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Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet from Novel Creations

- Rechargeable
- Compact
- Powerful
- Variety of functions
- Great for pin-point stimulation
- Slightly larger than regular bullets
- Cheap plastic charging base
- Only water resistant
- No real lower intensity levels





Compact vibrators are wonderful things!  They don’t take up much room, can be slipped into your purse for on the go, and can easily be used between partners during sex.  Most of the time small toys are weak, which kind of ruins how versatile they are.  Well, the Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet is here to set your worries aside.  This rechargeable vibe might look small and cute, but it’s one powerful beast!  So powerful, that it will likely be too much for those who are used to lower to moderate vibrations.  Though there’s a large variety of settings, each of them are quite strong (though not quite as rumbly as some clitoral vibes) which doesn’t allow users to build up to more intense settings.  This wasn’t an issue for me since I appreciate the power, but it might be too much for others.  The size is also larger than a typical bullet and it’s not waterproof, so it limits how many ways it can be used.  It’s too thick to fit inside a typical bullet hole, so you can really only use it by holding onto it.  I think it’s an awesome product, but some improvement could be made.


The Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet from Novel Creations is a rechargeable bullet vibrator that’s designed for external pleasure.  The small rounded tip is perfect for pin-point stimulation and the silky surface allows it to glide easily across your skin.

Best used on the female anatomy, this bullet is perfect for targeted clitoral stimulation and for teasing other sensitive areas of the body like the nipples and perineum.  It’s not designed for vaginal use, and inserting it anally could actually cause a trip to the emergency room.  As long as you keep it external, you can use it on any area of the body.

Being compact makes this a great product to use with a partner as well.  It’s non-threatening, easy to understand, and is small enough that it fits between your bodies during intercourse.  There are a couple downsides though.  You can’t use it in a dildo with a bullet hole and you can’t use it in the tub or shower because it’s not waterproof (which also means you have to be careful when cleaning); limiting the way it can be used.  If variety of use isn’t important to you, this is certainly worth checking out.


The Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet is made from ABS plastic according to the paperwork, but mentions on the website that it’s “twice dipped in silicone, to give you an ultra smooth, silky, sensual feel.”  It doesn’t feel that way to me, it seems like this is PU coated plastic based on feeling and sight.  Either way, the material is non-porous, latex free, phthalate free, and body safe.  You can safely use water-based lubricant with this vibe only, since the material might respond negatively to other types.  After use, you can clean the bullet by wiping it down with warm soapy water or use your favorite toy cleaner.  Pay extra attention to not get the base of the toy wet.  If you’re sharing with someone else, you can sterilize using a 10% bleach solution (avoiding the base).

The surface of the toy is silky smooth and glides easily across the skin without requiring lubricant.  It doesn’t attract annoying dust or lint which is a huge plus.  The only texture you feel on the toy is from the base which is where the control button is located.  It’s slightly raised from the toy to make it easier to find and press.  There are no noticeable seams and it doesn’t have a logo printed in it; it’s completely smooth.

Being made from plastic, it’s natural to expect the toy to be very firm.  It doesn’t have any give, doesn’t bend, and doesn’t flex apart from the button on the end.  The solid surface is great if you’re someone who likes to apply pressure with your toys, but can be lightly used if not.


Untitled-12The Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet is available in three color options; Pink, Black, and Purple.  I really appreciate the fact that they decided to make at least one color that wasn’t girly.  I think this helps the product appeal to a wider audience since there’s an obvious need for more gender neutral colors.

The design of the bullet immediately jumps out at you.  It’s a very familiar shape from the rounded point to the design of the button.  It’s discreet on one hand since it’s small and would easily blend in with beauty products or the other contents of your purse.  However, if anyone picked it up to really look at it, it would be obvious that it’s a vibrator.

What makes it different than others is the size.  Standard bullets are 5/8″ in diameter and most toy manufacturers create bullet holes in their dildos that work perfectly for that size.  This one is 3/4″.  It might not seem like a large difference, but it’s enough that it won’t work in most dildos.

The length is also longer than average, coming in at 3 3/4″ in length.  Though it is larger than your standard bullet, it’s still nice and compact.  You could easily toss this in a purse without it taking up too much room.



Untitled-10When your Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet first arrives it has a partial charge.  The instruction manual says to charge it for 60 minutes prior to your first use, but it took mine a little longer than that.  There are three pieces that make up the charging unit – a base, a USB cord, and an adapter that allows you to plug it into a regular outlet.  There are two metal pieces on the bottom of the bullet that need to line up in the base in order for it to charge.  You’ll know if you’ve connected it properly because the light on the front of the base will start blinking.  As it’s Untitled-9charging, the light will blink back and forth between red and green.  When the toy is finished charging, the light will remain on green and no longer blink.  If you keep the base plugged in and remove the vibrator, the base will glow red, and it can be disconnected from the power source.

Untitled-7The power button is on the bottom of the vibe and is easily turned on by simply pressing it.  When you turn it on, a blue light will glow behind it and you’ll be experiencing the first of 20 different settings.  Each press after that will bring you to the next setting.  When you’ve cycled through them all, the vibrator will turn off, or you can hold the button for a few seconds until the vibrations cease.  When you turn the toy back on, you’ll always start on the first setting; the vibrator doesn’t hold your place.  So if you come across a setting you love, you’ll have to cycle through in order to get to it.

The first three settings are steady low, medium, and high, but the rest after that offer different pulsating vibrations.  While it sounds like a lot of variety, it really isn’t.  There are no roller coaster settings, no escalations; just a bunch of different pulse patterns, speeds, and intensities.

