Jan 162014

Embrace Lover’s Remote from California Exotic Novelties

- Made from silicone
- Designed for couples
- Both pieces vibrate
- Rechargeable
- Remote isn’t waterproof
- Buzzy vibrations
- Expensive
- Stimulator functions poorly (will explain)
- Cheaply made





If you’ve read any of my reviews, you know I try to view a product for what it is, not just my experience with it.  I know that just because something doesn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it’s a horrible toy and no one should ever give it a shot.  Well, today that changes.  Don’t buy this toy.  Seriously, just don’t.  It’s priced like luxury, but it’s really just a cheap toy that doesn’t work the way it should.


The Embrace Lover’s Remote from Cal Exotics is a vibrator designed for couples.  It features a stimulator which is designed to be inserted into the body, and a remote that controls the vibration settings.

Sets like these are typically used together, with one person being stimulated, and the other controlling the stimulation.  People often use vibes like this in public, getting off on their secretive play while out in the open.  If you’re looking for a product that’s suitable for public use, this isn’t the one to get.  The Embrace Lover’s Remote is far less discreet, and for a good reason; the remote itself also vibrates.

The vibrating remote can be used in a variety of ways.  It can be used on the person who has the stimulator inserted (for dual (vaginal/clitoral) pleasure), on the partner controlling the vibrations inside your body, and on any sensitive area on either of your bodies.  Similarly, the stimulator can be used outside of the body in the same sense.

The stimulator has a nice little retrieval cord on the bottom that makes it easier to remove.  Don’t let this give you false safety.  There isn’t a proper base on this toy, so it shouldn’t be inserted anally.  While you could try holding onto the cord the whole time, it’s really not worth the risk when you consider the complications should it slip too far inside your body.

The way this toy is waterproof makes no sense to me.  The stimulator is waterproof, which it should be considering it’s designed to be used inside your body, but the remote is only splash proof.  This really takes a lot away from the toy since you need to use caution with where and how you use the remote.  If the stimulator is waterproof, why couldn’t the remote be as well?


The Embrace Lover’s Remote is made from silicone and ABS plastic with silver plating.  Both materials are non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  They can be cleaned using soap and water (be careful to not submerge the remote) or your favorite sex toy cleaner, and can be sterilized using a 10% bleach solution.  Where the plastic and silicone meet aren’t flush, so you’ll need to pay close attention when cleaning to get into the grooves.

Untitled-4The silicone is matte and glides easily across the skin.  It does pick up some dust and lint, but is easy to manage by wiping down before use.  Apart from the retrieval cord, both the stimulator and remote are firm.  The silicone is simply a skin over the internal parts, which is good for those that enjoy pressure.

The cord itself is flexible which allows you to comfortably use it underneath clothing.  Though it bends with ease, it’s not stretchy at all, making it much easier to remove.

There’s no intentional texture on this toy, but you can feel where the silicone and plastic connect, and the buttons on both pieces are raised.  It’s really obvious when you’re touching it with your hands, but isn’t as much once inserted.


The Embrace Lover’s Remote is available in grey, pink, and purple, but the plastic areas are silver on each.  They’re both pretty basic looking pieces, being similar in design to many toys before it.

The stimulator is bulb shaped, having a wide, rounded top and decreasing slightly in size toward the bottom.  At the base is the retrieval cord which features a circular disc at the end.  It has a fairly nice shape to it, but how well it works inside your body will depend on your specific anatomy.

The remote has a very ergonomic shape to it.  It has a nice curve and bulges in all the right places.  You can easily lay it over your vulva and allow it to provide broad coverage, or use the tip for more targeted stimulation of the clitoris, nipples, or other areas.  The controls are in a convenient location, but aren’t easy to accidentally press.


The size of the Embrace Lover’s Remote is reasonable, but the end of the stimulator might be difficult for some to insert; not so much because of the size, but because it’s rounded.  Using some water-based lubricant and relaxing should help if you’re having trouble.  The full length of the stimulator (including cord) is 7 1/2″, but only about 3 1/2″ are designed to be inserted.  The girth ranges from 4 1/2″ in circumference (at the widest area), down to 3″.  Most users who are used to penetration should be able to use this product.  The remote itself is 3 1/4″ long, and 1 1/2″ across the widest point.


Untitled-5The Embrace Lover’s Remote is rechargeable and arrives with a partial charge.  Prior to the first use, you should plug it in and allow the vibe to fully juice up.  The first charge will take approximately 90 minutes, and will provide 90 minutes of play when used on the highest setting.  The really neat thing about the USB charger they include, is that you can recharge both the stimulator and remote at the same time.

Untitled-7Behind both buttons on the remote, and near the button on the stimulator, lights flash to indicate the pieces are charging.  When they’re fully charged, the lights will glow steady to show they’re ready for use.

There are a total of three buttons between the pieces; two on the remote, and one on the stimulator.  To turn them both on, you first have to press and hold the button on the stimulator for a few seconds.  The light will come on and start flashing, showing that it’s activated.  The vibrations won’t start until Untitled-6you turn on the remote.  You press and hold down the power button (on the remote) and the vibrations will instantly be felt in both pieces.  From there, you can press the functions button and both pieces will cycle through the settings together, or you can turn off the vibrations in the remote.  To do this, you must hold down the functions button for a few seconds.  The remote will no longer vibrate, but it still controls which setting the stimulator is on.  If you only want to use the remote (which the paperwork states doubles as a panty vibe), you ignore the stimulator and simply turn on the remote.

Any time you’ve used both pieces, you must turn them both off.  Holding down the power button on the remote will stop all vibrations, but the stimulator will still have a flashing light.  Though it’s no longer vibrating, you still need to turn it off by holding down the power button on that piece as well.  It’s a lot of information to learn, but if the product is in front of you, it’s much easier to understand.

There are a total of seven settings, and the stimulator and remote always match each other.  The settings are:

  1. Steady Low
  2. Steady High
  3. Pulse
  4. Quick Pulse
  5. Escalation
  6. Roller Coaster
  7. Mix of Each

The vibrations are extremely buzzy.  They’re lighter in the remote than the stimulator, but neither are very deep and certainly aren’t rumbly.  They travel fairly well throughout both, and as a result they numb your hands and the area of your body they’re in contact with.

The sound level is reasonable; someone in the same room could probably hear it (which is why public play is out of the question) but no one would be able to hear through a closed door.


The Embrace Lover’s Remote arrives in black cardboard box that’s surrounded by a thin sleeve.  The sleeve has the product and company name on the front and the back has an image of the toy and covers the key points about it.  It’s not discreet since it’s obvious what the package contains, but it’s shown in a tasteful way.  When the sleeve is removed the box becomes even more discreet, but still has ‘embrace by California Exotic Novelties‘ on the top in silver lettering.  Inside, the stimulator and remote are nestled inside a piece of foam.  Behind that, you’ll find the charger and paperwork that comes with the toy.  Unfortunately, the package is all you receive for storage as it doesn’t contain a pouch.



