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Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet from Novel Creations

– Rechargeable
– Compact
– Powerful
– Variety of functions
– Great for pin-point stimulation
– Slightly larger than regular bullets
– Cheap plastic charging base
– No real lower intensity levels
**Due to the overwhelming amount of comments I’ve received from readers, I simply can’t recommend this product.  Far too many users have experienced issues with charging, and their issues aren’t being addressed.  Instead, I would recommend paying a little more and investing in a We-Vibe Tango.**



***My original review of this product stated that the vibe is only water resistant, but I was contacted by the company itself and told that the vibe is actually waterproof.  That being said, both the included paperwork and the packaging state that it’s not, so I would use in and under water with caution.***

Compact vibrators are wonderful things!  They don’t take up much room, can be slipped into your purse for on the go, and can easily be used between partners during sex.  Most of the time small toys are weak, which kind of ruins how versatile they are.  Well, the Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet is here to set your worries aside.  This rechargeable vibe might look small and cute, but it’s one powerful beast!  So powerful, that it will likely be too much for those who are used to lower to moderate vibrations.  Though there’s a large variety of settings, each of them are quite strong (though not quite as rumbly as some clitoral vibes) which doesn’t allow users to build up to more intense settings.  This wasn’t an issue for me since I appreciate the power, but it might be too much for others.  The size is also larger than a typical bullet so it limits how many ways it can be used.  It’s too thick to fit easily inside a typical bullet hole, so you can really only use it by holding onto it.  I think it’s an awesome product, but some improvement could be made.


The Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet from Novel Creations is a rechargeable bullet vibrator that’s designed for external pleasure.  The small rounded tip is perfect for pin-point stimulation and the silky surface allows it to glide easily across your skin.

Best used on the female anatomy, this bullet is perfect for targeted clitoral stimulation and for teasing other sensitive areas of the body like the nipples and perineum.  It’s not designed for vaginal use, and inserting it anally could actually cause a trip to the emergency room.  As long as you keep it external, you can use it on any area of the body.

Being compact makes this a great product to use with a partner as well.  It’s non-threatening, easy to understand, and is small enough that it fits between your bodies during intercourse.  You can also take it into the tub or shower without worry because it’s waterproof.  There is a downside though.  You can’t use it in all dildos with bullet holes which limits the way it can be used.  If a wide variety of use isn’t important to you, this is certainly worth checking out.


The Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet is made from ABS plastic according to the paperwork, but mentions on the website that it’s “twice dipped in silicone, to give you an ultra smooth, silky, sensual feel.”  It doesn’t feel that way to me, it seems like this is PU coated plastic based on feeling and sight.  Either way, the material is non-porous, latex free, phthalate free, and body safe.  You can safely use water-based lubricant with this vibe only, since the material might respond negatively to other types.  After use, you can clean the bullet by wiping it down with warm soapy water or use your favorite toy cleaner.  If you’re sharing with someone else, you can sterilize using a 10% bleach solution.

The surface of the toy is silky smooth and glides easily across the skin without requiring lubricant.  It doesn’t attract annoying dust or lint which is a huge plus.  The only texture you feel on the toy is from the base which is where the control button is located.  It’s slightly raised from the toy to make it easier to find and press.  There are no noticeable seams and it doesn’t have a logo printed in it; it’s completely smooth.

Being made from plastic, it’s natural to expect the toy to be very firm.  It doesn’t have any give, doesn’t bend, and doesn’t flex apart from the button on the end.  The solid surface is great if you’re someone who likes to apply pressure with your toys, but can be lightly used if not.


Untitled-12The Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet is available in three color options; Pink, Black, and Purple.  I really appreciate the fact that they decided to make at least one color that wasn’t girly.  I think this helps the product appeal to a wider audience since there’s an obvious need for more gender neutral colors.

The design of the bullet immediately jumps out at you.  It’s a very familiar shape from the rounded point to the design of the button.  It’s discreet on one hand since it’s small and would easily blend in with beauty products or the other contents of your purse.  However, if anyone picked it up to really look at it, it would be obvious that it’s a vibrator.

What makes it different than others is the size.  Standard bullets are 5/8″ in diameter and most toy manufacturers create bullet holes in their dildos that work perfectly for that size.  This one is 3/4″.  It might not seem like a large difference, but it’s enough that it won’t work in some dildos.