The front of the package says, “DON’T SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS POWERFUL” which automatically made me think it was gimmicky like a lot of packaging tends to be, but I was pleasantly surprised when I turned the toy on.  The vibrations are actually very powerful and might be too much for some.  The power is there, but it’s only somewhat rumbly.  It’s not buzzy or numbing at all (it’s just not as deep as other bullet vibrators that have a similar look) but might take you a little longer to climax as a result.  The power is evenly spread throughout the vibe, and though your clit won’t become numb, your fingers might.

The sound level is okay.  The vibe can’t be heard through a closed door, but someone in the same room with you would easily be able to hear the vibrations.  It’s reasonable, but could be more modest.


Untitled-1The Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet arrives in a cardboard package that obviously gives away what it contains.  The front simply has a plastic window that’s molded in the shape of the toy which can easily be seen through it.  The box is also covered in information about the product, which prevents it from being discreet, but is presented in a tasteful manner.

Untitled-2Rather than having a lid that pops open or slides off, the cover is attached to one side of the box, raps around it, and magnetically closes around the back.  I like the design in general, but you have to be careful when you’re opening the box since the vibe could easily fall out.  It’s resting in a piece of plastic and stays in place just fine when the box is closed, but it doesn’t hold the toy well when it’s open.

Untitled-3Beneath the plastic tray you’ll find the instruction manual, storage pouch, and a smaller cardboard box.  The box is taped to the back of the package so it doesn’t move around.  Inside are the USB cord and the wall adapter.

The instruction manual has only English in it, and is simply a single piece of paper folded in half.  The front and back don’t have much information apart from which product the information goes with.  Inside you’ll find the most basic information about the product and includes an illustration that helps you understand the charging system.



When I first saw an image of the Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet, I had to rub my eyes because I honestly thought We-Vibe had re-released Salsa in other colors.  After reading what the product was, I felt a little let down, but wondered if this product could live up the power it claimed to have.


When it arrived in the mail I was immediately surprised by the size.  It literally looks like a Salsa on steroids!  The first thing I noticed when I took it out of the package was how cheap the charging base felt.  It’s a very light plastic that feels like it could easily break.  This is very concerning since it’s the only way you can juice up your vibrator.  As long as you’re careful with it, you shouldn’t run into any problems.

Once the toy was fully charged, I turned it on to test the power.  I was immediately surprised, especially because I was on the first setting.  There’s a lot of power here, which is something I need in order to climax, but I felt like there should have been at least a couple settings that were lower in intensity for more sensitive toy users.

The vibrations aren’t deeply rumbly, but aren’t buzzy and I found them to be satisfying.  It took me a little longer to climax than normal, but I didn’t have to force it either.  I can see this becoming a nice back up when my go-to vibrators aren’t charged, but it’s not deep enough to overtake the number one slot.

Interested in checking out the Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet for yourself?  You can learn more by visiting the Novel Creations website, or by purchasing through Bondara by clicking the link below. 


The Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

Feb 062014


- Made from silicone
- Rechargeable
- Multiple settings
- Gorgeous packaging
- Buzzy vibrations
- Expensive
- Won’t fit everyone’s anatomy
- Not waterproof/hard to clean





The Afterglow is an interesting new product that features PulseWave technology; combining pulsing light and vibrations to help you achieve stronger and more frequent orgasms.  Being a dual stimulating toy, this allows you to experience everything Afterglow has to offer both internally and externally.  However, that also means this product won’t work for everyone because of anatomy differences.  It has a lot of good things going for it, but it’s lacking in many ways as well.  It’s made from body safe materials, is rechargeable, and has a wide range of settings to choose from.  Though the power is reasonable and the toy is quiet, the vibrations are buzzy and don’t reflect the power behind it them as a result.  I’m not sold on the technology as of now, but maybe I’ll experience improvements overtime.

I had the pleasure of asking the creator, Dr. Ralph Zipper,  a few questions about the product and the technology behind it.  You’ll find the questions and answers scattered through this review.


The Afterglow is a dual stimulating product that’s often referred to as a rabbit vibrator.  The shaft is inserted into the vagina while the external arm rests against your clitoris.  It’s a way to provide both internal and external stimulation without requiring the use of both hands or two separate vibrators.

This particular product was designed to work best with the female anatomy, connecting with two of the more obvious pleasure zones; the G-spot and clitoris.  It can be used for solo play, but can also be used with a partner as a part of foreplay or mutual masturbation.  The special PulseWave O setting (that I’ll explain later on in the review) is especially great when you’re laying in bed, spending a little extra time on your own or relaxing with your partner.

The design of the Afterglow allows it to be safe for anal insertion because the arm prevents it from accidentally slipping inside your body.  If you decide you want to use it for both anal and vaginal use, you’ll need to sterilize between uses to prevent the spread of bacteria.

The booklet calls this a Tantric Massager and says if you follow the guidance of the Guru Afterglow you may be able to achieve what’s called the Kundalini; an energy that allows you to experience a more full body orgasm.  You’ll need to use the PulseWave O setting and be prepared to take some time for yourself.  This setting requires more than eight minutes, so make sure you’re able to dedicate that time to relaxing and using the vibrator.

Since the vibrator isn’t waterproof, you can’t take it with you in the bath or shower and have to be careful when you’re cleaning it.  This really limits where and how this product can be used.  So I asked Dr. Zipper:

Apart from vaginal use, can the Afterglow™ be used in other ways?
Afterglow™ is water resistant. Other than using it under water, your imagination is the only limiting factor. We are presently encouraging male users to send us feedback.  There are male users that have place their glans (head of the penis) between the two fingers and described “crazy” orgasms. We expect to learn much more about alternative uses as our customer explore Afterglow™.


