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Doing her best to settle her nerves, Lucy sat down at the island in their kitchen, desperately trying to sip her hot coffee.  In the three years they’d been together Jon had sent her on dozens of little adventures, but something about this just felt so different to her.  She couldn’t quite put her finger on it.  Was it how he had been acting lately?  No, things were normal between them.  It wasn’t near their anniversary or any other special occasion she could think of either.  He was always surprising her with things, perhaps she was over thinking.

Reaching for her empty cup and tipping it to drink snapped her back into reality.  ”Lucy, you’ve got to start thinking straight!” she said out loud, shaking her head as she walked to the sink and rinsed her mug.  She read over the note a second time, hoping something would jump out at her, and when nothing did, she returned to the bedroom to shower and get dressed.

The hot water felt amazing against her skin and it wasn’t long before her mind was wandering to a different place.  She stood in the shower for a while, allowing the water to spray against her back and run down the length of her body.  Every drop that touched her seemed to make her more aware of what she was feeling.  Her nipples hardened and puckered, and the warmth between her legs made her feel like she was about to ignite.  With closed eyes, she gently kneaded her breast with one hand, and slid the other down her belly, over her smooth mound, and between her swollen lips.  A sigh managed to escape her mouth as her fingertips slowly circled her puffy clit, teasing herself as she thought of what the night might contain.  After a moment she gave in, rubbing fiercely against her throbbing flesh while pinching her nipple with the opposite hand.  Water was streaming down her face, her breath grew faster, and the pressure was building.  Closer, closer, and just before she allowed herself to climax, she stopped; knowing that this little tease was only going to make later that much more intense.  Wiping her face with her hands and opening her eyes, she let out a quick breath and turned off the water.

Wrapping her flushed body with a towel, Lucy walked out of the bathroom and over to her dresser.  She pulled open the underwear drawer and was quite confused when she was greeted with another note and something wrapped in pink tissue paper.  She gathered both and sat at the edge of her bed.

“My princess, you know I wouldn’t make you wait all day without allowing you to have a special surprise.  This one, you may open now so that I may toss it aside later.  - Jon”

Setting the note to the side, she quickly tore apart the paper and just stared for a moment.  The fabric was amazingly elegant and simple, while somehow also being incredibly sexy.  She felt the panties between her fingers, and then brushed it against her face.  A shiver ran down her spine as she imagined how amazing these would feel against her already sensitive lips.  The panties and matching bra were impressively detailed, having a soft black lace layered over the dark grey, silky fabric.  Jon had incredible taste and Lucy was always impressed with his attention to detail.

She slipped her feet into the holes of the panties and pulled them up over her behind.  She turned away from the mirror and put the bra on before turning back to take in her full appearance.  Her jaw dropped.  The dark fabric was an amazing contrast against her pale skin, and she was shocked at how well the set fit her body.  Jon worked his magic again, somehow managing to find something that fit her full body perfectly; something she could seldom accomplish when shopping for herself.

After trying on half her closet and deciding on a casual lightweight black dress and simple flats, she decided to head over to the nursing home early today to distract her mind and speak with her friend about the exciting evening ahead of her.  She knew Edith was going to love every second of this!  A quick glance at the clock showed her it was just after 9, “Only seven hours to go.  Ha, only!” Lucy said to herself as she locked the front door.

Harlow Nursing Home was only about fifteen minutes away and became like a second home when her grandmother suffered a stroke a few years ago.  Though she had since passed, she felt like a part of her remained within the wonderful ladies she met there.  Margaret, Shirley, and especially Edith treated her as though she was their own granddaughter, and they became like family to her.

Stepping out of her car, she placed the small box inside her dress pocket and advanced toward the facility, anxious to get Edith’s opinion about her special surprise.  The lady at the front desk greeted her as she signed in, exchanging their normal hellos, and she made her way to Edith’s room.  The frail old lady was sitting in her chair, watching the birds flit around by a nearby feeder.  At Lucy’s knock, she slowly turned her head with a youthful grin on her face.

“Hello dear, you’re early today” Edith croaked before clearing her throat.