The length is also longer than average, coming in at 3 3/4″ in length.  Though it is larger than your standard bullet, it’s still nice and compact.  You could easily toss this in a purse without it taking up too much room.



Untitled-10When your Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet first arrives it has a partial charge.  The instruction manual says to charge it for 60 minutes prior to your first use, but it took mine a little longer than that.  There are three pieces that make up the charging unit – a base, a USB cord, and an adapter that allows you to plug it into a regular outlet.  There are two metal pieces on the bottom of the bullet that need to line up in the base in order for it to charge.  You’ll know if you’ve connected it properly because the light on the front of the base will start blinking.  As it’s Untitled-9charging, the light will blink back and forth between red and green.  When the toy is finished charging, the light will remain on green and no longer blink.  If you keep the base plugged in and remove the vibrator, the base will glow red, and it can be disconnected from the power source.

Untitled-7The power button is on the bottom of the vibe and is easily turned on by simply pressing it.  When you turn it on, a blue light will glow behind it and you’ll be experiencing the first of 20 different settings.  Each press after that will bring you to the next setting.  When you’ve cycled through them all, the vibrator will turn off, or you can hold the button for a few seconds until the vibrations cease.  When you turn the toy back on, you’ll always start on the first setting; the vibrator doesn’t hold your place.  So if you come across a setting you love, you’ll have to cycle through in order to get to it.

The first three settings are steady low, medium, and high, but the rest after that offer different pulsating vibrations.  While it sounds like a lot of variety, it really isn’t.  There are no roller coaster settings, no escalations; just a bunch of different pulse patterns, speeds, and intensities.

The front of the package says, “DON’T SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LESS POWERFUL” which automatically made me think it was gimmicky like a lot of packaging tends to be, but I was pleasantly surprised when I turned the toy on.  The vibrations are actually very powerful and might be too much for some.  The power is there, but it’s only somewhat rumbly.  It’s not buzzy or numbing at all (it’s just not as deep as other bullet vibrators that have a similar look) but might take you a little longer to climax as a result.  The power is evenly spread throughout the vibe, and though your clit won’t become numb, your fingers might.

The sound level is okay.  The vibe can’t be heard through a closed door, but someone in the same room with you would easily be able to hear the vibrations.  It’s reasonable, but could be more modest.


Untitled-1The Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet arrives in a cardboard package that obviously gives away what it contains.  The front simply has a plastic window that’s molded in the shape of the toy which can easily be seen through it.  The box is also covered in information about the product, which prevents it from being discreet, but is presented in a tasteful manner.

Untitled-2Rather than having a lid that pops open or slides off, the cover is attached to one side of the box, raps around it, and magnetically closes around the back.  I like the design in general, but you have to be careful when you’re opening the box since the vibe could easily fall out.  It’s resting in a piece of plastic and stays in place just fine when the box is closed, but it doesn’t hold the toy well when it’s open.

Untitled-3Beneath the plastic tray you’ll find the instruction manual, storage pouch, and a smaller cardboard box.  The box is taped to the back of the package so it doesn’t move around.  Inside are the USB cord and the wall adapter.

The instruction manual has only English in it, and is simply a single piece of paper folded in half.  The front and back don’t have much information apart from which product the information goes with.  Inside you’ll find the most basic information about the product and includes an illustration that helps you understand the charging system.



When I first saw an image of the Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet, I had to rub my eyes because I honestly thought We-Vibe had re-released Salsa in other colors.  After reading what the product was, I felt a little let down, but wondered if this product could live up the power it claimed to have.


When it arrived in the mail I was immediately surprised by the size.  It literally looks like a Salsa on steroids!  The first thing I noticed when I took it out of the package was how cheap the charging base felt.  It’s a very light plastic that feels like it could easily break.  This is very concerning since it’s the only way you can juice up your vibrator.  As long as you’re careful with it, you shouldn’t run into any problems.

Once the toy was fully charged, I turned it on to test the power.  I was immediately surprised, especially because I was on the first setting.  There’s a lot of power here, which is something I need in order to climax, but I felt like there should have been at least a couple settings that were lower in intensity for more sensitive toy users.