The Afterglow has an ABS plastic handle and a silicone shaft, arm, and controls.  Both materials are body safe, non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  These are great materials for sex toys because they’re easy to care for and totally safe to use.  For regular use, you can clean the toy with a damp cloth and soap or a toy wipe or spray.  Never submerge the toy and be careful when cleaning around the charging port.  If you’re sharing with someone else or switching orifices, you can clean with a 10% bleach solution (again, avoiding the port).  Being silicone, this vibrator is compatible with water-based lubricant since other types could cause the surface to degrade.  Afterglow actually has their own specially formulated lubricant called Afterdark that was designed to work with the technology of the vibrator.  You can purchase it through their website, but any water-based lube you have at home works fine.

The silicone surface of the vibrator is nice and smooth.  It doesn’t drag across the skin and requires only a small amount of lube to get it nice and slick.  It does pick up small particles of lint, but it’s easily wiped clean.  The silicone doesn’t have any intentional texture to it, but does have a seam that runs over the center of the shaft.  You can lightly feel it with your fingers, but can’t feel it during use.  On the shaft and clitoral arm there are two soft spots.  There’s nothing wrong with the vibrator, this is where the light shines through.  Though I’m not positive about damage, I wouldn’t recommend pressing on them since that would be considered misuse of your vibrator.

Untitled-6There’s an obvious seam where the silicone meets the plastic, which isn’t unexpected, but you need to pay extra attention to cleaning the area since bacteria could form if not properly cared for.  On either side of the handle are seams as well.  This doesn’t effect use, but you might need to pay closer attention when cleaning as well.  The only other texture on the vibrator are the controls.  The silicone has raised areas that help you locate the different buttons even when it’s dark.

The material doesn’t have any give to it.  The silicone acts like a skin over the firm internal parts.  This is great for those that like firm pressure because it won’t flex under pressure.  The external stimulator is nice and flexible, which I really appreciate.  It doesn’t clamp down on your clitoris like some dual stimulators do, so that was an added plus in my opinion.  This also allows it to work for a wider range of users since the size of your vulva shouldn’t matter (though your clit location does, just like with all dual stimulators).


The Afterglow is only available in one color, a soft lavender.  It would have been nice to see another option available that was a little less feminine, but I really like it.

The design of this vibe is really familiar.  The shaft has a rounded top, the external stimulator extends from the base of it, and at the bottom is your handle.  The thinnest area of the shaft is where it meets the arm.  The design of this area allows it to comfortably rest in place.  The handle has a wonderful shape that I really appreciate since it compliments the natural shape of your hand, making it comfortable to use and the buttons easy to access.  I was a little surprised that Afterglow decided to make this a dual stimulating toy since they’re so limiting, so I asked:

What made you chose to create a dual stimulating product?  
We had to pick a shape to start with and the rabbit is the most versatile shape. The rabbit is the only shape that allows dual stimulation of the clitoris and G-Spot. A single stimulating device can only stimulate a single spot, whereas a dual stimulating device can stimulate two spots or one. The user may choose.  Furthermore, we wanted to help those who have never achieved a G-Spot enhanced orgasm. Stimulating the G-Spot is not like stimulating the clitoris. You can’t see it or point to  it.  Furthermore, in many woman this spot may be only a few millimeters in size. The use of the rabbit style allowed us to target the G-Spot with PulseWave™. If the user rests the smaller finger on the hood of the clitoris (the prepuce), the diodes of the large finger (placed in the vagina) will be focused on the area where the G-Spot is found. No guessing involved. The beam of the larger finger is wide enough to effect the G-Spot region of all users as long as the smaller finger is resting on the clitoral hood.


The size of the Afterglow is very reasonable with the handle itself being the thickest area of the toy.  If you’re not used to any type of penetration this vibrator might seem a little large, but it should work for the majority of users.  The full length of the vibe is 9″, with 4″ of insertable length.  The clitoral arm extends 2 1/2″ from the base when you measure along the shape, but might not quite reach those who have high clits.  The shaft is 4 7/8″ in circumference at the thickest point, and is 3 3/4″ at the thinnest area.



Untitled-7The Afterglow comes with a USB charger and an adapter that plugs into a regular outlet.  It doesn’t arrive with a partial charge, and it’s important to allow the vibrator to fully juice up prior to your first use (mine took about 6 hours).  At the bottom of the vibrator is a small silicone cover that protects the charging port.  When you’re ready to charge, you lift it up and plug the cord into the vibe.  Once it’s plugged into, a red light glows behind the controls.  When your vibe is fully charged, the light will turn off, showing you that it’s ready for use.  Unplug the vibe, press the silicone cap over the port, and you’re ready to use.  On a full charge the vibrator should get around 3 hours of use, according to the user manual.  I’ve used it for at least an hour and the charge is holding just fine, with no decrease in power.

Untitled-2The control pad has a total of five buttons that control the functions of the toy.  Their website has a really awesome interactive example of what each button does.  The controls might look intimidating at first, but they’re very easy to understand once you read the manual.  To turn the toy on, you have to press and hold both the plus and minus buttons at the same time (it takes a few seconds for the vibe to turn on).  Rather than having a travel lock, this was designed to help prevent it from accidentally turning on when not in use.

Untitled-9Once the toy is turned on, you can do a number of different things.  You can increase the steady vibrations by pressing the plus button, cycle through the seven different patterns, or begin the eight minute PulseWave O experience.  Each of the patterns can have the power increased or decreased, but pressing any buttons during the PulseWave O cycle will bring you back to the regular settings.  The booklet says: “With 15 different modes and 85 combinations, the Afterglow is one of the world’s most versatile vibrators.” – sounds like a lot, but it’s really easy to figure out.

