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We Vibe 3

- Rechargeable
- Comes with a remote
- Solo and partnered use
- Great material
- Multi-function
- Grabby silicone
- Doesn’t fit everyone properly





We Vibe 3 is a dual stimulating vibrator that’s designed to connect with some of the most sensitive areas of the female body.  Great for solo play, it provides a totally hands free session, taking the work out of pleasuring yourself.  What’s better?  This toy is also designed to be used with a partner during intercourse!  With the vibrator in place, penetrative sex is not only possible, but gives pleasure to both parties involved; stimulating internal and external areas of the female body, and your cock wielding partner!  Need help coming up with positions?  Check out the 3-Play Book for ideas!

There are a few alternative uses for this toy, making it work for just about anyone, whether you’re playing solo or together.  With proper lube, the internal and external stimulators can be placed on either side of the penis and moved back and forth with a stroking motion.  The texture to these areas along with the vibrations make it a really stimulating experience.  Another use would be for anal play.  The insertable part can be placed inside of you, while the external stimulator can pleasure your perineum, testicles, and depending on anatomy, the bottom area of your vaginal opening.  Do use some caution with anal play, and make sure you sterilize the toy before using it vaginally again.

Totally waterproof, this vibrator can be used anywhere you and/or your partner feel like getting frisky.  It’s compact, travel friendly, and is a great product to take with you on vacation!  Because this toy pleases you and your partner and can be used during intercourse, it keeps you close and eliminates the need to bring several toys in order to please you both.  If you’re a really adventurous couple, the vibe can be used in public as well.  It’s comfortable and quiet enough that it can be worn under clothes without anyone knowing.

We Vibe 3 isn’t the first of its kind, it’s an updated version of previous models.  The 3 is rechargeable, just like the ones before it, but charges inside a plastic case that doubles as storage.  It’s definitely a great upgrade from the silky pouch that comes with the II.  That’s far from the best upgrade though; the 3 is also fully waterproof and comes with a wireless remote!  No more fumbling with the toy to change the settings, now all you have to worry about is who gets to control it!


Made from silicone, this vibrator is body safe, non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  It’s one of the best materials for a sex toy because of how safe it is.  This particular silicone has a shiny surface that collects all kinds of lint and particles.  You’ll want to rinse it off before each use because of this reason, or at least be very careful as you remove it from the case.  On top of picking up lint, it also has a lot of drag to it.  If you’re using it on your own, a little lubricant helps, but if you’re using it for penetrative sex, you’ll want to use a decent amount to eliminate friction which could cause discomfort to the penis.

There isn’t any give to the silicone since it’s simply covering the motors and parts inside.  The internal and external stimulators are very firm, but the area between them has a lot of flex to it.  You shouldn’t try to manipulate this area too much, but the flexibility makes it suitable for more users since it’s more likely to work with your anatomy.


Untitled-5The inside of the internal and external stimulators are both textured.  The external piece is much more subtle, having several rows of rounded, shallow ribs.  The internal stimulator has a little bit of a deeper texture to it, making it a little more obvious during use.  I don’t believe anyone would feel it’s too overwhelming since it’s not designed to be thrust, but it does move a little during intercourse.  The outside of the vibe (top of the external piece and bottom of the internal piece) aren’t designed to provide a textured stimulation.  The top has the name of the toy on it, but the bottom is totally smooth.  The smooth area is what would come in contact with the penis during partnered use, making the vibrations stand out.



We Vibe 3 has a wonderful shape that’s really designed to work for a variety of people and in a variety of ways.  Dual stimulating toys are great, but there aren’t many that will stimulate your partner as well.  Being designed to work for two people, stimulating three different pleasure zones, and being nearly effortless to use?  The toy practically screams, “buy me now!”   The image below gives you the best idea of how the vibrator works, and was taken directly from their website.


There were two questions that stuck out in my mind when I first heard about this product (actually, the We Vibe II):

1) Does it really stay in place like it’s supposed to?
2) Will there be enough room for my partner and the toy to comfortably be in my vagina at the same time?

For me, the answer was yes to both.  The shape of the toy does a great job at staying in place, even during penetration.  It might move a little bit during thrusting, but for the most part it stays exactly where it belongs.  As far as there being room, that will depend a little more on you and your partner’s anatomy.  It should work for most people, but if your partner is very girthy and commonly causes you discomfort during regular intercourse, this might not work out for you.  As long as you’re relaxed and  properly lubricated, there shouldn’t be an issue with the average couple.