I love rechargeable toys.  The vibrating side of my collection is mostly made up of rechargeable toys (the ones I’ve held onto), so I was pleased to see the Embrace Lover’s Remote was as well.

My first impression of the toy was the box it arrived in  It seemed a little more classy than some of their packaging, but still didn’t seem fitting for a ‘luxury’ product; and at this price point you’d figure it was safe to consider this one.  When I opened the package I immediately saw the truth; this product was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The vibrator looked and felt really cheap.  It’s very lightweight, the plastic isn’t lined up well with the silicone, and I could actually see some type of glue (or other clear bonding material) around some of the plastic.  If I had paid $109.99 for this product, I would have fainted at the sight of it!

I always, always give products a fair shot, and after taking photos and charging the toy, it was time to test.  I went into the bathroom, turned on the stimulator, put my foot on the side of the tub, and inserted it.

Untitled-18Now, this is something you really have to take a moment to imagine.  Here I am, all Captain style, with my foot on the tub, this weak, buzzy vibe inside my vagina, and the remote in my hand.  I remove my foot from the side of the tub, place it on the floor, and the stimulator stops vibrating.  I thought it was really odd, so I returned my foot to the tub to readjust and it started vibrating before I even had the chance to.  I’m literally standing in my bathroom, doing a little jig, trying to see what the issue is.  Foot up, vibrations work.  Foot down, vibrations cease.  Yes, I repeated this step several times and couldn’t help but laugh as I did.  I removed the stimulator and tried turning it a little.  Same results.  Tried pushing it in further.  Same results.  No matter what I did, it acted the same way.

I took the stimulator out, cleaned it, and tried squeezing it with my hands, trying to see if maybe it was pressure that was causing the issue.  No matter how I pressed on it, the vibrations continued.  I have no idea what the issue was, but I tried testing this set on four different occasions, and had the same result every time.  If I squatted or had my foot up the toy would work, if I stood up with both feet on the ground, they stopped.

I honestly have no idea what the issue was, but I could not get the darn thing to work for me.  I tried until I was frustrated and uncomfortable before I gave up.  This product was a major letdown.  It’s so expensive, cheaply made, has light and buzzy vibrations, and simply wouldn’t work the way it was intended.  This product isn’t worth the investment (and yes, I said investment), even if the stimulator works when it’s inserted.

If you’re interested in purchasing the Embrace Lover’s Remote, or something similar to it (or nothing like it) you can do so by clicking the banner below.


calexEmbrace Lover’s Remote was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review through the Cal Exotics Sexpert Program.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines. 

Jan 142014

RO-160mm – If You Love Me Vibrator from Rocks-Off

- Gorgeous design
- Waterproof
- Easy to use
- Variety in functions
- Comes with batteries/storage pouch
- Loud
- Could be stronger/more rumbly
- Lacks instructions
- Shape might be too basic for some





The If You Love Me vibrator has a common shape, but is far from being ordinary.  This tradition style vibrator is covered in vibrant and detailed tattoo designs that really pop against the gold background.  For looks alone it’s amazing, but the shape and vibrations might not be right for everyone.  Without a curved tip it’s more challenging to stimulate the G-spot, and though there are 10 different settings, many of them are on the buzzy side.  For the right person this could be an amazing vibe, but for those that need a lot of power and/or a decent curve, this would probably end up as a display piece.


The If You Love Me vibrator from the Erotic Ink line by Rocks-Off is a traditional vibrator that’s far from being common.  This bullet style vibe is covered in a gorgeous tattoo inspired design that’s sure to appeal to those who appreciate a little artistic flair to their sex toys.

The shape of this vibe works best on the female anatomy.  The tip comes to a rounded point which helps provide targeted stimulation to external areas of the body, and also allows it to slip easily into the vagina.  Because the shaft is totally straight, it slides in smoothly and works well for those who are newer to sex toys and those that prefer simplicity.  Firm G-spot pressure is a little harder to achieve since there’s no curve to the shaft, but your individual experience may vary.

Apart from solo use, the vibrator can also be used with a partner.  It’s easy to use and isn’t likely feel overwhelming or threatening to a new partner.  The vibe can be used on the male anatomy as well, but only externally.  The base of the toy isn’t flared, which means there’s nothing to prevent it from slipping inside the body should you try inserting it anally.

Thanks to the battery cap design, the If You Love Me vibrator is safe to use in the tub or shower, and makes cleaning a breeze.  Around the base of the battery cap is a rubber o-ring that prevents any water from leaking inside the toy, so you can feel confident when using in and around water.


The If You Love Me vibrator is made from ABS plastic that’s metal plated and printed.  This material is body safe, non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  This vibe can be safely cleaned using soap and water or your favorite sex toy cleaner, and can be sterilized using a 10% bleach solution.  Using a water-based lubricant is best and a little goes a long way.

Since this product is made from plastic, it’s naturally a very firm toy.  The only area that has give to it is the button on the end of the battery cap.  For that reason, you (or your partner) need to use caution when thrusting since you could accidentally cause discomfort.  The fact that it’s so firm is great if you enjoy applying pressure to external pleasure zones, and the power doesn’t diminish when you press down either.

In general, the vibe is very smooth, but does have ‘RO-160mm’ and the Rocks-Off logo inside an oval stamped into the side.  You can feel it easily with your hands, but isn’t easily picked up on during use.  You will need to pay extra attention when cleaning this area since lube and bodily fluids could build up in it.  The printed design also can be felt, but very lightly.  The texture is very light, wasn’t designed to be stimulating, and shouldn’t effect use.



The shape of the If You Love Me vibrator is a familiar one if you’ve seen the products available from Rocks-Off.  It literally looks like they took their best selling RO-80mm bullet vibe and blew it up, keeping the standard shape but increasing the size.

Rocks-Off paired up with Lal Hardy, a popular UK based tattooist, to create this gorgeous line.  Each piece in the Erotic Ink line features popular tattoo designs that really make these vibes stand out.  The If You Love Me vibrator features two sparrows, a heart with a banner, red and pink roses, and beautiful swirls that bring the piece together.  The art looks like a modern take on old school designs, and the use of vibrant colors attracts attention.  Both the artist’s and company’s name are included in the design.


In my opinion, this is one beautiful design!  Others in the line are just as attractive, and some feature slightly more masculine designs if flowers and birds aren’t your thing.

The size of the vibrator was a little surprising at first.  Many traditional style vibrators are designed to be used primarily by beginners and are very thin.  The If You Love Me vibrator actually has a little girth to it.  It might not be the best option for someone totally new to penetration, but it’s no larger than an average sized penis and should be suitable for most.  The full length is just under 7″ (including the power button) with about 5″ being insertable.  The girth of the shaft is all the same, being 1 1/4″ in diameter, but the tip narrows in size to create the rounded point.