Untitled-8One thing you’ll notice when the toy is turned on, is that there are red and blue lights that flash; one on the shaft and one on the clitoral arm.    The way they flash varies based on the setting you’re on, but it’s hard to detect a specific pattern to it.  They are fairly bright, but are obviously more discreet once the vibrator is inserted.  Still, at any point you can turn these lights off by pressing the button that resembles a setting sun.  Though the lights will no longer be flashing, you’ll still experience the benefits of the technology.

To begin the PluseWave O experience, you have to first turn the toy on, and then press the button on the control pad that resembles a target.  The manual gives you all kinds of instructions about breathing, relaxing, and making sure you’re not going to be disturbed during this time.  The cycle lasts eight minutes, but you’re encouraged to try not to climax until at least five minutes of the cycle has completed.  It’s difficult to tell when the five minute mark is, or even the eight minute.  When you’re supposed to be relaxed it’s hard to pay attention to when the vibrations change.  It would have been nice to have some sort of indicator that let you know how many minutes have passed.

I was curious why they chose this amount of time, so I asked:

Why does the PulseWave™O last eight minutes?  How did you select that length of time?
Initial test users were asked to report their favorite combinations of vibration with PulseWave™ and time to climax. These results were electronically recorded.   We then created as series of programs based on the most common vibration patterns and times.  We had our test users go back and use these newly programmed Afterglow™s and report results.  The best program and duration was named PulseWave™ O. This program can now be activated by pushing the O button on Afterglow™.  Some women will not reach climax w/in the O program. However, we have found that Climax reached after the completion of the O program is equally exquisite. The bottom line is that most woman will achieve great engorgement from PulseWave™, with or without the O program, in 5-8 minutes. Orgasms after this time seem to be associated with the euphoria found during the final 3 minutes of the program. By the way, PulseWave™ is always being emitted by Afterglow™ and is not limited to the O program.

And here’s a little more information taken from the manual:

“Your Afterglow vibrator is the world’s first vibrator to have PulseWave light technology.  This unique combination of pulsed Multi-Wavelength light energy and vibrations, discovered by collaboration of a world-leading gynecologist and laser physicist, is capable of enhancing arousal.  After discovering PulseWave, our team of doctors spent two years developing and testing unique PulseWave patterns to establish the optimal settings for enhanced arousal and orgasm.  These settings will have been programmed into your Afterglow pleasure device.  We call this the PulseWave O program.”

“PulseWave O is a unique sexual experience initiated by the press of a single button.  Pressing the O button begins an eight-minute PulseWave journey designed to enhance arousal and help you achieve better and more frequent orgasms.  If you do not reach climax within the eight-minute program, fear not.  PulseWave O has readied your body for a great orgasm.  Just use your favorite mode to finish the journey.  Following the Guru Afterglow Guidance will help you achieve the most neo-tantric sexual experience.”

The website has a lot of information on the science behind this technology, and you’d benefit best from reading it directly from their website than having me try to explain it.  This video will also help:

Science aside, the vibrations travel well through the shaft and the clitoral arm, but aren’t deep and rumbly.  On the highest setting the vibrations are reasonable, but being buzzy takes away from the power.  If you’re a power queen, the vibrations might not be enough, but hopefully responding to the PulseWave technology will help increase your chances of having an orgasm.

The sound level is very reasonable, even on the highest setting you wouldn’t be able to hear it through a closed door.  If someone were to be in the same room with you they would likely hear it on the higher settings, but not on the lower ones.  Higher power or quieter vibrations?  You’d have to decide.  The PulseWave O setting has a mixture of both, so keep that in mind as well.


Untitled-11The Afterglow arrives in a long black box that has the product name and THE SCIENCE OF AROUSAL on the top, and product information on the bottom.  It’s very classy looking, but isn’t entirely discreet because of the information it displays.  When you remove the cover you’ll see that the front of the box isn’t attached (see image).  It’s supposed to be that way, so don’t be alarmed.  A thin blanket of foam covers the cream colored storage box that’s holding your Afterglow.  The storage box has the product name on the top, but doesn’t have any other information on it.  It opens by squeezing the two sides of the latch together and lifting the lid.  Inside you’ll see the vibrator to the left and a little storage compartment to the right.  The Afterglow is securely in place since this area is shaped exactly like the toy other than two small notches near the handle that help you remove the vibe.  The right compartment holds the user manual, the storage pouch, and the charger.  Once you’ve removed your Afterglow, you’ll find a little key underneath it.  The front of the case locks which is a really cool feature, but only one key is included.  It’s not like a typical key and lock system, so it wouldn’t be difficult to pick if you happened to lose it.  The only other information is found on a tag that’s attached to the vibrator when it arrives.  It’s not important to hold onto since the same information can be found in the manual.  The packaging is much larger than necessary for the vibrator, but it’s really fancy and nice.  I appreciate the fact that a pouch was also included since the box would be a challenge to take with you when you’re traveling.



Untitled-12The Afterglow is something I only recently heard about.  I found them on twitter and decided to follow them.  I checked out their product, but didn’t invest a lot of time researching it.  When they tweeted something that kind of got under my skin, I decided to ask more about it.  I felt like their wording was unfair and made me feel like they immediately see something wrong with my vagina because I’ve naturally birthed three children.  After hearing more about what this vibrator was supposed to do, I decided I was the perfect candidate to test it out.  My vagina’s been through hell and back, surely this product will help me bring my vagina back to its youthful state.

