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Icicles No. 09 from Pipedream

- Great shape
- Versatile design
- Safe material
- Gorgeous coloring
- Texture might be too much




Every once in a while a toy will just jump out at you.  Perhaps it has a unique shape, a material you haven’t tried before, or a texture that seems to be calling your name.  The Icicles No. 09, however, is all about standing out thanks to the gorgeous color!  The internal pattern and the ever-changing colors make this feel more like a work of art than a product designed for sexual pleasure.  If this one’s jumping out at you too, you’re in luck.  Not only is it beautiful, but it has a fantastic design as well.  The curved shaft helps the toy connect with your internal pleasure zones, and the base allows the toy to be used in a variety of ways.  The size is a little on the small side, but works out well since the texture at the base of the head is pronounced.  If you enjoy texture, you’ll find this to be very stimulating, but if you prefer smooth toys it might be too much for you.


The Icicles No. 09 from Pipedream is a glass dildo that’s small in size, but stimulating in use.  With a flat, flared base, this dildo can be used in a variety of ways or simply left out for display.

No matter what gender you are or what type of relationship you’re in, this dildo has a use.  The beautifully curved tip is great at targeting your G-spot (and perhaps the P-spot) and the smooth shaft keeps your focus on the raised rings at the base of the head.  Though small in size, this dildo doesn’t disappoint.  While I don’t think it would be great for a beginner, it would be a wonderful choice for someone venturing into the world of textured toys (or someone who already dwells there).

Masturbation is great, but it’s awfully fun to use toys with a partner!  The base of this dildo is easy to grip, makes it harness compatible, and anal safe.  Glass is a rigid material, so be careful as you’re thrusting since you don’t want to cause your partner discomfort.  If you plan to use the toy both anally and vaginally, make sure to sterilize before switching orifices to prevent the spread of bacteria.

One of my favorite things about glass toys is using them for temperature play.  You can easily heat them up or cool them down to create a totally new sensation (which is even more fun if you have a blindfolded partner!).  Though the package says you can microwave to heat and freeze to cool, I would warn against those options.  Microwaves heat unevenly and you could end up accidentally burning you or your partner by using that method.  And moisture paired with frozen glass doesn’t exactly sound like the smartest combination either.  To heat, you can place the dildo in a bowl or sink full of warm water for a few minutes.  Always test on the inside of your wrist prior to use to make sure it’s not too hot.  Your dildo can also take an ice bath the same way.  Cooling the toy is awesome, but doesn’t last quite as long since the glass will warm up to body temperature during use, so keeping a bowl of cold water (large enough for the toy to be submerged) handy is helpful so you can repeat the process.  The refrigerator is also a suitable option if you plan ahead.


Icicles No. 09 is made from borosilicate glass which is commonly used in the bowls and bakeware you might already have in your kitchen.  The brand name is Pyrex and it’s known for being incredibly strong, less likely to shatter compared to other glass, and holds up well to changing temperatures.  It’s a completely safe material that will likely last a lifetime with proper care.  For regular use, you can simply clean with soap and water or your favorite sex toy cleaner.  To sterilize you can use a 10% bleach solution or put it on the top rack of your dishwasher.  It’s safe to boil, but I always use bleach to be on the safe side.  Make sure to get between the raised rings when cleaning since there are small areas for stuff to hide.  Using a soft bristled toothbrush is extremely helpful.

Being glass, it’s naturally hard and has no movement or give to any part of it.  The bottom part of the shaft is very smooth and easily glides across the skin.  The only texture of the toy are the three raised rings near the tip.  You may feel the need to add a little lube Untitled-3(any kind is compatible with this material, but you should avoid oil when using vaginally) because the texture is so pronounced.

 The rings provide a short ribbed sensation to targeted areas since the texture doesn’t cover the length of the dildo.  If you prefer smooth toys, this won’t be right for you.  Though it might not seem like a lot of texture, it’s very obvious and might cause discomfort for some.  It’s a small toy, but the unforgiving surface of the glass makes it feel much larger during use.  Perfect for those that crave texture, something to avoid if you don’t.


Untitled-4Icicles No.09 has a beautiful blue spiraled pattern inside the clear glass, but also has an iridescent shine to the surface.  I’ve never seen anything like it!  The surface changes as you move the piece around, featuring a rainbow of different colors.  Depending on the light, the glass can look totally clear, have a little shine, or nearly look like it’s on fire because of the bright surface colors.  Until you’ve seen it in person, it’s difficult to capture just how alive the colors seem.


Though tasteful and stunning, the shape of this dildo prevents it from being discreet.  It’s not exactly realistic, but does resemble a penis and it wouldn’t take much for someone to assume it’s a pleasure object.  I suppose if you have a wide variety of unique art pieces in your home it wouldn’t be quite as obvious, but to most it would stand out pretty easily.

It’s amazing how a little curve can bring so much pleasure!  While the overall shape might seem a little simple, it does wonders for targeting the G-spot.  The end of the toy lightly curves upward and provides great pressure and added stimulation thanks to the wonderful texture.  The rest of the shaft is smooth and straight, and the base of the toy is rounded and flat.  It’s large enough that you can set it down without worrying about it falling over, but isn’t so large that it’s uncomfortable to hold.


The size of the dildo makes it seem perfect for a beginner, or at least someone looking for their first glass piece.  However, the texture might be too much.  The full length is 6 1/4″ with about 5 1/2″ of that being insertable.  The tip is 3 1/2″ in circumference, increases to 4 1/8″ around the textured area, and goes back down to 3 3/4″ around the base.  It’s a small toy compared to what I’m used to, but if it was any larger the texture would have been too much for me.



Icicles No. 09 arrives in an attractive cardboard box that boldly features images on the toy on all four sides of the package.  There’s nothing discreet about it, but it’s very tastefully done.  The cover has a flap that can be lifted to view the dildo inside without taking it out.  The inside cover and back both feature the same information about the product, which isn’t much and there’s no additional information included inside the package.  When you open it up, you’ll find a thick foam tray that does a great job of protecting the glass product contained within.  The box is larger than necessary for storing the toy, but it doesn’t include another option.



I think it’s natural to see why I was drawn to this glass piece.  The colors are incredible!  I’d been lusting over this one for a while, but only recently had the opportunity to add it to my collection.

When the package arrived I was initially a little surprised by the size.  The box was much smaller than I had expected, and when I opened the front flap I was even more surprised.  I typically prefer larger toys because I like a full feeling, so I immediately thought this was going to simply be a beautiful display piece for me.

Looks can be very deceiving and I had no right to judge.

The moment the tip slipped inside of me, I was shocked.  I wasn’t expecting the texture to be so intense and it made me feel a little uncomfortable at first.  I relaxed a little and took my time, slowing moving the toy around and allowing my body to adjust to the sensation.  Once the surprise wore off, I was amazed at what I was feeling.  While the toy didn’t make me feel full, the texture certainly made up for that.  Had the toy been thicker, I don’t think I would have liked it because it would have felt too extreme.  The small size makes this much more enjoyable;  you won’t hear that coming from me often.

I think this is a great toy to look into if you’re a texture lover since it’s not only gorgeous, but very stimulating during use.  Interested in purchasing your own?  You can by clicking the banner below.


Icicles No. 09 was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

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  1. I agree, it is very pretty! I’m unsure about the texture though. It could either be a pleasant ribbed sensation or a scrapey one, and it’ll be focused in one spot either way.
    Good thing it worked for you ^-^


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