The If You Love Me vibrator is powered by 2 AA batteries which are included with your toy.  When it arrives, you’ll need to unscrew the battery cap and remove the small white paper that prevents the battery from connecting properly.  Replace the cap, making sure to screw it on tightly, and it’s ready for use!  When it’s time to replace the batteries, a small plastic sleeve inside the compartment will show you exactly how they should be inserted.


Untitled-3There’s one button on the end of the battery cap that controls turning the toy on, cycling through the vibration patterns, and turning the toy off.  The rubbery button is easy to press when you’re trying to change vibrations, but it’s not easy to accidentally change during use.

The first press of the button will bring you to the first setting.  Each press after that will bring you to the next and will continuously cycle through them.  If you’ve passed the setting you want to be on, you have to go through them all until you reach that setting again.  When you’re ready to turn the vibrator off, you have to press and hold down the button for a few seconds until the vibrations turn stop.

The 10 settings are:

  • 1) Steady Low
  • 2) Steady Medium
  • 3) Steady High
  • 4) Pulse
  • 5) Medium Fast Pulse
  • 6) Fast Pulse
  • 7-10) Various Pulse Patterns

The vibrations are more focused in the tip of the toy, but travel easily throughout it.  Your hand will probably feel a little tingly from holding the base, but not terribly so.

The lower settings on the toy are quite buzzy, but the more powerful settings are a little deeper.  I wouldn’t call them rumbly exactly, but they should be suitable enough for the average user.  It’s not going to numb your clit (when used externally), but might take you a little longer to climax than normal.

When the situation you’re in requires you to reach for a quiet vibe, this isn’t the one to choose.  On the highest setting the vibe can easily be heard through a closed door, and the lower settings aren’t much quieter.  Adding some white noise to the room you’re in helps, but there’s still that chance of being heard.


My If You Love Me vibrator arrived inside a black storage pouch that features the company’s logo in the center and has purple draw strings.  Along with the vibrator is a product booklet.  It features a larger variety of other Rocks-Off products, but doesn’t feature a section on the Erotic Ink line.  There also isn’t information specific to the vibrator contained, it’s all very generic.  It would have been nice to see this line highlighted in its own booklet, with specific information on each.



 I love tattoos.  A lot.  Which is probably a good thing since I have many of them.  When I saw that Rocks-Off had released a line of toys that featured these vibrant designs, I knew I had to check them out!

When the If You Love Me vibrator arrived, I was immediately surprised by the size.  For some reason I was expecting it to be much thinner, so it turned out to be a surprise in my favor.  I looked over the vibe and was impressed by the details in the design, and even my husband said he thought it was cool.  Lal Hardy did a wonderful job on the design, and I think it was a smart move for Rocks-Off to create this line.

The first time I turned the toy on and experienced the first setting, I was concerned.  The steady low vibrations were very buzzy and I knew would only numb me if I tried using it.  Pressing the button again started restoring my hope that this toy would have enough power for me, and the third setting proved it, but just barely.  While this vibe did nothing for me through vaginal penetration, the tip worked okay for pin-point clitoral stimulation.  It’s not quite as deep and powerful as I like, but it was enough to take me over the edge.

I can honestly say this isn’t one I’ll reach for often since the simple shape doesn’t do much for me (vaginally), but the design alone makes it something I’ll proudly display.  If you don’t require deep, rumbly vibrations and don’t require a toy that’s sound discreet, this might work for you.

The If You Love Me vibrator, other pieces from the Erotic Ink line, and many more products can be found by clicking the link below.


RO-160mm If You Love Me vibrator was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

Jan 132014

black-feather-ticklerPhoto courtesy of Cara Sutra

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Jan 132014

Iroha Sakura from Tenga

- Made from silicone
- Multiple settings
- Easy to use and understand
- Odd surface texture
- Only Splash proof
- Expensive for what it is





Sakura is a nice vibrator, having many of the qualities I look for in an external vibe.  It’s rechargeable, made from body safe materials, and has decent power behind it.  But what really makes this, and others from the Iroha line, stand out is the way it feels.  It has a firm core which is surrounded by a soft layer, and is covered in a silicone skin.  To put it bluntly, it feels really odd.  Everything about this vibe is great for those that enjoy broad stimulation, though the tips can apply slightly more focused vibrations when you press down with them.  It’s an alright product, but in my opinion you could get something better for around the same price or less.


Sakura from the Iroha line from Tenga is an external vibrator that’s was primarily designed with women in mind.  The Soft Touch material makes it comfortable to use, and the shape helps it fit best with the female anatomy.

The shape of the toy makes it possible to use in a variety of ways.  One end of the toy is totally round, while the other has a small split.  This split makes it possible to stimulate either side of your nipples or clitoris at the same time, or you can turn the vibe on its side and rub the area back and forth to provide a new sensation.  The top and round side of the product provide broad stimulation that work well on male and female bodied users.

Sakura also works well for use with a partner since it’s easy to understand and the Soft Touch feature makes it nearly impossible to cause discomfort during use.  It literally feels like a marshmallow and shouldn’t look or feel intimidating to most.  It’s a little on the large side to fit between bodies during intercourse, but works well during foreplay.

Vibrators like this aren’t designed to be inserted into your body.  If you were to insert this toy anally, it’s very likely you would need to visit the ER in order to have it removed.  Play safe!

Sadly, you can’t add this one to your basket of bath time playthings, because it’s only splash proof.  You can clean it under running water (cold or tepid), but avoid submerging it as that could potentially ruin your toy.


Sakura is made from a few different materials; plastic (for the firm inner core and controls), polyurethane elastomer (what makes it squishy), silicone (for the skin), and metal (for the buttons on the control).  The polyurethane elastomer doesn’t come in contact with your skin, and the plastic and metal are on the bottom of the vibe, so most of what you’re exposed to is the silicone.  It’s body safe, non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  You can easily wash the vibe with soap and water, your favorite sex toy cleaner, or you can sterilize with a 10% bleach solution.  Make sure you don’t soak the toy since it’s only splash proof.  This material is compatible with water-based lubricant only, and a little goes a long way.

The texture of this one is a little difficult to describe.  The surface of the silicone is incredibly silky smooth feeling, and glides fairly easily across the skin.  It repels dust and lint, which makes it so much easier to handle and use.  There’s really no texture apart from the control area and the split tip, but the way it feels is really quite odd.

The squishy inner layer and the silicone skin aren’t stuck together, so the outside of the toy can be pinched much like you can actual skin.  Underneath this layer the polyurethane elastomer has a gel like feeling to it.  You can see and feel it compress, but the material within keeps its shape and looks normal the moment you remove your fingers.