The size of the toy is very compact, easily fitting in the palm of my hand.  Without measuring along the curve of the toy, its length is 3 1/4″ long and 2 1/2″ wide.  The two sides differ only slightly in size; the insertable area is just as wide as the top, but thins sooner than the top area.  It’s also very flat looking while the external portion looks more plump.  Even for a beginner, the size is very manageable, the only issue would be how it would work for you paired with a partner.



Forget batteries, We Vibe 3 is rechargeable!  The charging system is a huge improvement and is such a great feature to this toy!  Rather than having an adapter plug directly into your toy, this one gets plugged into a base where the toy rests.  Genius!  The base has three dips in it, one for either side of the toy, and one in between for the remote.  When the toy arrives, it requires an initial 24 hour charge.  It’s difficult to wait, but it’s well worth it!  Put the cover on over the toy, plug it in, and you’ll see a little light at the bottom turn on.  This light will glow steady and will turn off then the toy is juiced up and ready to go.  How long the charge lasts will depend entirely on the setting you’re using but should last through at least a couple sessions before needing to recharge (up to two hours according to the website).


Untitled-10On the tip of the external side there is a very small button.  It’s hardly raised from the toy, but you can feel it when you slide your fingers over that area.  To turn the toy on, you press the button once. Every press of the button after that will bring you to another pattern.  If you pass one you like, you’ll have to cycle back through them all to find it again, there’s isn’t a way to go back apart from that.  When you want to turn the toy off, you can cycle through the patterns, or simply press the button down for a couple seconds.  Going through the patterns using the button can be a real pain during use, fortunately thanks to the upgraded design, you can use the included remote to get the job done!

Untitled-1The remote is really basic and is made from ABS plastic.  It’s nice and compact in size and is simple to use.  The front shows the company name at the bottom, and the button itself is ergonomically shaped to fit your finger; making it easy to use even in the dark.  The back of the remote has a sticker on it that has information on it about the product but has no other information or marking on it apart from that.

The remote only controls cycling through the patterns.  When you want to turn the toy off while using it, you’ll need to go through each pattern until the vibrations stop, holding down the remote button will not turn the toy off.

My husband and I decided we would try testing how far apart we could be while using the remote.  We were both pretty impressed with the results!  While we couldn’t be on two different floors in our home, but we were able to be between 10-15 feet apart.  You could easily be out on a date with your partner and use this toy as a sexy, secret way to spice up your evening!

The patterns with this toy are fantastic!  There should be at least something that will work for you and your partner, and a position that will compliment it.  Please check out the playbook for suggestions.


The power behind the vibrations should be suitable for most users.  There are lower intensity levels for those that are more sensitive, and more powerful settings for those that need a little more power behind their toys.  I was really impressed with the variety and very pleased with the power, which says a lot.  Another reason the vibrations are so awesome is the fact that they’re deep and rumbly!  It’s not likely your clit will become numb from this one!  The vibrations are felt pretty evenly throughout the toy thanks to the two motors, so you and your partner will both be feeling the same amount of power.

With a toy that has real power behind it, there is always the worry that you’ll wake the neighbors as soon as you turn it on.  That’s not the case with this toy!  You could easily be in the same room with others and they wouldn’t be able to hear it as long as other noise is present (TV, music, etc.).  Super fun if you and your partner are adventurous!


Being waterproof, you don’t need to be careful when it comes to washing your toy.  Using antibacterial soap and warm water or your favorite sex toy cleaner will be your best option, but you’ll want to clean it with a 10% bleach solution if you’re planning on switching orifices or sharing with someone else.  Always make sure the toy is totally dry before storaging.

Like all silicone products, it’s recommended you only use a water-based lubricant with this toy.  During intercourse you’ll need to use a little more than normal, so don’t be afraid to slather it on or reapply as you need.

The charging base and cover also works as storage for your We Vibe 3.  Remove the adapter, cover your toy, and you’re good to go!  The cover fits on nice and snug so there’s no worry about it coming off while you’re storing it.



The toy arrives in an oval shaped box that is tasteful looking, but not discreet.  It shows an image of the toy on either side and includes a variety of information about it.  Since the toy comes with its own storage it’s not important to keep the box, but it should hold up fairly well to long term storage if that’s what you plan to use it for.