Annoyance aside, I always give every product I test a fair chance.  While I don’t agree with the way they’re promoting this product, it shouldn’t (and doesn’t) reflect the way I feel about it.

After charging the toy and reading through the manual, I set aside a little time for myself to really check it out.  I immediately went to the highest level of intensity to see how powerful the toy was, and was immediately unimpressed.  I require deep, rumbly vibrations and while these had some power behind them, they weren’t rumbly at all.  I set off to testing it out and felt like it was okay.  It didn’t reach as high on my clit as I had hoped, but I didn’t expect it would.  It’s not always easy to find a dual stimulating product that works with my anatomy.  I tried a few of the patterns first, but decided I was most interested in the PulseWave O setting.  I read the booklet, made sure my breathing was relaxed, and pressed the button.  I closed my eyes and allowed myself to just feel, to try and experience everything this product was.  After a minute or so, I started to feel a warming sensation, both internally and externally.  This was a pleasant surprise, but I didn’t experience additional stimulation from it.  The minutes went on and while I was aroused (naturally having a vibrator against your pleasure zones for minutes at a time will do that), I wasn’t even close to having an orgasm.  After more than eight minutes, I changed it to the highest steady setting and did my best to get off.

My perfectly prepped orgasm wasn’t anything to write home about.  I did everything just like I was supposed to, but didn’t experience this amazing climax like the information says.

I tried going through the PulseWave O setting again, only finishing myself off with my go-to clitoral vibe.  Again, my orgasm wasn’t any more intense than normal.

I asked Dr. Zipper:

With regular use, how long does it take for someone to start seeing a noticeable change?
Afterglow™ is first and foremost an adult toy designed to bring the user a new, improved, climax. A user that is very in touch with their anatomy and sexual response can expect to experience a unique and improved orgasm within the first few uses. The proprietary pulsed light algorithm was designed to improve genital blood flow during masturbation (or when playing with a partner).  Viagra increases blood flow to the genitals by inhibiting the breakdown of a chemical known as cGMP. cGMP relaxes smooth muscle leading to increased blood flow and genital swelling. Pulsed near infrared light, when applied correctly, increases the production of cGMP. Some of our docs have called this the “female Viagra” device. The manufacturer of Viagra is quick to point out that the pill does not work on its own, but requires mechanical stimulation. The same is true of PulseWave™ light technology. It works best when coupled with mechanical stimulation. The good news is that Afterglow™ is also a great Vibrator. It provides great mechanical stimulation with PulseWave™. Most users report noticing an improved sexual stimulation the first time that they used Afterglow™ for more than 5 minutes.
It is not yet known how long it required to see changes in body tissue such as improved health of tissue and decreased yeast and bacteria. Many users who were prone to yeast infections have reported a decrease in such after several weeks of use (averaging several uses per week). Afterglow™ is not a medical device, however, clinical studies are underway in order to determine long term benefits of Afterglow™.

I’m very in tune with my body.  I know how it works, what works, and what doesn’t work.  My experiences with the Afterglow are based on knowing my body well.  I’m not sure if time will chance the way I respond to it, but as it stands, I wasn’t overly impressed with the results.  I’m going to keep using it and will change my rating and update if I notice a positive change in my response.

Your personal experience with the Afterglow will vary.  If you’re more sensitive to vibrations this might work better for you, but I haven’t noticed a difference for me.  I think if they made the vibrations deeper (more rumbly), and made the vibrator waterproof, I would be telling a very different story.  They’re on to something, this one just misses the mark, in my opinion.

The technology is really interesting and if it’s something you’d like to try out for yourself, you can purchase it through their website by clicking the banner below.  Now is the time, take advantage of their special Valentine’s Day offer and save $50!


Afterglow was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

Feb 042014

Plus Size Sweetheart Victorian Brocade Corset from iCollection

- High quality
- Beautiful design
- Affordable
- Slimming
- Comes with matching thong
- Plastic boning
- No breast support
- Difficult to put on.




When I first saw an image of this corset, I was blown away.  The  pattern and contrasting colors go perfectly together.  On top of looking absolutely gorgeous, it has a lot of good things going for it.  The material is comfortable against your skin and the stitching is very well done.  This is a quality corset for your dress up fun.  Keep in mind, this isn’t designed to train your waist (plastic boning), but will give you a slimming look while you’re wearing it.  The biggest downside for me is that there’s no breast support.  If you’re lucky enough to have perky breasts this shouldn’t be an issue.  However, the bust area isn’t very flattering for those of us who have flat or saggy breasts.

-About the Corset-

The Sweetheart Victorian Brocade Corset from iCollection is designed like most, featuring adjustable laces in the back with the closure in the front.  You need to place it around your back, hook it in the front and then adjust the laces in order to get a proper fit.  This is much easier with someone to help you, but can be accomplished on your own.

Untitled-2The look of this corset is simply gorgeous and is where it truly shines.  The floral fabric features a lighter shade of red in the background, and a darker shade in the foreground.  It adds depth to the pattern and gives it a moody, seductive feel to it.  Not at all what you would commonly expect from something that’s floral.  The trim, laces, and waist band are all black and really compliment the red pattern.  The inside of the corset is also black, but it doesn’t need a fancy pattern since it can’t really be seen while you’re wearing it.  The corset isn’t reversible, so the fabric on the outside is what everyone will see.

Untitled-7The front features seven shiny silver hook and eye closures.  These aren’t like your bra closures, but are quite common in corsets.  The left side features little nubs that slightly extend from the material, and the right side has flat pieces that lock them in place.  When you put the corset on, you’ll need to line up the sides so that they all hook into place at almost the same time.  This isn’t like buttoning up a shirt, you can’t do one hook at a time.  Because you have to line them up just so, it can be a challenge to hook if your laces aren’t wide enough when you first put the corset on.  Make sure they’re nice and loose and worry about adjusting them once you have it in place.