“I know, hopefully I didn’t interrupt anything.  I just couldn’t wait any longer to get here, I have a surprise to share with you.”  Lucy leaned over the woman and placed a gentle kiss on the woman’s worn cheek.  The warmth in her smile always touched Lucy’s heart and the sparkle in her eyes always made her wonder what this woman would have been like sixty years ago, positive they would have been close friends.

Edith sat back and listened as Lucy pulled up a chair and told her about the notes and gifts and showed her the little wrapped box that was still a mystery.  After finishing up her story, she asked her dear friend what she thought.

“Are you sure he’s not going to pop the question?”

“Yeah, I mean, when we first got together we both agreed we wouldn’t do the whole marriage thing.”

“It’s been a few years, people change their minds about things, you know.  How would you feel if he did ask.”

“I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately” Lucy sighed, “and it’s something I’m almost scared to hope for, because I know he doesn’t want to.”

“Well, maybe he’s finally realized the sex will be just as good. If you’re still full of passion after three years a ring and a little name change isn’t going to change that!” Edith said with a wink.  Lucy couldn’t help but to smile.  Her lovely friend wasn’t shy about speaking her mind, and there was even a little truth thrown in there.  Maybe not about the sex exactly, but maybe he had realized they had something more special than most.  She knew in her heart that if she was meant to spend her life belonging to anyone, it was Jon.

After spending the next hour discussing the latest about the cafeteria food and the gossip surrounding who was interested in who around the home, it was obvious that Edith was getting tired.  She closed the blinds and promised to stop by the following day to let her know what the box contained.  It tickled her pink how excited her friend was, and she didn’t want to keep her waiting.

As she reached into her purse to take out her car keys, she heard her phone alert her to a new text message.  A curious smile crossed her face as she pulled out the phone and saw it was from Jon.

You haven’t been pampered enough, head over to Peaceful Massage.  You have an appointment.  - Jon

She shook her head in disbelief.  This man!  She started the car and pulled away, feeling full of love, excitement, and anticipation.  Oh, she couldn’t wait to see him later!

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Jul 302013



1. Do you believe in marriage?

I do.  I feel differently about it than I did years ago, but I still think it’s something meaningful and important.

2. Have you ever proposed marriage or been proposed to marry? What happened?

Honestly, I’ve been married twice, but was only proposed to once.  My ex husband asked me, but my husband decided to take the easy way out.  We were sitting at my mom’s dining room table and he asked me, “If I asked you to marry me, would you say yes?”  I told him I would and he immediately called his mom and told her we were engaged.  It was cute how he acted, be I wish he had truly asked me.

3. What would be your dream way of proposing marriage?

If he had asked me at all, it would have been nice.  Maybe just he and I, at the beach at sunset like we always did together…

4. What would be your nightmarish way of proposing marriage?

Something extravagant and in front of a lot of people.  I don’t like being the center of attention and that would have really bothered me.

5. Mainstream society has engagement rings; in your opinion, what token should be given to signify engagement?

I actually really like the whole idea of having rings.  Maybe not engagement rings, but to wear rings to signify marriage.  It shows others that you’re taken and I love the whole concept of it.

6. What do you think would have happened to cause someone to have “Will you marry me?” on the back of their caravan?

I’d love to think it was a super romantic thing some man did for his lady, perhaps surprising her as she drove behind him for a special getaway.  But, that probably wasn’t the case.  Perhaps it was a cruel joke his best bud played on he and his girlfriend…that could be awkward!

Bonus: Tell us about someone you would have proposed to but never had the chance/opportunity.

I wouldn’t have proposed to anyone.  I actually like the tradition of the man asking the lady, but that’s just me! :)

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Jul 302013

Neon Glass Vibrator

- Unique
- Slimline
- Decent power
- Great texture
- Loud
- Rubber rings are a pain
- Texture can be uncomfortable

3star Untitled-1 Untitled-10


Pipedream is always coming out with unique and interesting toys, the Neon Glass Vibrator isn’t the exception.  While the vibrator itself is slim and traditional, the sleeve it comes with is far from ordinary.  Rather than a soft sleeve, this one is made from glass and is heavily textured.  Never before have I seen a vibrator with a removable glass sleeve, this was one I had to check out! Untitled-8

The vibrator can be used by itself, or with the sleeve in place.  The sleeve has a curved tip to help target the G-spot and has a bumpy textured shaft to add even more stimulation.  Great for vaginal and clitoral play, this vibe is reasonably sized and works well for solo use or with a partner.  The length of the toy is quite reasonable, so it’s unlikely your partner could cause you discomfort during use. The base of the toy isn’t flared which makes it unsafe for anal use and isn’t harness compatible.  Using it anally could result in an emergency room visit and a lot of embarrassment.