The box includes the toy, charging base and cover, adapter, and user manual.  The manual contains information on the 1 year warranty, and all the basic information about how the toy works.  The same information and more can be found directly from their website.



The first vibrating toy my husband and I purchased together was the We Vibe II back in 2010.  We were looking for toys to use together and that one jumped out at me.  We bought it, charged it, but when we went to use it, were both frustrated by having to press the button on the toy to change the pattern.  It wasn’t easy to do during use and so the toy was put aside and used infrequently.

When I saw that they were coming out with a third version of the We Vibe, I was immediately interested!  The upgrades sounded fantastic and the things that frustrated us both about the II were addressed and changed.  We weren’t able to get the 3 for a while, life and kids come before toys, but I was recently able to obtain this toy and try it out with my husband.

He kept putting it off, thinking it wasn’t going to be a good experience.  He doesn’t love vibrating cock rings because they distract him (his words), so he assumed this would be sort of the same idea.  I was finally able to convince him to use it with me when I said blowjobs would be put on hold until we tried it, that did the trick!

We don’t normally need to use lube during intercourse, so he looked at me a little funny when I told him to grab some.  I told him it was important, so he applied some to his cock before sliding into me.  I could tell right away that he enjoyed it from the way he was moving and the sounds he was making, and I was getting into it just as much.  Having something vibrating directly against my clit the whole time without having to hold it there was pure bliss!

I cycled through the vibrations twice, trying to find one that would work best for both of us.  Once I hit the fifth setting, it wouldn’t cycle through anymore.  I kept pressing the button on the remote but it wouldn’t change.  We finished our play time and did a little testing after.  It seems like it was a total fluke, because it hasn’t acted up since then.

We talked about our experience after and he said the only bad thing was that he didn’t apply enough lube (should have listened, Babe!) and he felt a little friction issue with it.  The grabby silicone really does require a fair amount of lubricant, so please, don’t be shy and reapply as you need.  Apart from that, he loved it, which is a lot coming from him.  I didn’t climax from it when we used it together, but I think the only reason was because I was focused on why the settings weren’t changing instead of the feelings it provided.  Overall, I love this toy, like a lot!  If it weren’t for the silicone having so much drag, I would have given it 5 stars!

Interested in getting your own We Vibe 3?  The banner below will take you to their website where you can purchase your own!


A huge thank you to We Vibe for providing this item to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines. 

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  1. You did a wonderful job on this review. Thanks for adding all the pictures. I have wanted one of these for some time now.

  2. Ah. The review I was long awaiting for is finally here! Not only did I learn more about the We-Vibe 3, I’ve also learned a new trick to manipulate my boyfriend into trying a toy he would dislike =P.
    I’ve tried a toy with a similar shape previously, but without my partner. I don’t know if it’s normal, but the part that is suppose to be vibrating on my clit was vibrating my pubic hair. Heh. That didn’t really go too well. The We-Vibe 3 might be more successful…I should really give this a try. Oh, and my wallet wanted me to pass along a message “I HATE YOU”. Eeep. Great review! <3

  3. I have been wondering about this, so I was so glad to see your review and pictures, thanks! First of all, it’s a damn good, thorough review! Second, I am pleasantly surprised your husband, who doesn’t really like vibrating cock rings, likes it! Did you hear the version IV is coming out soon? I have no idea what differences there will be, but my hopes are that I can pick this up for less when the new one comes out – hey, a girl can hope!

  4. I bought this product, and though there is a remote it has to be line of sight. So, if there are clothes in the way the remote will not work. If you have anything blocking it, it will not work. I was extremely disappointed with this product, and am upset that I spent my money on it. What a waste.
    I sent a message to the company and this was their response to me.

    “Thank you for contacting We-Vibe Customer Care.
    The remote is a low-powered device the works much like a TV remote, where if there is anything in the line of sight from the remote to the unit, such as clothing, it may be unable to send a signal to the device.

    If receiver (i.e. external arm of the We-Vibe massager) is completely enveloped in body tissue, as may be the case during full frontal intercourse, or possibly due to the anatomy of the user (when worn normally, the massager is not visible), or especially if the massager is used in a non-standard manner where the primary end is inserted the remote will not change modes. All of these situations introduce moisture (bodies are ~ 80 % moisture) into the RF signal path, which attenuates and distorts the RF signal, thus the remote will not work under these conditions. For normal use during intercourse, the remote will typically work if visual contact in any manner or any angle is possible (it works similarly to a TV remote that need a direct line to interact with the TV receiver).

