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10-Function Silicone Love Rider Butterfly Lover from Cal Exotics

- Made from silicone
- Great shape
- Light texture
- Harness compatible
- Flexible
- Buzzy vibrations
- Won’t fit everyone’s anatomy
- Not waterproof
- ‘Animal’ like stimulator




This dual stimulating toy is very typical and really doesn’t bring anything new to the table.  I appreciate the fact that it’s silicone, it has a nice shape, and can be used in a harness, but that’s about it.  I think a lot of people would take one look at it and say, “no, thank you!” thanks to the vibrant pink color and the butterfly stimulator.  It’s definitely cute and girly, but that certainly won’t suit everyone’s taste.  Despite how it looks, the vibrations are also lacking.  They’re very buzzy and most of the settings aren’t very powerful; some even make a weird high pitched sound.  Add the fact that the battery pack is corded and the vibe isn’t waterproof, and there’s really not much about this toy to enjoy.  There are similar products available that are higher quality and would be worth your investment, this one just isn’t.


The 10-Function Silicone Love Rider Butterfly Lover from Cal Exotics is a dual stimulating vibrator.  This vibe features a lightly textured shaft, an external stimulator in the shape of a butterfly, and a suction cup base.

One of the best things this vibrator has going for it is the awesome shape.  It was designed with female pleasure in mind.  The light curve to the tip of the shaft connects with the G-spot, while the external stimulator was meant to pleasure the clitoris.  Dual stimulating toys like this one can be hit or miss when it comes to anatomy.  It might be too long/short to line up with your G-spot or clit, so your personal experience will vary.

The base of the toy has a built in suction cup which allows for (mostly) hands-free solo play.  It doesn’t work well on regular walls (works in the shower, but the toy isn’t waterproof), but works okay on smooth, flat surfaces.  It’s not the strongest suction cup, so be prepared for it to slide around or lose suction during use.

You don’t just have to play alone, this vibe is suitable to use with a partner as well.  The base of the toy is easy to hold onto for thrusting, and also makes the toy harness compatible.  If you’re interested in using it for anal play, it would be safe, but might not be the most comfortable option.  The external arm is flexible, but I don’t think it’s flexible enough for that type of play.  If you do use it that way, make sure to sterilize before using it vaginally again.

Playing in the tub or shower is out of the question since this vibrator is powered by a corded controller and is not waterproof.  When it comes time to clean your vibe, disconnect the controller before you start washing and try not to get the vibe wet where the cord connects to it.  It doesn’t look like the silicone creates a seal around the cord and it might cause damage.  Just use caution.


The Love Rider Butterfly Lover is made from three materials, ABS plastic (for the control and internal parts), phthalate free PVC (for the cord), and silicone (for the shaft and external stimulator.  The ABS plastic and silicone are both body safe materials that are non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  PVC is a porous material that can’t be sterilized.  I think it’s odd they chose to make the cord from that material considering the rest of the toy is non-porous.

Untitled-8For regular cleaning, you can use soap and warm water (not submerging the toy) or your favorite sex toy cleaner.  Make sure to get in all the small grooves in the clitoral arm and use caution where the cord is attached.  If you’re sharing with someone else or switching orifices, you can sterilize the silicone area by cleaning with a 10% bleach solution.  Water-based lubricant is the only type that should be used with your vibe since other types could cause the surface to degrade.

The surface of the silicone is matte and drags across the skin.  It also picks up small particles and hair and will need to be wiped down or rinsed off prior to use.  Both the shaft and clitoral arm have some texture to them, but shouldn’t be so Untitled-7much that it bothers someone who prefers smooth toys.  The swirls along the shaft lightly stimulate while the ribbed belly of the butterfly can hardly be felt (by me, at least).  The shape of the shaft prevents the texture from feeling like too much, and the tip allows you to focus on more targeted stimulation.

Most of the silicone is a skin over the internal parts and is quite firm.  The material doesn’t have a lot of give when you squeeze it, only certain areas of the shaft and the suction cup base.  The butterfly has very flexible wings and antennae since they’re made entirely out of silicone.  The shaft doesn’t bend much, but does a little bit, and the external stimulator has some flexibility to it as well.  It’s enough that it won’t cause you discomfort when used vaginally, but might not be enough to use it in other ways.


The Love Rider Butterfly Lover  is available in pink and purple only, so there’s not another option if girly colors isn’t your thing.  It’s probably best, since it goes right along with the cutesy butterfly that makes up the clitoral arm.

The shape is mostly familiar when it comes to rabbit (or dual stimulating) vibrators.  There’s an insertable and an external portion that allows  the toy to stimulate separate areas without using two different toys.  What’s a little bit different about this one is that it has a suction cup base and a corded controller.  The cord comes out from the bottom of the shaft on the left side.  It’s great if you’re allowing your partner to control the vibrations, but a little annoying if you’re right-handed.  Though it doesn’t have a realistic look to it, it’s far from being discreet.  Anyone would easily guess what the product is and what it’s used for, so it’s important to keep it in a safe place if you’re concerned about others knowing you have it.