Apart from vaginal use, you can use it on other erogenous areas of the body including the nipples, perineum, testicles, shaft of the penis, and other sensitive area of the body. Thanks to an o-ring around the base of the battery compartment, you can safely take the toy into the shower, tub, or pool without worrying about water leaking inside the compartment, and it makes cleaning that much easier.  Just be careful that the toy doesn’t fall or the glass sleeve could chip and become unusable.

The sleeve can also be removed and placed in a bowl of warm or cold water and used for temperature play.  Always test the toy on the inside of your wrist to make sure it’s not too hot/cold for use on more sensitive areas.  The box states that you can place the sleeve in the freezer, but I would try to avoid doing that.


Untitled-4The vibrator itself is made from ABS plastic and the sleeve is made from ‘high quality’ glass.  Both materials are non-porous, latex free, and body-safe.  The surface of the vibe is covered in Luv Touch coating (just another way of saying PU cote) which is matte in appearance and smooth to the touch.  Naturally, it doesn’t bend or have any give to it.

The glass sleeve is smooth and only creates a small amount of drag on damp skin.  Covering the shaft are 25 prominent nubs that are very obviously felt during use.  If you love texture, this is for you!  However, if you’re used to smooth toys or prefer toys that are smooth, this will be too much for you.  The good news, is that the toy is pretty thin even with the bumps, and shouldn’t be too overwhelming for the average user.


This particular vibe is a lovely blue color, but they are also available in pink, yellow, and green; each having a different textured sleeve that goes along with it.  They are each vibrant colors and very trendy looking.

The design of this toy is what drew me to it in the first place.  While I don’t usually have an interest in traditional vibrators, this one was just too interesting because paired with the sleeve, it’s anything but ordinary.  The sleeve adds girth, texture, and has a curved tip to help target the areas that matter most.

Untitled-9The glass stays in place by using two rubber rings that go around the vibrator which prevent the glass from slipping off or chattering while the toy is on.  Keep these rings, as they are important.  This way the sleeve fits on the vibrator is probably the most frustrating aspect of the toy.  The rings can’t be close together, especially at the bottom, or the tip of the toy will chatter.  They need to be spaced out, one near the top and one near the bottom, to get it to work as it should.  The thing is, once the sleeve has been removed, it’s difficult to get it back on without the rings rolling down with it, and the sleeve almost wants to bounce back off the vibe.  It’s odd, it’s challenging, and is a bit of a pain in the butt.  I love the general concept, but the overall design could use some improvement.


The vibe alone is very small, coming in at 3/4″ in diameter at the widest point, and being only 5 5/8″ in total length.  With the sleeve in place it’s 1″ in diameter, excluding the texture, and is 1 1/4″ including it.  The insertable length is 4 3/4″ long.  The size makes it a great travel friendly option, though you will need to take extra care that nothing causes the glass to break.  It’s fairly thick and feels very durable, but you still need to remember it’s glass and needs to be handled as such.

The size and shape make it non-intimidating, but the texture on the sleeve might be a little frightening at first.  The unassuming design and fun color make it less embarrassing should someone find it, but there’s no way to disguise the fact that it’s a vibrator.



This toy is powered by two AAA batteries which aren’t included.  The bottom of the cap screws off and the batteries are inserted according to the cardboard piece inside.  This piece shouldn’t be removed since it keeps the batteries nicely in place.  Once the cap is screwed back on, you turn the dial on the bottom clockwise to start the vibrations.  It starts off fairly low, but the more you turn the dial, the more powerful it becomes.  There are no patterns, you only get steady vibrations.