The design of the Sakura screams Japanese!  It’s cute, simple looking, and puffy.  Draw on a couple big eyes and it could look like either a cute fish or bunny depending on how you drew it.

Untitled-10On a real note, the design is fairly simple, but serves a purpose.  The Iroha website says:

“The cherry-blossom pink SAKURA allows you to pinch and please with its indented tip”

Truly, there’s no pinching going on here.  I’m not really sure why they made that statement since the tip can only be pinched if you use your fingers to do so, and it’s not indented enough to really hold it against your clit or nipples and pinch it closed.  It can rest on either side of those areas, and works well that way, but there’s no pinching involved.

The top of the vibrator (the side lacking the controls) is where the toy has the most give.  The bottom has much less in comparison, but you wouldn’t typically use this side against your body.


The size is very reasonable for a product like this, and fits easily in your hand.  It’s a nice travel vibe because it’s compact, but doesn’t have a locking feature or storage pouch, so you might just want to leave this one at home.  The full length of the vibe measure in at 3 1/4″ and is 2 1/4″ at the widest point.  The tip only indents 3/8″, which might not be enough to properly surround the desired areas.



Untitled-7The Sakura is rechargeable and comes with an interesting charging set up.  It features a flat base that the toy magnetically connects to, and has a USB cord that plugs into it.  It also comes with a wall adapter so you can charge your toy using a computer or a regular outlet.  The black base has a clear plastic top and doubles as a storage container for your vibe.  

Untitled-3When it first arrives, it’s important to allow your toy to fully charge before use.  Make sure to line the control buttons up with the magnets on the base and plug it in.  When properly connected to the charging base and plugged in, a small light will glow (from the charging base), letting you know that it’s charging.  Once the charge is complete (after approximately 120 minutes), the light will turn off and your toy will be ready to use.  On a full charge, the power can last up to 90 minutes, but that depends on which settings you’re using.  The stronger settings require more power and will drain the battery faster.  How long your vibe takes to recharge after that will depend on how low the battery was when placed on the charger.

The Sakura has a very reasonable amount of settings.  Three steady vibration settings (low, medium, and high) and one pattern setting (pulse).  To turn the toy on, you press and hold down the plus button until you feel the toy start vibrating.  Each press of the plus button after that will take you to the next setting.  The settings will keep cycling as you press the plus button.  To go back to a previous setting you can press the minus button or cycle back through until you’ve reached it.  When you’re ready to turn the toy off, you simply press the minus button until the vibrations cease.  No matter what setting you’re on, the toy will always start off on the lowest steady setting, the vibe doesn’t hold your place.


The vibrations travel well throughout the whole toy which is both a positive and a negative.  In one sense it’s great because you can use any area of the toy to stimulate your body, but at the same time it can make your fingers feel a little tingly.  It’s not horrible, but can be slightly annoying at times.

The type of vibrations are a little more rumbly than buzzy, but not by much.  It’s almost like they found the middle ground between the two and felt it was good enough.  It’s enough that it should work for most users, but might fall short for some power queens.

The sound level is quite modest, being impossible to hear through a closed door.  If you’re in the same room with someone else while you’re using it they may hear the vibe from underneath clothing or covers, but a little white noise should cover it.


The packaging for the Sakura is really classy looking, featuring a sleeve that shows an image of the toy on the front, and contains product information on the back.  Inside the sleeve are two boxes; one that’s white, and one that’s pink.  The white box contains the user manual and charging cord, and the pink box contains your vibrator which is resting inside a cardboard nest, already inside the plastic charger/storage case.  The packaging isn’t discreet since it’s obvious what it contains, but it would make a suitable gift for a close friend or lover.


The user manual isn’t specific to the Sakura, but covers the whole Iroha line.  It covers the basic information you need to know about charging, how to use, cleaning and care, product specs, etc.  There are warning that state much of the obvious, but also mention things like how important it is to keep away from heat.  Always make sure you wash your vibe with cold or tepid water to prevent damage.  The last thing included in the user manual is the warranty information (1 year against defects due to fault of production or materials), and even has a form you can fill out if necessary.  All this information is covered in eight different languages.


After trying out some of Tenga’s male products (the Black Flip Hole is awesome!), I was excited to hear they were producing a line of vibrating toys designed for women.  When I saw what they looked like and heard about this Soft Touch feature, I was even more interested.

When my Sakura arrived, I was immediately intrigued by the way it felt in my hands.  I spent about 10 minutes fondling the poor thing, trying to figure out if I liked the texture or found it bothersome.  I decided to stop messing with it, and charged it up to see if it felt as odd during use as it did in my hands.

The first time I tested it out, I tried using the indented tip on either side of my clit.  I’m a big fan of targeted stimulation, and I felt pretty underwhelmed by what I experienced.  I tried applying more pressure and that helped, but I just wasn’t a fan of using it that way.

The next time I tested it out, I was determined to find a way to make it work better for me.  I don’t normally like broad stimulation, but I figured I’d try the opposite end first.  Nope, nothing.  I tried using the top.  Yeah…not any better.  I switched it back around and tried the indented tip again, only on its side.  I didn’t just hold it in place, I rubbed it back and forth against one side of my clit, creating a light flicking sensation as a result.  That did it for me.  I was actually pretty blown away by the feeling it provided.  Because the tips are soft, it didn’t cause any discomfort, and I was able to press down pretty firmly during use.

So for me, this wasn’t a very versatile vibrator, but I was able to make it work, and make it work well!  I still think there are better product available, but the Sakura isn’t a terrible little vibe.

If you’re interested in purchasing Sakura, or any of the Iroha line, you can do so by clicking the banner below.


Sakura was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

Jan 122014

Bedded Bliss: A Couple’s Guide to Lust Ever After


-The Facts-

Title: Bedded Bliss: A Couple’s Guide to Lust Ever After
Author: Various – Edited by Kristina Wight (Forward by Mark A Michaels and Patricia Johnson)
Publishing Company: Cleis Press
Trade Paper
ISBN 978-1-57344-964-9
5 1/2 x 8, 248 pages

Bedded Bliss: A Couple’s Guide to Lust Ever After is a book geared toward couples’ who are interested in keeping their lusty passion alive despite the stress and situations that come up in long-term relationships.  The book was written primarily for those those in male/female relationships and cover a variety of issues that many married and committed couples often face.

There are many guides available that touch on these important subjects, but Bedded Bliss blends personal experiences, helpful suggestions, and steamy stories into one.  If you and your partner are interested in heating things up, this is the book to grab!  The pages are written on a more personal level so they don’t feel stuffy, and the erotic elements make it feel less intimidating if you’re interested in reading this along with your partner.  Educational and sexy?  Sounds like a pretty awesome pairing!