The vibrations aren’t deeply rumbly, but aren’t buzzy and I found them to be satisfying.  It took me a little longer to climax than normal, but I didn’t have to force it either.  I can see this becoming a nice back up when my go-to vibrators aren’t charged, but it’s not deep enough to overtake the number one slot.

Interested in checking out the Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet for yourself?  You can learn more by visiting the Novel Creations website, or by purchasing through Peepshow Toys by clicking the link below. 


The Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet was provided to me free of charge by Novel Creations in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

  53 Responses to “Review: Sensuelle Point 20 Function Bullet”

  1. 20 different settings for a 1 button bullet seems a bit much. The image you posted on Twitter had me excited. It really does look like a bigger Salsa, so I was hoping it’d be a better Salsa. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, but I’m still interested in it.

  2. Damn 20 functions that is a whole lot. That would be great if it lived up to the Salsa but I see that is not happening. It is cute though and I love the color of course.

  3. Love this review..as always..your honest details are extremely helpful and enticing. As a newcomer to anal and perenium play..pinpoint toys have been my focus..this one sounds amazing! Thanks!

  4. *gloups* 20 settings? One button? And I was complaining that one button with 8 settings?…. I don’t think I have that many patience to surf through 20 settings without getting angry.

  5. I have one works excellent! I love. But I’ve had it for a week & now it won’t charge the light just stays on green, but won’t turn on. Any help ?

    • I’m not sure what could be causing that issue. If the base is properly lined up, everything should be working fine. Where did you order it from? Check out their return policy and see if there’s anything you can do from there. If not, there is a one year limited warranty available directly from Novel Creations. You can find that here:


      • Sara had the same issue that I discovered last night with my new one. It worked at first, but once it stopped it would not recharge. Apparently I am not the only this is a problem for. It momentarily flashes red and green, as if it is charging, but quickly become a solid green light the way it should if fully charged…except that it doesn’t charge at all.

        I doubled checked and made sure the two pieces of metal were lined up correctly with the charger, timing that might be the problem, but I had been doing it correctly
        This appears to just be a problem that has been discovered with charging some of them…

    • This toy sucks!! I bought the silver one and it did the same thing. I thought it was faulty and didn’t want to go through the hassle of getting a replacement. I ended up buying the purple one and guess what!! It did the same thing! I’ve tried calling the warranty department several times and no one answers!! I want my money back!! I will never purchase from this company again!!

    • I’m having the same issue. It won’t charge and the light just stays green.

    • Mine also has this problem. I’ve had it for 3 months, and it just suddenly stopped actually charging. It starts out doing the red-green flash, and after a couple minutes it stays solid green. Even when I left it on the charging base all night just to see whether it was only a problem with the light it didn’t charge. Up until then I loved this vibrator. It was my favorite toy of any I’ve ever owned. I’m very sad that it died.

    • I have bought one too and now mine won’t stay charged what do you do about this you pay $59 form and now they don’t work I have one for 8 months and now it doesn’t work who do you contact for a refund or nonfat malfunction

  6. I was just sitting here holding mine and I keep thinking it feels like PU coated plastic. That’s what I think it is.

  7. i just bought this product and all i can say is ……..WOW!!! O.M.F.G!!! this thing had my toes curling and i like a strong powerful vibe…but this one takes the cake!! a one excellent!! i will deffinately think of this product line again in the future…this was my first time buying an expensive vibe instead of just a hinky toy…i am very impressed! thank you for your review…it helped me decide!

  8. I purchased the rechargeable Sensuelle Point 20 function. Sadly, after the first charge drained the toy it failed. I phoned the merchant I purchased it from, Fantasy in Portland, Oregon; but their policy is not to accept merchandise back, even if it never fully worked out of the store.

    Their policy is to show you it works. What they show you is that it works based on the charge it is holding; not that it recharges. I phoned the store immediately and informed them it wasn’t charging. Sadly, you walk out the door, they wash their hands.

    I would not recommend this product to anyone since there is no way to know that it is charging.

    Now I have to send it to the manufacturer for replacement after owning it less than a week.

    • Hello Cindy!

      I’m sorry to hear about your negative experience with the Sensuelle Point bullet! There should be a light in the charging base that indicates the toy is charging. If it’s not showing up, there’s clearly something wrong with the product.