Untitled-7The power behind the vibrations aren’t earth shattering, but they’re reasonable.  A power queen might not be satisfied with them, but the average user will find them to be just fine.  I was actually impressed with the amount of power since it takes AAA batteries.

 The vibrations are buzzy, but not light and can be felt throughout the whole toy.  They are weaker in the battery area, but it still can make your fingers feel a little numb.  When the sleeve isn’t on, the power is stronger since the glass slightly diminishes the power.  It’s not a huge difference, but it’s noticeable.

The sound level might be an issue for some.  It’s quieter without the sleeve on it, but could still be heard through a closed door.  If you need the toy to be less obnoxious, you’ll need to lessen the power.  With the sleeve on it, it becomes that much more obvious.  You wouldn’t be able to hear it if you were on a different floor than the person using it, but you can easily hear it through a closed door without much effort.  With white noise, it’s far less noticeable, and is a must if you need to be sound discreet.


Each time you clean the toy, make sure to remove the sleeve from the vibrator and clean both pieces separately with antibacterial soap and warm water, or your favorite sex toy cleaner.  Before putting the sleeve back over the vibe, make sure it’s totally dry and no water is trapped inside the tip.  The little nubs take a little extra effort to clean, using a soft bristled tooth brush is great for getting into all the little spaces.

If you’re planning on sharing, it’s important to sterilize the toy.  The sleeve can be placed on the top rack of your dishwasher, boiled for up to three minutes, or wiped down with a 10% bleach solution.  I prefer the bleach since temperature changes and glass make me a little uneasy.  The vibe itself can be wiped down with the bleach solution, but since there are internal working parts, can’t be cleaned in the other ways.

Both the plastic and glass are compatible with all lubricant types, but you’ll want to avoid using an oil-based lube if you’re inserting it vaginally because it’s not good for your lady parts.  A nice water-based or silicone-based will do just fine.

This toy doesn’t come with a storage pouch, and the packaging wasn’t designed to hold up for long term storage.  You’ll need to find a small/medium sized toy pouch to protect the toy.  Using a plastic bag isn’t a great idea in this situation because you’re dealing with glass.  You don’t want it clanking against anything since that could compromise the surface of the toy.  Something padded is best, but even just soft fabric will do the trick.


Untitled-3The packaging isn’t at all discreet, but it’s very tasteful.  It has an full color image of the toy on the front with big, bold words saying what the box contains, the back also has an image of the vibe and sleeve separate, and each side is brightly colored with an attractive pattern on it.  There’s some information on the box about what it does and some key features of it.

Inside the box, the vibrator is held in place by two plastic pieces; one in the bottom with a little circular impression in the center, and one for the top that’s shaped in a similar way.  These pieces prevent the vibe from moving around inside the box.

There’s no additional paperwork inside the box, and really no reason to hang on to it.  You can break it down and recycle it as you would your other cardboard items.


When I first took the Neon Glass Vibrator out of the box, I was so anxious to try it out!  I looked it over and took photos right away.  The first thing I really noticed about the toy was how challenging it could be to get the sleeve back into place.  As you slip the sleeve back over the vibe, the rings tend to roll and can actually make the sleeve almost bounce away from them rather than be held securely in place.  This was a bit of an annoyance, especially because the sleeve needs to be removed each time you use it for cleaning.

For actual use, it was pretty stimulating.  The tip felt a little too pointy/poky at times, but hit all the right areas.  The shaft was easily felt and different from many of the textured toys I’ve had experience with.  I didn’t love the sensations, but I enjoy more ribbed like textures to this bumpy kind.  Just because it wasn’t right for me, doesn’t mean it won’t be right for you!

Overall, I’d say this was a really interesting product to try and would be great for the right person.  If it was a little quieter, and designed a little differently (as far as how the sleeve is held in place) I would give it a higher rating.

These vibrators and many more from the Neon Love Touch line are available from Pipedream.


A special thank you to Pipedream for providing this product to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This disclaimer is in compliance with FTC guidelines. 

Jul 292013

The blogging world is full of similarities and differences. This is another review round up which was recently started that I’ve decided to join. Here, you will find a list of reviews and contests that all sorts of talented bloggers/reviewers have submitted that were written over the past 7-14 days.