    For similar reasons to the above, the remote will not function if the massager (or the remote, which is not waterproof) is under water. Wet surfaces are okay, but immersion in more than several cm of water will again block the RF signal from functioning.

    NOTE: The above limitations of the RF remote control are due to physics, not product design at the chosen 2.4 GHz frequency, which was chosen since it is unlicensed and globally acceptable for certification (i.e. only one product variation required for all countries).

    You may need to pair the remote to the unit. We have included pairing instructions below, just in case.

    Turn on the We-Vibe 3 massager in any mode manually by pressing the button on the nose, and place the remote control directly next to the nose (c end) of the massager (so they are touching). Press and hold the remote control button until the massager turns off, about two to three seconds normally. This completes the pairing process, and the remote may now be used to fully control the massager.
    Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any other questions. We do not offer refunds or have a satisfaction guarantee.

    Best Regards,

    Customer Care

    Standard Innovation® Corporation
    #330 – 1130 Morrison Drive
    Ottawa, ON K2H 9N6, Canada

    T: +01 (613) 828-6678

    • I’m so sorry to hear your experience wasn’t good with the We Vibe 3. Obviously not everyone is going to have the same experience and unfortunately not every company has a satisfaction guarantee.

      We had that one issue the first time we used it, but it hasn’t happened since. I was actually quite surprised when I was able to use the remote through a wall and halfway down my steps. Did your vibe need to be charged?

      Did you enjoy the overall appeal of the toy apart from the remote? I know one of the upgrades from the We Vibe II was that it can be controlled by the remote, but you could always set it to what you’d both enjoy before inserting it and not worry about changing the functions. Still, I know that doesn’t eliminate your disappointment with the 3.

      • I did make sure that there was a full charge on the vibe before using it. I plugged it in, verified that the light was on, and left it alone for a few days.
        The toy has it’s ups, and if the remote worked as you say I would have been beyond blown away. However, as you can see from the letter above that was sent to me the remote was not meant to be used like that and apparently you received a fluke as the remote should clearly be in the line of sight like a television remote. …. If I only wanted the features of the We Vibe II that would have been what I bought and saved the extra money that was spent.
        Since posting this, the company has offered a warranty replacement to see if this fixes the issue. I will send it back and see if that resolves the issue.

        • Trust me, I fully understand your frustration and I’m really glad to hear the company is offering you a replacement. I truly hope that it was simply a faulty remote, since as I stated, mine was able to change without being in line of sight. I hope you’ll keep me posted when the new one arrives.

          There are other differences between the II and 3 that make it worth the extra money even without the remote functioning (though I know that’s one of the huge pros to this item). The 3 is much more powerful than the II and the button is easier to press. I know that doesn’t take away your disappointment, but the 3 is definitely worth spending the extra money on.

  5. Just received the We-Vibe 3. Charged it up and we used it one time. Happy with the results but need to experience with it more and learned that more lube is needed.

    Was going to use it solo a couple of nights later but again it would not vibrant. It would for a short time and then it would stop. Charged it overnight to use the next morning and again, no vibration. I’m wondering if I charged it right. Could this be the problem? The yellow light was flashing. Does it flash and become a solid color when it is fully charged? Do I need to make sure the ends are really pushed in the charger? Thanks for any help you can provide. I really hope I didn’t get a lemon.

    • I’m so glad you asked these questions!

      I just went a double checked my vibe to see what your issue might be and believe I have figured out a solution for you!

      When the vibe is charging, the yellow light should glow steady. I immediately thought maybe yours was defective, but decided to turn the vibe around in the charger, and that’s when I saw the light blinking! The larger side of the vibe needs to be in the larger spot to charge properly, the blinking light was a warning that it needs to be turned around. You just set the vibe inside the charger, there’s no need to push it down or anything like that.