      These things happen from time to time and I understand how frustrating it is! The good news is that you’re able to get a replacement through the manufacturer since it’s covered in their warranty. I hope you find the replacement to work much better than the one you received!!

  9. Could you tell me what clit vibrator would be in your number one slot ?

    The reason for my question is that my girlfriend needs fairly strong clitoral stimulation. I’ve been collecting various vibrators for awhile and have several “Novel Creations” ones and also that white bullet that you have in this review.
    I’ve been looking at the Sensuelle Point 20, and agreed with your cons on the toy, as I’ve managed to play with it a little in the shop and was concerned, that allow the ones I have seemed weaker than the 20 at it’s lowest setting, that it maybe too much.
    Also she takes some time 20 minutes or more to climax which can leave my fingers a bit numb. I’m not complaining other than I’d like to be about to push her to a second or more 😀 😀

    • My favorite clit vibe is the white one in the photo – We-Vibe Salsa. The We-Vibe Tango is also nice and powerful (and was recently re-released). Apart from that I would suggest checking out the Leaf line, Je Joue Mimi, and the iGino One. The iGino one is very powerful but a little odd overall. If you’re having issues with your fingers tingling, why not use an insertable toy for clitoral stimulation? My favorites would be the Minna Life Ola and the LELO Mona 2. Both have a lot of power and they wouldn’t numb your hands while using them.

      There are other vibes that I’ve heard are nice and powerful, but I haven’t personally used them so I couldn’t recommend them myself. If you have any other questions I hope you won’t hesitate to ask!

      • Thank you 😀

        I’ll be heading back to the shop for a play with these 😀
        I will also revisit the Salsa. I bought it a few years ago and put it aside thinking it wasn’t all that good, when in fact I think it was far more to do with me not knowing exactly what to do. Although I was well educated on anatomy, there is far more skill required than just pressing on a spot 😀

  10. Similar to Salsa…hmmm. Salsa is my favorite! Judging by the comments I take it this one is slightly less rumbly/strong than Salsa? What is the range of patterns like? 20 seems excessive. The potential for charger issues makes me nervous –I don’t want to buy another toy that might die just because the charger is wonky!

  11. I haven’t seen too many rechargeable bullets! The size is an issue with toys, but on its own it looks like it could be very versatile…

  12. Is this water proof in the paper is says don’t get the base wet?

    • I was advised by someone from their company that the product is waterproof, but the paperwork and packaging both state that it’s not. I wouldn’t suggesting using the toy in water because it’s unclear.

      • I can tell you from having disassembled my wife’s Point (for repair, sadly) that the silicone rubber over the button is pressed (somewhat) firmly into the plastic housing, making it waterproof enough to use in the shower, but probably not a swimming pool.

        When they said don’t get the base wet, they mean the charging base. I’ve disassembled that as well (trying to solve the charging issue), and it isn’t sealed at all, anywhere.

        The charging issue BTW, turned out to be (in ours) a weak wire connecting the lithium polymer battery to the circuit inside. Once I resoldered that to the board, it works and charges like a champ again.

        Needless to say, I am a hero.

        • Which wire and where did you solder it too?.. I have the black wire waving about and have no idea which terminal I need to solder it back on to.. hope you can help.

  13. I purchased one of these 2 weekends ago, after the first week it stopped charging on the Sunday, I took it back and they replaced it.
    However another Sunday has rolled in and once again- it has stopped charging. I will be taking this one back again and I won’t be asking for a 3rd.

  14. When I first used this product it was what the doctor ordered BUT after one month my base no longer charge the device which is a big disappointment especially after spending $63.00 for it. Not to mention I only used it four times ☹

  15. I was wondering if you had experienced this bullet getting hot. I contacted the company through their website a week ago and have yet to get a response. After 2-3 minutes my Nu bullet gets so hot that I can not stand to hold it any longer.

    • I’ve used the bullet for extended periods of time and it never felt hot. Experiencing that after 2-3 minutes doesn’t sound reasonable at all. I’m sorry to hear you’re dealing with these issues, hopefully Novel Creations gets back to you as soon as possible. Did you try reaching out to the company you purchased it from? Sometimes things progress faster if they have a return policy.

