Jan 162014

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And here I am to present you with another giveaway!

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to celebrate love.  Whether you and your partner have big plans, or you’ll be spending the day loving on yourself, there’s always a reason to celebrate!  OhMiBod and I have teamed up to help you celebrate with something new!


By entering this giveaway, you’ll have the chance to win either the Lovelife Share or the Lovelife Discover from OhMiBod!  So whether you’re flying solo this year, or will be spending the day with your lover, at least one of these prizes will work for you!

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  31 Responses to “OhMiBod, it’s almost Valentine’s Day!”

  1. We celebrate Valentines day. Not always with gifts but usually with a nice dinner and no kids.

  2. I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day because I don’t celebrate any holidays. I do take advantage of the discount candy the week after :)
    My favorite Valentine’s Day memory is of sitting in a deli, talking to my partner for hours. We consider Feb 14th the anniversary of our friendship since that was when we began to get to know each other. *smiles*

  3. My husband and I usually celebrate Valentine’s Day. Usually something minor, like a nice dinner a week or two afterwards (to avoid crowds). Maybe a small gift (like him giving me chocolate).

  4. I’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day only once in my life up to now, but it was also the most wonderful one. It happened with the current partner I’m with.
    On that day, I had school, and had an optional exam. For some reasons, I decided to not go to the exam and messed up my partner’s secret planning. Everything worked out well at the end though lol.
    He brought me to the restaurant were we first met, then created a small little book with our story in there. The little book was in a shape of a heart, and he just drew out every single thing we’ve went through in our relationship. I cried so much on that day. Then I told him to NEVER do this again and that I don’t want to celebrate Valentine’s day like this anymore.
    Not that I didn’t like it, but he went through so much trouble and spent so much money. I just think, every day is a special day…so… ^.^

  5. before now all we did for valentines day was chocolate. Now being vegan that doesn’t work out so well, but this idea of sex toys for celebrating valentines day is AMAZING!!! So far all of my valentines days have been with my family so no romance has ever even entered my mind lol. This is definately something i can get behind though, and its such a good idea to get myself a sex toy for valentines day. Treating myself has never been better :) now here’s hoping i win one instead.

  6. No one special to spend Valentines day with this year, so may be I can create my own fun by winning (hint,hint) 😉

  7. I’m not celebrating Valentines day this year because I’m single, but I might buy myself a box of chocolate! LOL :)

  8. I never celebrate it; I never had a partner who’s into giving each other presents on that day and I myself don’t consider it to be important.

  9. I don’t do Valentine’s Day, but I do have memories of cheesy grade school valentine-card exchanges where everyone got cartoon character cards and cheap candy and nobody cared about dating.

  10. Two years ago this wonderful guy I’d been hanging out with wanted to take me out to dinner on Valentine’s day. I had never really celebrated it, and I wasn’t really used to going out like that (even though I had already been in a few serious relationships).. but it sounded great. It was a really special night and this year we will be celebrating our two year anniversary :)

  11. Yes I celebrate valentines day even if I don’t have a partner lol in high school my mom always gave me a box of condoms boyfriend or no boyfriend

  12. Yes, I do celebrate Valentine’s Day! Whether single, with someone, or miles away from someone. Nothing big though!

  13. We don’t usually celebrate much more than ordering take out and having sex. That is fine by me.

  14. Celebrate with chocolate and sometimes flowers or champagne

  15. We celebrate valentines day every year. Whit our hectic lives it gives a chance to be alone.

  16. Last year was my first Valentine’s Day in a relationship, and she left me the sweetest surprise – love notes of what she loves about me, hidden around the room.

  17. I did last year but don’t ususually.

  18. I do celebrate Valentine’s Day just because life can be so hectic sometimes, and it’s just a small reminder to slow down and spend some time together.

  19. I do celebrate Valentine’s Day, even if it’s treating myself to a simple cupcake. If I am in a relationship… well, then it’s a different kind of celebration 😉 Why not celebrate? It’s a cute holiday, and not like there is any need to feel suckered into the Hallmark-y aspects of it. Favorite memory was spending it with my first boyfriend as a high school student, he was so adorably earnest and thoughtful that it’s stuck with me for all these years.

  20. do not celebrate, my wife gave me a desk set for work, told if I needed one I’d make the company buy it. Killed VD from then on

  21. We do celebrate Valentine’s day but, we usually just have a nice dinner and a movie.

  22. Since having kids, we don’t do much to celebrate Valentine’s Day other than my sending my wife flowers.

  23. My husband and I usually do, but pretty minimally. Our anniversary is only a couple weeks before. This is my first Valentine’s with my other couple, though, so I don’t know what, if anything they’ll want to do.

  24. I never used to celebrate, but then for some reason I decided to ask my current boyfriend out for a valentines date. He said yes, and we have been together ever since. It will be 3 years this valentines day. We always do something special for out anniversary/v-day.

  25. Valentine’s day..hmm..I’m not much for candy or flowers.. So, our usual routine each day we deem special for us during the year (valentine’s, birthdays, anniversary, solstices, proud accomplishments.. Etc) and even many days for no reason other than we actually enjoy each other’s company.. Is to indulge in our desires. We choose a place to grab a bite (no matter if it’s high end or a street dog..just about the desire for a certain food..), head to our favorite adult store and shop for whatever it is we desire and got worked up talking about over dinner. Sometimes we stop for dessert or coffee, but usually end up heading straight home because we become too impatient to wait to be alone and use our new purchases. Desire fulfillment continues on a whole new level for the remainder of the night (and sometimes next morning.. Afternoon…)

  26. I actually LOVE Valentine’s day! I know people say it is cheesy and made up by greeting card companies, etc, but it is my favorite holiday. I love and appreciate my partner every day, but as hectic as life gets, it is nice to have a day that reminds you to really love on them.

    We don’t usually do anything major. Cook dinner together, go out to eat, exchange meaningful gifts– but nothing big and over the top. We just spend the day together, reconnecting. And that is what makes it special.

  27. We don’t really celebrate like we used to. We have been together for so long I guess we have just been through it all.:(

  28. I try to celebrate it, I do things for my kids all the time. If I am seeing someone I like to do something nice even if I just got them a card. I am not sure how this year will be.

  29. every valentines day Ive always been alone :( so i decided that I would be my own valentine :) so every valentines day I do something just for me, like going to the spa, or eating some candy and watching my favorite movie. it might be lame, but I don’t care, its just for me

  30. I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. Never have even when I was married. I actually consider it a “hallmark made-up” holiday. If you love me you should be showing it everyda,y and you don’t need a “pseudo-holiday” to give me a gift, tell me, or do something nice for me.

  31. we don’t really celebrate too much

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