Bedded Bliss is made up of nine chapters and includes a forward from the authors of Great Sex Made Simple.  Each chapter is made up of three elements; personal experiences and advice, sensual suggestions, and erotic fiction and are set in that order.  Some of the chapters won’t apply to everyone, but there should be at least a little something you’re able to learn and take away from each.

Each chapter contains two erotic stories, other than chapter nine which features eight.  Each story is centered around couples and relate to the subject being covered by that particular chapter.  There are a total of thirteen individual writers and one married couple.  Many of the authors are featured twice, but in separate chapters, providing readers with a variety of writing styles and content.

-My Thoughts-

The concept of this book really interested me, seeing as I’m a married, have children, and am always looking for ways to improve the sexual relationship I have with my husband.  It sounded like the perfect book to turn to when our lust starts fading, and I’d rather read it now before we start slipping into a routine that lacks any spark.

I enjoyed reading the personal experiences shared, and found many of the Sensual Suggestions to be very fresh and interesting.  However, what I didn’t realize was that this book is primarily erotic fiction with some helpful elements thrown into the mix.  Yes, the fiction is well written, centered around couples, and certainly is sexy, but when I saw the word Guide in the title, I assumed there would be less fiction and more suggestions.

That being said, it’s easy to see how many of the stories could excite your own fantasies that could easily spark something within you and your partner, just like most erotica could.  The more I read the more I realized this book was truly designed to be read along with your partner, and that might be why there was less suggestions and more stories about sex.  I know my husband would be bored out of his mind reading a guide along with me, but getting turned on while we read something sexy?  That might be something he’s willing to participate in.

So, while it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting, I understand the reason behind it.  I think the goal is to draw couples together, trying to find a common ground that blends useful information and erotic fiction to snag your attention and hopefully get some ideas along the way.

Get this book with the intention of reading it with your partner, the information it contains is helpful and is sure to add something new to your (perhaps) routine sex life.

Bedded Bliss: A Couple’s Guide to Lust Ever After is available to purchase through Cleis Press and can be found by clicking the banner below.


Bedded Bliss was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

-Chapter Overview-
Excluding erotic fiction titles and authors

Sensual Suggestion: This is it
(Do thing together that help make memories)

Sensual Suggestion: Keep in Touch
(Tips on how to remain hands-on with your partner)

Sensual Suggestion: Make it Current
(Remembering passion and embracing how both your needs are always evolving)

Sensual Suggestion: Playtime for Parents
(Ways to still be playful with each others)

Sensual Suggestion: Aging with Grace
(Trying new things/renewing your commitment to each other)

Sensual Suggestion: Stuck Like Glue
(Leaning on each other when things are rough)

Sensual Suggestion: Mixing It Up
(Exploring something new together)

Sensual Suggestion: Party of Two
(Creating reasons to celebrate your relationship)

Sensual Suggestion: Beat the Clock
(Fun ways to liven up a quickie)


Resource Guide
About the Authors
About the Editor

Jan 112014

Leaf Life+ by Swan

- Made from silicone
- Rechargeable
- Waterproof
- Several functions
- Ergonomic
- Color might bother some
- Obvious seam
- Patterns aren’t overly exciting





The Leaf Life+ is a wonderful upgrade from the original Leaf Life.  It has the same great size and shape, is still rechargeable, waterproof, and made from the same materials.  The changes made are all improvements and haven’t taken away from the original design.  The Life+ has the same amount of power, but will appeal to those who also enjoy patterns.  The only downside to the toy is the color.  While I think it’s attractive, many appreciated the more natural, and less feminine coloring of the original.  If you can get past the purple, the Life+ is the one to get!


The Leaf Life+ from Swan is an external vibrator that can be used for both broad and pin-point stimulation.  It has a wonderful shape that’s ergonomically designed to fit along the curves of the body while being easy to hold and use.

Sized to perfection, the Life+ makes solo play comfortable and pleasure easier to achieve.  The bottom of the vibrator can be laid across your vulva, allowing it to stimulate the entire area, or you can use the tip for more targeted stimulation of the clitoris and other erogenous areas of the body.  The fact this vibe provides two different types of stimulation within one toy makes it even more versatile than similar products.

It doesn’t just have to be used for solo play, you can also use it with a partner.  The vibe is easy to use and figure out, and the flexible tip helps prevent the toy from being pressed too firmly against your skin.  Not only that, it’s slim enough that it can fit between two bodies during intercourse without getting in the way.  Male bodied users don’t need to feel left out!  Life+ can be used on the shaft of the penis during a hand job or a blow job, can be used on the perineum, and for external anal stimulation.  Because it doesn’t have a flared base it’s not safe to insert anally, as it could easily get lost inside your body.  Always play safe!

The design of the charging port prevents any water from leaking inside your vibrator.  This is fantastic if you enjoy taking some toys with you into the tub or shower, and it makes the vibe much easier to clean.


The Leaf Life+ is made from body safe silicone and ABS plastic which are both non-porous, latex free, and phthalate free.  The plastic is all internal, and the silicone acts as a skin to cover the firm parts inside.  Since it’s waterproof, you can easily clean the toy with soap and water or your favorite sex toy cleaner for regular use.  If you’re planning on sharing with someone else, you can sterilize the toy by cleaning with a 10% bleach solution.  Silicone toys are only compatible with water-based lubricants since other types could cause the surface to degrade.

The silicone is matte but drags lightly across the skin.  It’s not tacky or sticky feeling, it just doesn’t glide as easily as plastic or other smooth materials would.  The surface collects small particles quite easily and should be wiped clean prior to each use.

Untitled-9In general, the surface is very firm because the silicone area is only on the outside of the vibe.  Only the tip of the toy has some flexibility to it, but still is able to provide as much pressure as you need during use.  While the majority of the toy is smooth, there are small areas of texture present.  An obvious seam can be seen through the center of both the front and back of the toy and there’s some raised lettering as well.  The seam can only be felt with your hands and shouldn’t cause an issue during use.  The button is also raised from the rest of the toy which makes it easier to find since the whole toy is the same color.


The Leaf Life+ is deep purple in color (though my images appear more blueish than they should).  Going along with the eco theme of this vibe, it reminds me of a poisonous leaf of some sort since often times nature is kind enough to give us natural warnings about the plants that are harmful.  This leaf, however, will do you no harm.  It’s safe, you can handle it!

While it doesn’t immediately look like a vibrator, I’m not really sure what someone would think it was if they stumbled upon it.  Anyone who’s familiar with sex toys could probably guess, but it’s not immediately obvious to those who haven’t been exposed to adult products.  For that reason, it’s fairly discreet, but probably best to keep it tucked away.


The shape is very ergonomic, and has beautiful, soft curves to the design.  This not only makes it comfortable to hold, but it connects well with the female anatomy.  One end of the vibe features a narrow, rounded point (that curves upward) while the other has a broader end (that curves downward).  The top of the toy has a prominent bulge and on top of that is the power button.  It’s in a convenient location to change patterns, but isn’t easily pressed accidentally.