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Jackhammer Jesus

- Silicone
- Unique
- Great shape
- High Quality
- Available in many color options
- Controversial (could be a pro)
- Shape takes getting used to
- Not at all discreet
- Doesn’t come with storage pouch


Untitled-6**Jackhammer Jesus is a silicone dildo put out by a super interesting company called Divine Interventions.  This company makes really unique and somewhat controversial adult products.  They have both religious toys and non-denominational products, giving an option for those who feel that it’s wrong to use religious figures in this sense.  I, personally, see this as nothing more than an interesting toy, and mean no disrespect to those who are religious.**


JJ (Jackhammer Jesus) is a dildo that can be used for both vaginal and anal penetration.  The great ‘t’ at the base prevents the toy from accidentally slipping inside of you, and its ergonomic shape makes it comfortable to hold during use.  Always make sure to use a condom if you’re planning on using it anally and vaginally in the same session, and sterilize between uses or if you’re sharing the dildo with someone else.

This dildo is great for solo play, but can also be used with a partner.  The way the base is shaped does prevent it from being harness compatible, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it with a partner.  The silicone of this toy is very soft, but you do want to use caution when thrusting.  The length makes it more likely for the cervix to be bumped, so be careful that you’re not thrusting too hard.

Because there are no internal working parts, JJ can safely go with you into the shower, tub, pool, etc. without being concerned about something going wrong, but I would avoid leaving the dildo out in the open and unattended if you don’t live alone or you’re expecting visitors.  Nothing about this toy is discreet and because of the controversial nature, it may cause grandma to write you out of the will.  You’ve been warned.


JJ is made entirely out of body-safe silicone.  Silicone is a great choice and is one of the best materials for sex toys.  It’s non-porous, phthalates free, latex free, and can be fully sterilized.  There was no scent to the toy when I received it, which is also a great thing about silicone.  This particular silicone has some shine to the surface, but isn’t tacky or sticky feeling.  It does collect a little lint and does produce some drag, but that can easily be managed with the addition of some water-based lubricant.  

Untitled-8The surface of the toy is smooth, but has very interesting textures to it thanks to the overall design.  The head of the toy is quite obvious, and the under side of the shaft has a sort of rippled bulged area.  The ripples are wide and are more obvious on the sides of the toy, but can also be felt on the bottom.  They don’t extend to the top, but they don’t really need to.  This, paired with the bulbous head creates a good deal of stimulation, but might be overwhelming if you prefer toys that are totally smooth.

After the first few inches, you reach another interesting sensation on the top of the toy; the Jesus feet.  This area is a little strange at first.  The feeling is very obvious and can either be really stimulating or really uncomfortable depending on how relaxed you are and what you’re used to.  The good news is that the silicone is nice and soft and has a lot of give to it, so if this type of texture isn’t your thing, it will be less obvious than if you were using a toy made from a firmer silicone or other material.

There’s only one area where there’s an obvious seam that can be felt with your hands, but it’s 5 1/2″ from the tip of the toy and isn’t easily felt during use.  Because there is so much texture from other areas, this isn’t picked up on so it shouldn’t be an area of concern.

The amount of give to this toy is truly wonderful!  I prefer my silicone toys to be on the softer side, and this one was right on point!  It’s firm enough to apply pressure to the right areas, but has a great squish to it that makes it nice and comfortable.  It easily moves and bends in all the right ways.




Available in seven different colors, there should be something for just about anyone; black, marbled blue, marbled red, marbled purple, marbled silver/black, marbled gold, and glow in the dark white.  The marbled coloring is truly beautiful and interesting!  According to the site, ““Marbled” means that the dildo shimmers and shines with a metallic luster”.  Since each piece is made to order, you should expect a slight difference in coloring, but are sure to be impressed!

JJ is literally a crucifix with a phallic bottom.  If you cover the bottom of the toy with your hand, it literally looks like nothing more than a silicone crucifix (’cause that would almost be normal…).  The details are extremely impressive, even down to where the nails would be in his hands and feet.  It’s almost creepy how realistic it is, but I’m that much more blown away because of it.