Untitled-5The laces in the back are silky and feel more like ribbons than lacing.  They hold up well to being tugged on and should last a long time.  There are a total of 24 eyelets (12 on each side) that go along either side of the corset that hold the ribbon in place.  It’s rimmed with metal which makes the lace slide easily through them.    The corset is pre-laced when you receive it and there’s a lot of wiggle room when it comes to adjusting the piece to fit your body shape.  Behind the lace is an optional modesty panel.  This panel prevents anyone from seeing your skin through the laces.  You can fold it over when you first put the corset on if you’d rather have your skin exposed, and larger corset wearers might not be able to use it at all.

The corset has 12 rows of plastic boning that’s evenly spaced over the length of the piece.  Being plastic allows it to flex more easily than steel boning, which makes it more comfortable to wear, but prevents it from being good for waist training.  The flexibility makes it much more suitable for bedroom play or dressing up to go out, but less suitable for regular wear.  It holds shape fairly well, but does bend a little funny if you’re being active.  There are no issues when you’re standing around, but once you start doing something it seems a little too flexible.

When you look at the inside of the corset, you’ll also see two little ribbon loops near the top.  These are in place so you can easily hang it in your closet when you’re not wearing it.  They’re handy for storing the piece, but you’ll want to remember to tuck them in when you’re wearing it.


Rather than being totally straight on top and bottom, the corset has a great shape that compliments a feminine figure.  The front is taller than the back, and has a curved top that’s shaped well for the bust area.  This is referred to as a sweetheart neckline (which is why it’s in the name of the corset) and is a really beautiful touch that helps the shape feel more feminine.


The waistband on this piece is a really beautiful touch.  The shape of the piece fools the eye and actually makes your waist look slimmer even without the corset being pulled tight against your body.  It’s wider in the center of the front and back, but narrows greatly where it sits on your hips.  I really love this element because it’s such a simple piece that makes this corset that much more appealing and look much better when you’re wearing it.

-About the Thong-

Unlike a lot of sets, the thong it comes with isn’t strictly black.  The front panel has the same pattern the rest of the corset has, and the trim is black to match as well.  The waistband and center band are both simply elastic and are very stretchy, but the center piece isn’t sewn to the top band.  Instead, it loops around and can move freely along the waistband.  I’ve seen this in thongs before, but I’ve never understood the point.  For me, it’s just another thing I need to try to get situated before I put it on.  The inside of the thong is basic black.  There’s no crotch panel, but the material that goes against your skin is soft and comfortable.  It’s an okay addition to the corset because it matches and is good quality, but the design is off.  The width of the front is too narrow for a plus size piece and doesn’t fully cover my public mound.  This is a big issue for me as I think it looks very unattractive and makes it appear as though the thong is too small for me, even though it fits perfectly.



The Sweetheart Victorian Brocade Corset is available in both regular and plus sizes, which is always nice to see.  I really appreciate companies that try to make products that fit a wide range of body types.  The corset I chose is a size 3x/4x (or a size 44 as the tag shows) because it sounded correct according to my measurements.  Since it’s adjustable, it will also fit someone a few sizes larger than I am, though they wouldn’t be able to use the modesty panel at that point.  The measurements according to the iCollection website are:


My measurements are:

Size: 22
Bust: 48″
Waist: 40″
Hip: 52″

Corset measurements are:

Tallest Part (bust to bottom): 16 1/5″
Shortest Part (back of the corset): 13 1/2″
Modest Panel: 5 1/4″ wide
Length of Each Side: 20 1/4″

Thong measurements are:

Top of Front Panel: 6 1/2″
Waistband (measured flat): 18″

Additional measurements can be taken upon request.


Untitled-6The corset and thong are both made from 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex.  The material doesn’t seem to breathe as well as cotton or lighter materials do, and may cause you to sweat.  It’s not rough or scratchy against your skin, in fact, it’s quite soft and smooth.

Inside both the corset and the thong is a tag that tells you the size, material and the care instructions.  They’re pretty easy to follow; hand wash in cold water, hang to dry.  You don’t want to toss this in with your regular wash and I’m not sure what would happen to it in the dryer.  As long as you care for it like you’re supposed to, I can see this corset lasting quite a while.

As stated before, there are two ribbons which would allow you to hang it up when you’re not wearing it, or you could fold and place it in your lingerie or underwear drawer.  Just make sure there’s nothing that will snag the material or over flex the boning.


Untitled-4The corset arrives at your house in a clear plastic bag that has a sticker on the outside.  It only tells you the style, color, and size and doesn’t have the company or product name on it.  Once you open the bag and pull out your lingerie, you’ll see a tag attached that has a model on one side and the website (and information that was on the sticker) on the other.  There’s really not much information there, but it’s not really necessary for something like this.  You can dispose of the plastic bag and the tag since they’re not necessary to keep.  The corset is already laced and ready for you once it arrives.


Trying on lingerie is something that’s always been a struggle for me.  I haven’t had the best experiences while wearing it, and I’m always more self conscious in it than if I had nothing on at all.  To me, lingerie makes a statement.  It means you know you’re sexy and you’re not afraid to show it off.  That’s not me.  I have a very difficult time wearing lingerie in front of my husband, even though I’m naked around him every day.

When I saw the iCollection Sweetheart Victorian Brocade Corset, I was immediately drawn to it.  I’m one of those women who window shops for lingerie, but I’m often too afraid to ever purchase it.  Every once in a while you can’t help but snag something, even if you doubt you’ll look attractive in it.