The overall size is very reasonable and fits in the palm of your hand.  The total length of the vibrator is 4 1/4″ and the widest is 1 5/8″ across.  It’s a wonderful vibrator to take with you as you travel since it’s so compact and would easily fit in your purse or suitcase.  Not only that, but it has a special travel lock which prevents it from accidentally turning on while you’re on the go.



Untitled-10The Leaf Life+ is rechargeable and comes with a USB charging cord.  When it first arrives, it requires an initial charge of at least three hours prior to use.  The port is located on the bottom of the toy and is very obvious.  When you plug it in, a red light Untitled-12will glow just above the port.  This indicates that it’s connected and charging.  When the charge is complete, the light will turn off and you’re ready to disconnect and use your vibe.

When you turn the toy on for the very first time, you must hold down the button for 4-6 seconds in order to unlock the button.  A light will flash from under the power button, showing that the toy is unlocked and ready for use.  If you’re traveling or have concerns about the toy turning on while it’s being stored, you can repeat the same action to lock it.  Hold the button down until you see that light flash and it’s locked again.

Once you have your vibrator unlocked, you can turn it on.  There are a total of three vibration intensities and two pattern choices.  Each press of the button will take you to the next, and the toy will turn off once you cycle through them.  If you prefer one setting over the others, you can turn if off while on that setting by holding the button down until it shuts off.  If you do it this way, the toy will start on that setting the next time you turn it on, making it convenient to start on the setting you prefer.

The settings are:

  1. Steady Low
  2. Steady Medium
  3. Steady High
  4. Wave (or roller coaster)
  5. Chattering Pulse/Pause (repeats)

Untitled-7Each time you press the button to change functions, the light will flash four times to indicate the change, and then remain glowing steady.  This light is awesome if you’re in a totally dark room and have trouble finding the button, though it is raised slightly from the toy.  However, if you’re sharing a room with someone and are trying to be discreet, the light can be a little frustrating since it glows so bright.

The vibrations aren’t localized, but travel well throughout the whole toy.  This is great because you can use any surface area of the toy against your body, but it does mean your fingers may feel a little tingly during use.

The power behind the toy is really nice.  It’s rumbly and deep and should work for most power queens.  While it doesn’t quite compare to the We-Vibe Salsa or Tango, it doesn’t trail far behind.  For those that need less power due to being more sensitive, at least a couple of the settings should work out well for you too.

The sound level is nice and modest, especially when you consider the power behind it.  You might just barely be able to hear it from under the covers, but no one would be able to hear it through a closed door.


Untitled-1The packaging the Leaf Life+ arrives in is really nice.  It’s not discreet because the text gives away what the product is, but it’s very tastefully done.  There’s only a little information on the front, it’s the back that shows you the key points and has an illustration of the product it contains.  The cardboard packaging was made to last and would be suitable for storage.  It opens from the side and has a flap that magnetically keeps it closed.  When you open the box, you’re met with a folded sleeve that holds the user manual.  Beneath that you’ll find the USB charger, and the storage pouch which is already holding your Life+ inside (which is also in a plastic bag).

The user manual is jam packed with information and helps you to fully understand the product before ever turning it on.  The booklet includes this information in eight different languages, giving a wide range of people the opportunity to purchase and understand this product.


-Leaf Life vs Leaf Life+-


Before Leaf Life+ came out, Swan released Life, the green, leafy vibrator to the right of the image above.  Life+ features all the wonderful qualities of Life and then some.  Here, I’ll break down the differences that I’ve noticed while owning and using both.


  • Green
  • Arrives in a taller package
  • Comes with a wall charger
  • Taller storage pouch
  • Features only steady vibrations
  • Quickly press three times to lock/unlock
  • Light appears green (because of the silicone color)

The biggest difference is the way it functions.  You turn the toy on by pressing the power button, but have to hold that button down in order to increase the intensity.  Any time you press the power button while it’s on (and it presses really easily), it immediately turns off.  This was my only complaint about Life when I first received it.  Because of the power button location, it was too easy to accidentally turn the toy off during use, and caused me extreme frustration when I would be close to climaxing.



  • Purple
  • Arrives in smaller package
  • Comes with a USB charger
  • Shorter storage pouch
  • Features steady vibrations and patterns
  • Hold the button down to lock/unlock
  • Light appears blue (because of the silicone color)

Because you have to hold down the power button or cycle through the settings in order to turn the toy off, it’s much more difficult to accidentally turn it off during use.  You have to intentionally press and hold that button down, which isn’t likely to happen unless you mean to.  I think this is a huge improvement since it eliminates a lot of frustration.

Note about charging – The charger that arrives with your product is the only one that should be used with it.  The USB charger should not be used with the Life and the wall charger shouldn’t be used with the Life+.  They aren’t interchangeable and won’t charge your toy if switched. 


  • Size
  • Shape
  • Material
  • Power/Motor
  • Sound Level
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable

I think the changes made are all good ones, and am pleased they didn’t try to improve on the shape or size.  I know some are displeased by the color change, but I think it’s a nice shade of purple.  Though I don’t use patterns often, I still think the Life+ is a better option to purchase than the life because of the button issue I addressed above.


I really loved how Leaf Life worked when I first tried it out, but was constantly frustrated from accidentally turning it off during use, so I tucked it away and sort of forgot about it.  When I heard that Swan was releasing improved versions of their Leaf line, I was beyond curious!  I took my Life back out and rediscovered the pleasure and annoyance it brought me before, and tucked it away again.  When I had the opportunity to review the Life+, I jumped on it!

Honestly, there isn’t a single bad thing I could tell you about my experiences with this toy.  I love the fact that I can get down to business by using the smaller tip for pin-point stimulation, or I can slowly warm myself up by placing the toy on my vulva.  It’s comfortable to hold and I haven’t once accidentally turned it off during use!

I’m a steady vibrations kinda gal, so the addition of patterns didn’t phase me since I rarely use them.  That being said, I don’t see the vibrations being overly exciting.  The pulse pattern is a little different from the norm, but it’s not as powerful as I would like it to be and might not be strong enough for some.  As I said, it doesn’t bother me either way, but is worth noting since it’s one of the changes.

I highly recommend checking out the Leaf+ line by Swan if you enjoy steady vibrations and patterns, need a fair amount of power in order to climax, and you’re looking for an ergonomic toy that can be used in a variety of ways!

To purchase the Leaf Life, the Leaf Life+, or any of the Leaf/Leaf+ lines, click the banner below.


Leaf Life+ was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

Jan 112014

Well, allow me to help you with that!  Revel Body and I have teamed up to present you with my first giveaway of 2014!  By entering this giveaway, you’re getting the chance to not only receive the Revel Body, but all the attachments and the travel kit!  Umm, yes please!