I wasn’t drawn to this piece because it was Jesus or that it resembled a crucifix.  I was drawn to the amazing site, and this piece interested me the most because of the shape.  The top of the cross looked like it would be really easy to grip while thrusting and would help prevent my hand from cramping up during playtime; I wasn’t wrong.


JJ isn’t a great travel companion for a few different reasons.  The first being the fact that this is probably one of the most taboo toys you could possibly own (or at least I’m assuming so?) and the second being the fact that this isn’t a small toy.  It’s not one you could easily toss in your purse for a little playtime on the go, and it might be rather embarrassing if someone were to see this while checking your bags at the airport.  If you have no shame, I proudly salute you, but some might prefer to keep this nicely stashed away at home.

The full length of my Jackhammer Jesus is 9 3/4″ with 7″ being insertable.  The girth of the toy only varies slightly thanks to the design.  The head of the toy starts at 4 1/2″ in circumference, and ends in 5″.  The entire shaft remains at 5″ after that; the cross itself growing thinner directly underneath the figure on the top.  It’s very impressive that they were able to make the whole shaft the same circumference (almost exactly) considering how much the shape changes.  The cross at the top is 4″ wide and fits nicely in your hand.

The size is large for a beginner, but would be a little small for a size queen.  It would take a lot of working up to if you’re not used to penetration, but the soft feeling should help some. In my opinion, the size is great for an average user, but the texture might be a bit much unless you’re used to it.



Silicone is quite easy to care for.  Before and after each use, you can wash with antibacterial soap and warm water, or your favorite toy cleaner.  Pay extra attention to cleaning in the little detailed areas of this piece, you don’t need lube or bodily fluids getting left behind (eww).  Using a soft toothbrush and lightly brushing it with some soap works well.  If you’re sharing with someone else or are planning on switching between orifices, you can boil the dildo for up to three minutes to sterilize it.  Divine Interventions recommends only sterilizing that way and not putting it into your dishwasher.  Though they didn’t state it, you can also wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution.

Silicone toys are compatible with water-based lubricants and Divine Interventions has you covered there as well.  They sell a water-based lube that they’ve creatively called Holy Water Lube.  This goes well with the theme of their shop, but your favorite water-based is perfectly suitable to use.

Storing JJ isn’t too bad, but it will require you to get your own container.  A gallon sized Ziploc would work well, or a larger sized toy pouch.  Either way, you want to make sure your dildo is in its own space to make sure nothing damages the surface of your toy.


Your Divine Interventions toy arrives sealed in a plastic bag that’s shipped in a plain brown box.  When you open it up, you’ll find a little booklet about Inches for Charity and a napkin that says, ‘First Holy Communion‘ on it.  I truly thought that was the perfect little touch for a product like this.  The plastic bag surrounding the toy doesn’t have any markings on it and the toy is in full view because it’s clear.  The bag is torn/cut off and can’t be used for long term storage.



 I was so anxious to try this out, especially after feeling how soft the silicone was.  We’ve been busy here lately, and the first chance I had to try it out was in the hands of my husband.  While he was going down on me, he started using the toy.  Now, it had been a little over a week since anything had been inside of me, and I was a little uncomfortable at first.  The head of the toy kept catching on my pubic bone which was a sensation I’d never experienced before.  I ended up having him stop because I just couldn’t get comfortable, and told myself that I would test it out again the next day.

Using it on my own was much better, not sure if it was because I was in full control or because I had gotten some action the night before, but it was a lot easier to handle.  The head was still an issue for me, and the feet were a little odd feeling, but once I turned the dildo on its side I was able to really enjoy it.  The sensations were awesome, and the discomfort was eliminated.

I’ve never been able to orgasm from internal stimulation, but when I paired the dildo with a clitoral vibe, it really enhanced the experience.  Overall, I think this is a really high quality piece (especially coming from a smaller company), is beyond interesting and unique, and provides good sensations.  I’m pleased with my experience and would highly recommend checking out all the interesting products available at Divine Interventions.


Divine Interventions was kind enough to provide me this dildo free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This disclaimer is in compliance with FTC guidelines. 