      • Thank you for your quick response. I work for the business I bought it from. I hadn’t had a chance to ask any of my coworkers because my last several shifts I’ve worked alone. All sales are final which I understand, so I will have to go through the company. Glad to know this isn’t normal. I have never had a regret buying a toy until now.

    • Im gaving same problem. Used 4 times now it doesnt charge. $ 65.00. Store will no5 do refunds. Im do disappointed. Plue mine gets so hot it actuslly burned me. I want a refund noone will help me

  16. Wife loved it still under warranty but no one seems to answer my emails to get it replaced does anyone have a number

  17. Do NOT and I repeat DO NOT buy from this toy. While it works great the first week or two it literally stops charging. Multiple people on this thread have experienced the same thing. I have purchased 2 of these and have had the same issue. It will NOT recharge. So unless you rnjoy spending $75 for a throw away toy stay far, FAR AWAY from this one.

  18. WASTE OF $110!!!!!!!! After about 3 minutes it burns so hot that I can’t barely hold it let alone use it for anything else. I have used it 6-7 times and only had it about 7 weeks. Trying to contact store and company but I would say from everyone above I have no chance. Very unhappy as it is a huge Australian company that sold this item in store and it was heavily recommended by staff.

  19. Doesn’t recharge. Faulty product.

  20. I wish I would have read these before I bought mines 3 months ago. It seems we all have the same issue. I loved it when I first got it. It doesn’t charge at all now, light stays green as if it charged. Now I’m waiting to here from the manufacturer to see what there going to do about there faulty equipment. I spent more on this toy then on all my others, and there still working I just need batteries.

    • I want to know how can I get in touch with somebody about my Nu Sensuelle? I need a refund or a new one. I paid $63.12 and only got one fully use of it. You guys are getting rich off of us selling this produc. Maybe I need to start a petition. We all should get together and put a lawsuit on you…. Hummmm I’m going to look in to this my cousin is an attorney, I’m going to talk to him and see if there’s a way that we can get answers, a replacement that woks and or our money back.

  21. I bought this product for 100 bucks. I have only used it a handful of times, and it ceased to work. I have had cheaper bullets that have lasted a lot longer. Supposedly it’s fully charged, yet nothing happens when I press the botton. Frustrating.

  22. My wife and I have had one of these for about a year and it’s the best vibrator we’ve EVER had. The only complaint (like most rechargeable) is that I’d rather it just be AA battery powered. While we’ve never had a charging problem it would just be better and faster. Besides all rechargables eventually stop charging right. Plus you have to keep track of the charging base, etc. Still the best ever.

  23. Can this be used internally? A few of us would like to order and was hoping the frequency would,be the same. So one person could control the bullets. Like maybe through s dinner date or movie 😉

  24. Hello Jerrie,

    This particular vibe is for external use only. It’s a typical bullet that doesn’t come with a remote. I think you might be thinking of the Sensuelle Wireless Bullet (http://novelcreationsptyltd.com/wp/product/sensuelle-wireless-bullet-purple/). If so, that’s not a product I have any experience with, so I can’t answer that question.

    I also haven’t used many remote controlled vibrators because most are weak and ineffective, so sadly, I don’t have another product I could refer you to. You could always try contacting Novel Creations to ask (http://novelcreationsptyltd.com/wp/contact-us/) but it doesn’t sound like they’ve been responding to other issues very well. Good luck! I hope you find something that works for you!

    • Do not waste your money on this! The first use was good and strong but after I charged the first time, it died after less than a minute. The light blinked until there light remained green. I even charged overnight. And I tried to charge again a few times after but it still retained a very brief charge.

    • I want to know how can I get in touch with somebody about my Nu Sensuelle? I need a refund or a new one. I paid $63.12 and only got one fully use of it.

  25. Do you think it would charge with the WeVibe charger? Have you ever tried?

  26. My bullet stop vibrating. When I cut it on it vibrates for a while then stop.

  27. I’m very dissatisfied with this product it won’t recharge after using it twice. And I can not get my money back nor a replacement.

  28. I’m very dissatisfied with this product it won’t recharge after using it twice. And I can not get my money back nor a replacement. “Pink one”

  29. My new “Nu” vibrator literally dies after 5 minutes. Pissed. This thing was 100$

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