When the corset arrived, I was immediately impressed with the quality of it, especially considering the price point.  I looked it over, felt the material, and had to try it on.  Once I finally got everything adjusted and in place, I felt good.  I hadn’t seen myself in Untitled-10the mirror yet, but when I looked down at myself I thought for sure I was going to actually look nice in something.

When I stood in front of the mirror, I was hit with disappointment.  Though it mostly covered my belly and made my natural waistline look slimmer, my breasts looked terrible.  If this corset had cups that would help push my breasts up, it would have looked much better on me.  The breast thing was the largest issues for me, but it also bothered me that you could see my belly through the closure on the front.  It would have been nice to see a small modesty panel in place there as well.


Overall, I like the corset, but there are certain things I would change about it if I could.  It fits well, feels comfortable, and is attractive itself, it just wasn’t the perfect fit for my shape, especially for my breasts.  If you have perky breasts, I would strongly recommend looking into this corset!

The iCollection Sweetheart Victorian Brocade Corset, other corsets, and other lingerie pieces are available at Lovehoney.  Click the banner below to explore!


The iCollection Sweetheart Victorian Brocade Corset was went to me in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

Feb 032014

Paul and Paulina G4 from Fun Factory

- Made from silicone
- Rechargeable
- Dual stimulating
- Flexible
- Multiple settings
- Decent power
- ‘Animal’ like features
- Lint magnet
- Might not fit everyone’s anatomy





Fun Factory is known for their quality products that are both fun and functional.  They feature bold colors, easy to understand controls, and unique designs.  Paul and Paulina is the perfect example!  This dual stimulating vibrator might look a little silly, but it was designed with pleasure in mind.  The flexible silicone provides comfort, while the fantastic shape stimulates both internal and external pleasure zones.  It features all the wonderful qualities many of us look for in a vibrator; it’s waterproof, made from safe materials, rechargeable, and has a variety of settings.  If you can overlook the wormy appearance, Paul and Paulina might just be the perfect dual stimulating vibrator for you!


Paul and Paulina from Fun Factory is a dual stimulating toy which is often referred to as a rabbit.  Rabbit style vibrators like this one are most commonly used to connect with the G-spot while also pleasuring the clitoris; without having to use separate toys or two hands.

Many dual stimulating vibes are really hit or miss when it comes to anatomy.  This particular one works better than most, having a flexible shaft and arm which connects more easily with your pleasure zones.  The handle on the base makes it easy to hold onto, and the buttons are readily available should you decide to change the settings.  The flexibility and ease of use is also great when you’re playing with a partner.  There are little to no concerns about causing discomfort when thrust, and it’s simple to understand.

Since this vibrator is more anatomy specific than some, you might not experience the dual pleasure you’re seeking.  As with any product, your experience will vary.

Pairing G-spot and clitoral play isn’t the only way you can use this vibe.  You can also flip it around and enjoy using the arm on your perineum or anus while the shaft is inserted.  The overall design makes it safe to use anally as well, and because it’s flexible, should provide comfortable stimulation during use.  Just make sure to use a condom or sterilize when switching orifices to reduce the spread of bacteria.

There’s absolutely no concern about water leaking inside your toy since there are no charging ports or caps to worry about.  The vibrator charges using a magnetic connection, making it safe to use in the tub or shower, and much easier to clean.


Paul and Paulina has an ABS plastic handle, and a silicone shaft and arm.  These materials are both body safe, non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  They’re great materials for a sex toy because they’re safe for your body and are easy to care for.  To clean, you can use soap and warm water, your favorite sex toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution to sterilize.  Since there are internal parts you can’t boil it or put it in your dishwasher like you can silicone dildos.  It’s also important to stick with a water-based lubricant since other types could cause the surface to degrade.

Untitled-4The surface of the silicone has a lot of drag and requires lubricant in order to glide easily across the skin.  Lint is also an issue since it attracts tiny particles and needs to be wiped/washed off prior to use.  It’s annoying, but manageable.  The plastic handle is totally smooth.

Both the clitoral arm and half the shaft are very flexible since they have no firm internal parts.  The other half of the shaft and handle can’t flex or bend since it’s where the motor and controls are located.  Being flexible will either work for or against you.  If you need a lot of G-spot pressure this might not work well for you.  However, I found it worked in my favor since it was easier to manipulate without causing discomfort.

Untitled-6The end of both the shaft and arm have an obvious curve and are followed up with rows of bulges.  The bulges are light and create a soft ribbed sensation when thrust.  The amount of texture is wonderful for someone who’s branching out from smooth toys, and shouldn’t annoy someone who’s easily distracted by texture.  It’s sort of right in the middle and should work for most.  If you need extreme texture to feel satisfied, this won’t quite be right, but should work for most users.  You’ll need to pay attention when cleaning because some of the grooves need a little extra attention.  As long as you clean your vibe right away it’s quite simple.


Untitled-9Paul and Paulina has a very common design, having an insertable shaft and a clitoral arm.  However, the look of this vibe is very different!  It’s not uncommon to see animal like features on the external portion of the toy (especially rabbits, butterflies, dolphins, etc.) but it’s not often you see it on the internal part of the toy.  This vibe has both!  The top of the shaft and the clitoral arm both resemble little caterpillars or worms.  They have obvious heads, little eyes, and smiling faces; the Fun in Fun Factory obviously coming through.  It certainly prevents it from looking realistic, but the animal like parts might bother some.  Though it doesn’t look like a penis, it’s still not discreet and would be obvious to most that it’s a vibrator.