Jul 262013

Two summers ago, my husband and I were at the shop getting tattooed.  My husband went to the convenience store down the road to grab some drinks, leaving me alone with our artist.  He was always joking about accidentally adding a penis to a tattoo he would do on my husband, and somehow the discussion turned into a reality.  Being a heavily tattooed man, I knew my husband wouldn’t care if he actually DID, in fact, get a small cock tattooed on him.  A member was drawn up while he was gone, and my husband was greeted with it when he arrived.  Our artist, my husband, and myself all got the same tattoo.  I chose a very private area, not likely seen unless I’m trying to show you, but my husband and his artist were a little more ballsy than myself.

I love me some cock…and here is my proof!

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Jul 262013

Review #2 is mine, but make sure you check out all the other amazing reviews included in the roundup! :D

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Jul 242013

She touched the little box in her pocket and smiled.  Jon was always sending her after the craziest little things to keep her amused.  Last week it was an adventure that led her to a bouquet of fabric roses, this week, who knows.  The box was small, not elegantly packaged, but the look didn’t sway her thoughts.  She knew he was always coming up with some way to shock her, she was positive this little box contained nothing more than a clue to something even bigger.  She walked briskly across the paved sidewalk near the open water, knowing it was only moments until she’d get to embrace this amazing man…

Such a clever man, her Jon, carefully hiding this box inside her robe pocket as he slipped off to work.  He knew her routine never changed; she’d slip out of bed, cover her soft body with the fluffy pink robe that hung from a hook in their bathroom, and head to the kitchen to pour herself a cup of the coffee he set to brew before he walked out the door.

On this particular morning she took her time getting out of bed, stretching her arms above her head and rubbing the sleepy seeds from her eyes.  She paused as she walked past the full length mirror, taking a moment to soak in her appearance.  She didn’t know what he saw in her; pale skin, a little too much around her midsection and thighs, stretch marks…but she promised herself a long time ago she wouldn’t dwell on that type of negative thinking.  Shaking her head at herself, she walked into the bathroom and reached for her robe.  It felt heavy to her as she slipped it across her back and onto her left arm.  A smile played across her face as it dawned on her.  She slipped her hand into the pocket and pulled out her prize.

She examined the package; plain brown paper closed with twine, about the size of a ring box, but she knew better.  She looked for his elegant script, but just as she had expected, there was none.  Jon wasn’t shy about expressing his feelings, and there wasn’t nearly enough space on this parcel for him.  She knew better than to open it, he always left her a little note to go along with her treats and with wild eyes, she skipped into the kitchen to find the note she knew he had left; folded in half in front of her coffee mug.

“Lucy, my beautiful queen, you amaze me and impress me each day with your unconditional love and devotion.  If I could wrap the world I would give it all to you, but consider this to be as close as I can get for now.  Meet me at our special place at 4 pm, I’m getting off work early.  No peeking.  - Jon”

He sure knew just how to make her heart flutter and frustrate her at the same time.  Like a little girl, she held the box up to her ear and shook it, hearing nothing.  She placed it in front of her nose and smelled it, and only got the earthy scent of the twine.  A quick glace at the clock made her realize that her day was going to drag on, 4:00 felt days away from the 7:20 that was staring back at her.  Though it drove her crazy, she knew it would be worth the wait…(more to come…)

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Jul 232013

That’s What I Like About

you11. Tell us about you in 10 words or less.
Loving, broken, loyal, introverted, passionate, deep, honest, sexual, funny, creative.

2. What radio stations do you have programmed and regularly listen to (format, genre)?
We have a pop station programmed in the car.  It’s something we all can get into since we have children in the car with us most of the time.

3. What color are your eyes today?
More grey than blue

4. Did you shave today?

5. What’s your personality?
That’s a loaded question!  I’m different.  I’m quiet at first, but when I’m comfortable with you I can be really funny.  I’m more of an introvert than anything, but know how to let loose when I’m able to.

6. Tell us two things that most people mention they like about you.
Umm…I’ve been told I’m a good friend and I’m real.

7. Name one thing that you really like about yourself.
I’m a great listener that truly cares about people.

Bonus: How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?
Based on looks I would say mid-twenties, but based on who I am as a person, I would say 35ish.

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