      When it’s fully charged, the light with simply turn off, showing you that your vibe is fully charged! :)

      Try that and see if fixes your issue, and let me know what happens! :)

  6. I will make sure that I have it in the charger correctly as soon as I get home. Thank you.

    • :(

      Well I got home and checked how I had the Vibe charging and I do have it in the charger correctly. I unplugged, changed outlets, unplugged again and the light is still blinking and it is not charging. Now what? Was so looking forward to using tonight. :(

      • Did you try switching it around just to make sure? I’m sure you have it charging correctly, but it doesn’t hurt to just switch it around to double check.

        How long have you had the product? Where did you purchase it? We Vibe has a 1 year warranty (for defects) from date of purchase, but if you ordered it through an online store it would be best to check and see if it’s still within their return policy for defective products first. If it’s past that, check out this site, it’s the We Vibe warranty page and should give you all the information you need to receive a replacement:

        I’m sorry to hear you’re dealing with so many issues, please keep me updated and let me know if I can help in any other way!

  7. Yes, I’ve tired everything. It just arrived last Friday. I ordered it from the We-Vibe website. I will contact them and see about getting it replaced. I just hate the hassle AND the wait, Thanks for all your help.

  8. Just received the We-Vibe 3. The kit came with the We-Vibe3, the remote , the base to fit it and a USB cabe – Try to Charged it up by fitting the USB cable to a Computor — Nothing we then tried a Cell phone charger — Still Nothing. The problem is that no where on any of the instructions or packaging does it state the input voltage, Do I plug the USB cord directly into a 220 volt adaptor or not
    Can you please help

    • Hello frik,

      Unfortunately I don’t have an answer for you, but I’ve contacted the company in hopes they’ll provide an answer I can share with you. I’ll comment as soon as I hear anything! So sorry for your frustrations!

      • Thanks, I have also contacted there Customer Care, the first answer recieved from them did not answer my Question so I have re asked and is also waiting

        Thanks for your assistance

        • Hopefully the next time they answer you the problem will be addressed. I’ll let you know what I hear as well,

  9. We loved the Wevibe2, it worked great. Having a separated controller would make it a lot easier to operate.

  10. The statement you made in your review about your husband enjoying the vibration from this toy as well as having your clit constantly vibrated on without having to use your hands makes me very interested in trying out this toy. I also enjoyed your tactic on getting him to try it!! Deviant!!

  11. This product sucks and it cost $139. Doesn’t stay in place and the direction book says the yellow light is supposed to blink while charging and every review says its supposed to be solid light when charging so nobody is even on the same page. Not happy.

    • I’m sorry to hear that you’re not pleased with the product! It’s a lot of money to spend on something that doesn’t work for you. Did your We-Vibe 3 come with a wall charger or USB? That might make a difference as far as charging.

      Have you tried it in a few different positions? Did you use lube? Play around with it a little bit, you might find it works better in one position more than others.

      I hope you’ll give it another chance. I know it’s something that won’t work for everyone, but you might be able to figure out a way to make it work for you.

  12. Oh and p.s. I just bought it last night.

  13. It came with the usb cord that plugs into the wall charger….why do the reviews online say its supposed to be steady but the book it came with says its supposed to blink?

    • It’s certainly a valid question.

      I’m not totally sure why that is. I’ve seen other products that differed slightly from the manuals before, so I don’t think it’s uncommon.

      Does yours blink or glow steady?

      I can’t access it right now, but I’ll look in my booklet to double check what mine says soon.

  14. It blinks. No matter what I do. Its been blinking for 20 hours on the charger now.

    • I went and played around with mine and am pleased to say I have an answer for you!!

      The vibe is resting in the charger backwards. When I have mine in properly the light glows steady, but when I turned it around and placed it in the base backwards, the light just blinked. The blinking is to indicate that it’s not charging and needs to be switched around.

      Let me know if that solves the problem! :)

  15. Wow. I love my We-Vibe 3 as much as you love yours, but these comments are alarming. I wonder why so many people had issues?
    Side note: The purple looks so nice! Mine is teal, but it isn’t as bright as the purple.

  16. I bought mine in October of 2013 and used it twice- worked perfect. I put it away and haven’t touched it until again until yesterday, and when I plugged it up for it to charge- nothing happened? Did the time in the box mess with the remote? or the toy? Im so confused! Any advice?

    • Hello kmt!

      Many rechargeable products should be charged every 3-6 months, but I have a We-Vibe II that wasn’t charged for a couple years and I didn’t have an issue. I would contact customer support and see if they have any recommendations or if you need a replacement.

      I hope this helps! Please keep me posted!


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