small amount of skin in order to fill the belly of their crying baby.

It’s not acceptable and something needs to be done about it!

We live in a world where billboards are plastered with busty women in lingerie, magazines and public beaches filled with women in bathing suits that are hardly more than scraps of fabric covering tiny areas of their body, and yet, FEEDING a small child in public is frowned upon.  It’s heartbreaking!

Yes, breasts are sexy and lovely and serve a wonderful sexual purpose, but it’s about time society realizes that breasts are multipurpose and so much more than something nice to look at and touch.  Anywhere a woman is allowed to feed her baby a bottle she should be allowed to freely feed her baby breast milk (from her breasts) without having to worry about someone seeing her and being offended.  There is nothing offensive about filling the belly of a baby, and it’s so unfair how woman are shamed for such a normal behavior.

In recent months there has been a new wave of public breastfeeding support.  People are reaching out, thanking women for breastfeeding their children.  This is something that truly touches and breaks my heart at the same time.  In one hand it feels good to see some people viewing this activity as admirable, but in the other hand, shouldn’t it already just be a normal thing that mothers do?

You hear all the time about people being discriminated against because of their race or sexual orientation; this is no different.  You don’t have to do it yourself, you don’t have to agree with it, but acceptance is important.  We all have different thoughts and feelings on various controversial subjects, but like any, we all need to have a fair balance of opinion and acceptance.  If you see a woman breastfeeding and you’re offended by it, don’t look at her, don’t say anything to her.  Chances are she’s only trying to feed her baby, not get your attention anyway.

In honor of World Breastfeeding week, I wanted to share a little bit about my experiences.

I had my first baby at the age of 18, and it never crossed my mind to feed her formula.  My body was made to produce milk that would nourish her body and help her grow, and that’s exactly what I did.  If we were out and she was hungry, I hid in the car, or in changing rooms while I fed her; removing myself from the site of others.  I wasn’t ashamed of feeding her, but I never wanted to cause a scene.  I proudly nursed her until she was 20 months old.

Not long after turning 21, baby number two made her appearance.  We struggled in the beginning with her latch and after a couple weeks, she finally got the hang of it.  I was less timid about nursing her, realizing that it was my right as a mother.  I was always very respectful and modest, and the likely hood of anyone even seeing my breast was extremely slim because of how well I covered up.  She and I had a breastfeeding relationship for 18 months.

My third daughter came into the picture when I was 22, and didn’t fall in love with breastfeeding as much as the other two did.  She was very attached to me for the first 6-8 months, and for the first time in my life, I wasn’t afraid to walk around the store while nursing my daughter.  It was empowering and freeing and was 100% my right to do so.  She weaned at 11 months.

I had my fair share of looks; some were of disgust, and some were of appreciation.  It can feel scary and intimidating to nurse your baby in public when you’re a new mom, but the more it’s out there, the more normalized it will become.  If you appreciate a nursing mother, smile at her.  If it bothers you, simply look away.

Additional information about World breastfeeding week can be found here.  And I hope you’ll take a look at this video.  It really spells out a lot of the way breastfeeding mothers feel and is done in such a beautiful way.

I would love to hear your breastfeeding success stories, experience you’ve had (whether you were the one breastfeeding or saw someone else that was), and anything else you’d like to add.



Jun 212013
I came across this article today and it was too important NOT to share.  With summer officially beginning tomorrow, I felt this was not only relevant, but could really help some of us when it comes to feeling comfortable in our own skin.  Check out the article here.
Are you comfortable enough, just as you are, to wear a bikini this summer?  Why or why not?

New Bloggers, UNITE!

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Jun 202013

Starting out in the blogging world can be extremely overwhelming;  I’m currently speaking from personal experience.  Though it can be a challenge to begin this journey, the good news is, we’re not alone!  Many well seasoned bloggers have created useful posts to help us newbies along; aww, shucks!  These posts are filled with incredibly useful information that is sure to answer any and all questions you may have.  Wanna check it out?  The Sin Doll has it all mapped out for you!  Make sure to check out both her blogger information post and her post on how to choose a blogging platform.

Check it out, learn from it, and share the information with others!  No one needs to start off on their own!