If you haven’t heard of the Revel Body before, that’s okay!  My review contains all kinds of information that will help you understand the product before you receive it, and I also have a review that goes over each of the attachments and travel kit.  If that isn’t enough for you, you can also check out the video below.

Meet the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator from Revel Body on Vimeo.

Enter here for your chance to win this innovative product!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • One winner will receive the Revel Body, all four attachments, and the travel kit
  • Giveaway is open from Jan. 11th through Feb. 1st @ 12 am
  • Open Worldwide
  • Products are supplied by Revel Body
  • Revel Body is responsible for shipping the prize
  • The winner will be emailed once the giveaway has ended and will have one week to respond before another is chosen

Huge thank you to Revel Body for sponsoring this giveaway! 

Jan 102014

Revel Body Attachments


Finding the right product to suit your changing sexual needs isn’t always easy.  Certain areas of your body might respond better to pin-point stimulation while others are stimulated by more coverage. Your partner might enjoy texture, and you might prefer smoother surfaces.  And there might even be some days you just want something different.  It can be a tug of war when selecting the right toy, especially with how expensive many adult toys are.  That’s why products like this shine.  The Revel Body was designed to help fit your tastes, no matter how simple or complex they are.  Along with the attachment included with your unit, four additional attachments can be purchased, providing options and a way to make this toy work with your tastes.

The five attachments each offer something different during use, and are wonderful as a set if your needs are changing or you’re using it along with a partner.

Each of the attachments are made from the same materials and are each the same color.  The part that goes inside the unit is a dark grey color and is made from plastic.  It has a shine to it and is totally smooth and firm.  The tips are each made from pink silicone, but the texture and give varies between them.  The silicone has a smoothness to it that prevents it from dragging across the skin, but it does pick up small particles.  They can each be cleaned using soap and water, your favorite toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution to sterilize.  How difficult the attachment is to clean depends on the specific design and I’ll cover that as I go over each one.  Be sure to only use a water-based lubricant with the attachments since other types could cause the silicone surface to degrade.

The additional attachments (the ones you have to purchase separately) arrive in their own boxes.  The front displays an image of the attachment within, and the text on the box gives away what it contains.  It’s not discreet, but it’s tastefully done.

Untitled-12The top of the box pulls up and off the same way the Revel Body box does, only the tips are set inside a cardboard base that holds them in place fairly well.  It’s very attractive and well made, though larger than necessary for the product.  Since they each contain strong magnets, it’s important that they’re stored apart, which makes the original packaging work best for storage.  Within each attachment box is a little paper that gives you the basic rundown of cleaning and caring for the product.  There isn’t much information on the outside of the boxes, but it’s not really necessary since your Revel Body instruction booklet will have provided the most information, and the attachments are useless without the unit.

The Original

The original attachment arrives with the unit and is included in the purchase price of the Revel Body.  If you’ve seen the Revel Body, you already know what this attachment looks like and I covered much of the information in my last review.

This attachment is extremely easy to clean because the surface is smooth and there’s nowhere for bodily fluids or lubricant to get trapped.  A little lube goes a long way since the silicone is so smooth, and glides easily along the skin even without using any.


Untitled-7Size: 1 7/8″ in length

Where it shines:

  • Broad stimulation
  • For those that prefer smooth toys
  • For use on nipples, penis, vulva, clitoris (if yours is exposed), and all over body massage
  • Easy to clean

Where is lacks:

  • Pin-point stimulation
  • For those that need texture
  • For use on buried clitorises (or innies)


Untitled-1Ever has an interesting tip because of the design.  Rather than being flush on the top, it features four rings that gradually sink into the center of the piece.  It creates a small impression that makes it most stimulating to use on areas that extend slightly from the body.  The rings are all raised from the piece and offer some texture during use.  The texture is reasonable and should only bother those who have extreme sensitivities to texture.  One of the downsides to the rings is that you do need to pay a little more attention when you’re cleaning it.  Using a soft bristled tooth brush will help get in between all the lines, though a cotton swab would also work well if you clean it promptly after use.  The silicone has a little more give on this piece than the original because of the design, which prevents it from causing discomfort during use.

Untitled-2Size: 2″ in length

Where it shines:

  • Broad stimulation
  • Light texture
  • Teasing
  • For use on nipples, and clitorises that are easy to access

Where it lacks:

  • Pin-point stimulation
  • For those that prefer smooth toys
  • Areas of the body that aren’t extended (shaft of the penis, etc.)
  • Requires extra attention when cleaning


Untitled-8Fawn is the most textured attachment out of them all and features 26 little feelers that create a delightful sensation.  This one stands out to me as the couples’ attachment because it works best for teasing.  Since it doesn’t dip in the center like Ever does, it works well on any surface of the body.  The silicone on this tip has a lot of give to it, and creates a light tickling sensation during use.  This is the attachment for fun, not for business.  Cleaning is a little trickier with this tip because you need to get in between all the little nubs to do a good job.  A soft bristled toothbrush works well on textured items like this one.

Untitled-9Size: 2 1/4″ in length

Where it shines:

  • For use with a partner/for teasing
  • For broader stimulation
  • For those that enjoy texture
  • Works well on nearly any area of the body

Where it lacks:

  • Pin-point stimulation
  • For those who prefer smoother toys
  • For the big finale (climaxing)
  • Requires extra attention when cleaning


Untitled-3Cona literally looks like the tip of Niko (the next tip I’m about to go over) was cut off and the center was hollowed out.  It has the exact same shape apart from the end, but provides a totally different sensation.  The base of it starts off wider and tapers near the tip, leaving an opening that’s 3/8″ in diameter.  This tip is the least versatile in my opinion.  The end works well to cup very small areas, but is too odd to work well on other areas of the body.  The silicone is very flexible on this tip, so it’s soft and comfortable, but won’t work for just anyone.  Since the inside is hollow, you also need to pay extra attention when cleaning.  Cotton swaps work best to get inside the small area.

Untitled-4Size: 2 3/8″ in length

Where it shines:

  • For cupping sensation of small areas
  • For a somewhat pin-point stimulation
  • Works best on small nipples and the tip of the clitoris

Where it lacks:

  • Limited uses
  • Doesn’t work for broad stimulation
  • Requires extra attention when cleaning
  • Might me too soft for the big finish (climax)


 Untitled-5If you’re only planning on purchasing only one tip,  Niko takes the cake!  It’s the tip that extends the furthest from the unit and works well just about anywhere.  It provides a more pin-point stimulation and reaches your pleasure zones the easiest.  The silicone on this one doesn’t have any texture to it, and only has a slight give.  You can squeeze it between your fingers and feel it, but it’s not noticeable from sight alone.  If you need pressure, this is the best option for the way Revel Body works.  It doesn’t require a lot of lube, and is super easy to clean thanks to the smooth surface.