The base of the toy is where you’ll find the handle and controls.  It’s ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hand while keeping the controls easily within reach.  The external stimulator is just above that and seems to extend from the belly of the shaft.  The worms are facing the same direction, and it’s almost like Paulina is looking up at Paul.


The size of Paul and Paulina might seem a little intimidating at first.  The full length is 8 7/8″ long, but only 4 3/4″ of that is insertable.  The clitoral arm is 1 3/4″ (measuring along the angle) from the shaft to the end.  If you have a high clit, it might not reach your clit and G-spot at the same time, but the flexibility will help a little.  The girth prevents it from being beginner friendly, but should work for most regular users.  It starts off at 3 3/4″ in circumference, and slowly increases in size until it’s 5 1/8″ around (where it meets the clitoral arm).



Paul and Paulina is USB rechargeable and arrives with a partial charge.  Though it already has some juice in it, you’ll want to fully charge it before your first use.  The charging system is called Click ‘N’ Charge and magnetically connects to the surface of the toy.  When you turn the toy over (with the back facing you) you’ll see the word FUN in silver.  The charger connects to this area and can be plugged into your computer or adapter to charge.  When the charger is plugged in, a red light glows across it and the buttons on the toy slowly light up one by one, showing you that it’s properly connected and charging.  The magnet holds okay, but can easily become disconnected, so make sure you set it up carefully to avoid that.  The initial charge takes about 6-8 hours, and hold its charge very well.


Untitled-10There are a total of three buttons on the toy that control all the functions; a plus, a minus, and a star.  The plus button turns the toy on and increases the intensity (six levels), the minus decreases the intensity and turns the toy off, and the star button is what allows you to cycle through the four patterns.  If you don’t want to worry about steady vibrations, you can also turn the toy on by holding down the star button.  The intensity level of the patterns can’t be changed.  If you press the plus or minus button while using one of the pattern settings, you’ll go back to steady vibrations.

Every time you press the plus or minus button it will light up, but stop as soon as you’ve removed your finger.  When you get to the highest intensity level, the lights will flash, indicating it’s at the highest level.  When using the pattern button, the light flashes the whole time the vibrator is on.  There’s also this really neat feature where the buttons will illuminate when you pick up the handle while the toy is off.  I must be a heat sensor because other objects that come in contact with it don’t create the same reaction.

The patterns are:

  1. Throbbing Pulse
  2. Fast Pulse
  3. Surging Pulse
  4. Escalating Pulse

The top half of the shaft and the clitoral arm don’t have motors in them, but the vibrations carry through the silicone extremely well.  The handle gets the least amount of rumble and shouldn’t cause your fingers to feel numb.  The power behind the vibrations is really nice.  It’s not the most powerful toy I’ve ever used and the vibrations aren’t the most rumbly either, but I still found it to be satisfying.  If you’re more sensitive to vibrations, you’ll still be able to use the lower steady settings, but might find the patterns to be too intense.

It’s always pleasing when a powerful toy is also fairly quiet.  No one would be able to hear the vibrator through a closed door, but would probably hear it if they were in the same room with you.  The lowest settings are so quiet that it might not be heard from under the covers, but you would be compromising power for sound.


Untitled-2Paul and Paulina arrive in a cardboard box with a thin sleeve over it.  The sleeve features an image of the toy on one side, and a lady dressed in lingerie on the other.  It’s not discreet, but is tasteful and doesn’t have nudity on it.  There’s a little information on the outside, but not a lot.  Once the sleeve is removed, the box looks a little more discreet.  It’s still not the best option for storage, because it’s not durable enough to last a long time (unfortunately a storage pouch isn’t included).  When you open the package, a thin layer of cardboard holding the user manual is covering your Paul and Paulina.  It’s easy to remove and access your toy.  On one side of the box you’ll see a small cardboard piece that says your Click ‘N’ Charge charger is contained within the box.  You have to take this piece out in order to remove the charger underneath it.  The user manual is mostly in German and is difficult to follow and understand.  Fortunately, the toy is pretty easy to understand and figure out, but it would be nice to see an easier to understand manual included with Fun Factory toys.



Fun Factory is a company that’s stood out to me for a while now.  Their products are in bold colors and feature non-threatening designs that make masturbation fun.  The design of Paul and Paulina stood out to me, not because it looks like two adorable little critters, but because of the shape.

I have a high sitting clit and it’s not always easy to find a dual stimulating product that works for me.  When I saw the shape of Paulina, I became really interested in the toy.  I wasn’t sure if it would work with my anatomy, but I knew it was worth the chance.

The fact that the silicone is so flexible was a huge plus to me.  My G-spot is stubborn and while I enjoy internal stimulation, I can’t climax from it alone.  I was easily able to bring the external piece high enough to stimulate my clitoris, but not while the insertable portion was against my G-spot.  This wasn’t a big deal to me at all, and I really enjoyed the toy because I was able to feel the internal rumble, while getting that direct clitoral stimulation I need in order to climax.

It’s not often at all that I can say I really enjoyed a dual stimulating toy, but I can today.  Paul and Paulina might not have lined up properly to stimulate perfectly, but it was just what I needed.  The rumbles could have been a little deeper, but rubbing the external piece against my clit was enough to make up for it.

I think this is a really fantastic dual stimulator that’s comfortable and easy to use.  Your specific anatomy will determine how well it works for you, but I’ll be keeping this one handy.

Paul and Paulina, and other body safe products, are available from Burlesque Toy Shop.  Click the banner below to see more!

toysshewants_800x99 (1)

Paul and Paulina was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines. 

Feb 032014

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