The vibrator is reasonably sized, but might be too thick if you’re not used to some type of penetration.  It’s also a little too large for travel, and isn’t a great option anyway since you’d also have to keep track of the controller.  The full length is 7″ with about 5″ being insertable.  The clitoral arm extends 2 1/4″ from the base to the tip of the antennae, but is 1 3/4″ to the top of the head.  The shaft ranges in size from 4″-4 1/2″ in circumference thanks to the shape of it.  The cord itself isn’t very long (22 3/4″), which is a good thing and a bad thing.  It means you won’t get tangled up in it, but also means it might not be long enough for certain uses.



Untitled-4Untitled-5The Love Rider Butterfly Lover is powered by two AA batteries which aren’t included.  The controller isn’t permanently connected to the vibrator, instead, the cord plugs into it.  The back of the controller has a battery cap  that easily slides off so you can insert the batteries.  Inside, you’ll see the compartment is molded so that you can easily see which way to put them in.  Once inserted, you replace the battery cap and you’re ready to turn the toy on.

Corded toys are always a pain since you have to worry about getting tangled up in it, or having disconnection issues.  Since the bottom of the vibrator is a suction cup, this was really the only way they could make it work.  The cord is a reasonable length, but it requires you and your partner to be fairly cozy to prevent it from disconnecting.

Untitled-6There are two buttons on the toy, a square one on the front, and a trigger style button on the back (it reminds me of our Wii remotes, only thinner).  The only function of the button in the front is to turn the toy on and off, the one in the back controls the different vibration patterns.

Untitled-10When you turn the toy on, you’ll see a light glow from around the square button and you’ll be on the first setting.  The light will glow or flash in time with the vibration pattern you’re on.  There are a total of ten different patterns that range from steady vibrations to a variety of patterns.  They’re the typical 10 Dynamic Rhythms that you often see with Cal Ex toys.

Every time you press the trigger button (the one located on the back) it brings you to the next pattern.  Once you’ve pressed through the ten settings, you’ll start at the beginning again and keep cycling.  If you’ve passed the pattern you want, you have to go through them all and find it again.  The only way to turn the toy off is to press the button on the front.  When you turn the toy on again, it will start on the setting you last used.  It’s nice if you have a favorite pattern since it will remember your place, but can be frustrating when you’re looking at the list of patterns and aren’t starting off with the first setting.

The highest level of vibration is pretty average in strength, but is very buzzy.  The power is suitable for those that are more sensitive to vibrations, but won’t likely satisfy a power queen.  I, personally, found that I enjoyed the toy more without the vibrations on.  The design is wonderful, but the vibrations are frustrating.

On the highest setting, someone in the same room with you would be able to hear the vibrations, but no one would be able to hear it through a closed door.  If you’re very concerned, adding some white noise (TV, fan, radio) makes it even less likely that you’d be heard.


Untitled-1The Love Rider Butterfly Lover arrives in a basic white box that has the product obviously displayed on it as well as the company name, product name, and information about it.  It’s not discreet since it’s obvious what the package contains, but it doesn’t display any nudity.  Inside the package, your vibrator and controller are both sealed in separate bags, and there’s a small paper that shows you how to insert the batteries and what the patterns are.  The information is minimal (the box has more Untitled-11information on it than the paper), but a lot isn’t required since the toy is easy to figure out.  The vibe doesn’t come with a storage pouch, so the package is all you get.  It’s larger than necessary for your toy and ends up taking up more space than needed.  Using a plastic Ziploc bag (or storage pouch) would work better.


The Love Rider Butterfly Lover isn’t something I would typically purchase for myself.  Dual stimulating products often don’t work for me, and I’m not a big fan of corded toys.  The look didn’t appeal to me either, but the shape of the shaft looked like it might be nice.

When it came time for me to test the vibe, I put the batteries in and turned it on.  The buzzy vibrations were expected, so I didn’t really feel disappointed, though something more powerful and rumbly would have been nice.  When I inserted the shaft, I was immediately surprised by how nice the shape of it was.  It effortlessly found my G-spot and was very stimulating; even when I turned the vibrations off.  The external stimulator didn’t line up perfectly, but it was flexible enough that it didn’t cause discomfort when thrust which was something I was concerned about.

Though I found the shaft to be pleasurable, there weren’t enough positive things about this toy for me to really enjoy it.  The suction cup doesn’t hold well, you have to worry about a cord and controller, and the vibrations weren’t strong enough to satisfy my needs.  Not to mention it’s a little too girly for my taste.

If you’re interesting in trying out a Love Rider Butterfly Lover, you can do so by purchasing through the link below.


calexThe 10-Function Silicone Love Rider Butterfly Lover was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review through the Cal Exotics Sexpert Program.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

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  1. The whole “butterflies must be pink” thing makes me laugh. Haven’t they ever seen a Monarch butterfly? *smiles*
    I think separating the cord from the dildo instead of or in addition to the separation from the box would make more sense for clean up and storage, plus it would make the toy easier to use without the vibrations. The shape of the shaft and the texture look G-spot friendly. :)


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