Untitled-6Size: 2 1/2″ in length

Where it shines:

  • Pin-point stimulation
  • For those that prefer smoother toys
  • Easy to clean
  • Firm for better pressure
  • For use on any area of the body (clitoris, nipples, penis, etc.)

Where it lacks:

  • Broad stimulation
  • For those that prefer textured toys

The following images give you an idea on how far they extend from the Revel Body.  While I provided the measurements, I think the side by side comparison gives you a better idea on what they each look like and what will work best for your specific needs.


Travel Kit


Untitled-14Though the package for the Revel Body is suitable for storage, the travel kit is really a must have.  Even though it’s designed for travel and works well for that purpose, it’s awesome for simply storing your unit at home as well.

Externally it’s a pretty gender neutral color and design, and is very unassuming.  It looks like it could be a small makeup bag or camera case and features a little loop on the back which could easily be hooked onto something to prevent it from rolling around.  The material is very durable and is easy to wipe clean should something get on it.  When you unzip it, however, you’re met with a very pink and silky fabric.  Like the attachment tips, it would have been nice to see a neutral color inside as well, but it’s purely cosmetic.

Untitled-15One side of the travel bag is empty and ready for your Revel Body to be placed inside.  The opposite side has a drawstring that contains some extra goodies that are perfect for on the go.  Leave your charging base at home without worry, because the travel kit includes its own USB charger and wall adapter.  The charger connects to the unit magnetically, but they aren’t strong and you need to set it up carefully to prevent accidental disconnection.  The cord on the charger appears to be very heavy duty and seems like it was designed to hold up well over time.


The bag measures 5″ tall and is 10″ around.  It easily holds the charging cord, adapter, Revel Body, and whatever attachment you choose to place inside of it.  While another attachment might fit inside the enclosed area with the charger, I’m not sure if that’s the best idea due to the magnets inside of them.  So, pick your favorite when you leave home, or use another bag to carry a separate attachment.

In Closing

If you have the Revel Body, chances are at least one of the attachments could benefit you.  The original is totally smooth and flat and remains close to the unit because of the length.  In my opinion, Niko is the best choice if you’re interested in only purchasing one additional attachment.  The only one that was really useless for me was the Cona because it simply didn’t work with my anatomy.  I hope my break down helps you decide what will work best for you.

Whether you’re thinking about purchasing an attachment or not, I think the travel kit should be on your purchase list.  It gives you a great storage bag for then you’re at home, and provides you with another charging source.  Surprise trip?  Grab it and go!

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my review of the Revel Body Sonic Vibrator.

Each attachment and the travel kit can be purchased by clicking the banner below.

All attachments and travel kit were provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

Jan 102014

Revel Body Sonic Vibrator

- Made from safe, quality materials
- Waterproof
- Easy to use and understand
- Rechargeable
- Additional attachments can be purchased
- Interesting technology
- Might not be the right stimulation for some
- Need to use two hands if your clit isn’t easily exposed
- Can’t apply much pressure





The Revel Body is a pretty interesting product that is unlike anything I’ve ever tried before.  The TrueSonic technology provides an interesting sensation that will appeal to those looking to try something different.  It’s rechargeable, waterproof, made from body safe materials, and additional attachments can be purchased to help suit your specific needs.  It has a lot of great things going for it, but falls short for me.  The tip doesn’t extend far enough from the toy to easily access a buried clit, and requires the use of two hands.  Not only that, but while you’re spreading your labia, you can only hover over your clit because pressure causes the tip to stop moving.  If your clit is easy to access and you don’t care for pressure, this might be great for you.  But for anyone that needs pin-point stimulation and has a hidden clit, the Revel Body on its own won’t quite be right for you without the purchase of additional attachments.


The Revel Body is a discreet, non-threatening massager that’s quite unique.  It’s the first product available that features TrueSonic technology which sets it apart from other products of its kind because of the way it functions.

This spherical shaped toy was designed to provide users with a little something different to aid in sexual pleasure and can be used in a variety of ways.  For sexual purposes, you can use the attachment on any area of the body that you find to be stimulating; clitoris, nipples, penis, etc.  But you can also use it on other areas of the body for massage.  It’s great for solo use, but can easily be placed in the hands of a willing partner for them to use on you.  Though it’s smaller in size, the shape does prevent it from working well between partners during intercourse, but a change in position might be all you need to make it work better for you.

The massager and attachment are not meant for internal use, and would be not only uncomfortable, but unsafe to try inserting anally.  

The fact that the Revel Body is waterproof is great for a number of reasons.  It’s easy to clean, it won’t die if you squirt during an orgasm, and can be used in the tub or shower.  When used under water, the opposite side of the massager (the funnel end) can sort of suction against your skin.  I was told others have compared it to oral sex, but it might not be strong enough for some.


The Revel Body is made from silicone and plastic, which are both body safe materials that are free of harmful chemicals, they’re non-porous, and latex free.  These materials are wonderful because they’re easy to clean and care for and can be sterilized.  For regular use, you remove the attachment and clean both pieces with soap and water or a sex toy cleaner (making sure to clean well in the attachment tunnel and the seam that’s around the toy), but you can also use a 10% bleach solution to sterilize the toy which makes it safe to share.

Because the surface is made from silicone, you should only use a water-based lubricant since other types could cause the surface to degrade.  If you’re noticing the attachment is making more noise than you’d like, you can also lubricate it.  When you put a few drops of water between the toy and attachment, the toy will be noticeably quieter for approximately 20 minutes.  Using a water-based lube instead of water will make that time last even longer.

The silicone makes up the majority of the toy’s surface, but is more like a skin covering the firm internal parts.  The area around the tip that comes in contact with your body is the only place you’ll be able to feel the silicone squish beneath your fingers.  The attachment it comes with also has some give to it, but I wouldn’t consider it soft either.  It’s comfortable without acting like a cushion against your body.

The surface is matte and only a small amount of drag can be felt from it.  It’s not buttery smooth, but it’s not going to eat half a bottle of lube during use either.  It attracts small particles while remaining easy to wipe clean before use.  This isn’t one that you set down for one second and it looks like it’s been under the couch for a month, it’s very reasonable.

The only real texture is the seam that goes around the center of the sphere, the words ‘revel body’ that are near the charging area, and the three buttons that control the toy’s functions.  The attachment it comes with is totally smooth and will be suitable for those that don’t care for much texture during use.  If you enjoy some texture, be sure to check out the other attachments that can be purchased separately.


The Revel Body is a dark grey massager with pink tipped attachments.  It would have been nice to see the neutral colors follow into the attachments as well since so many are opposed to pink products, but the contrast is nice.

The design of the product is quite discreet and immediately makes me think ‘web cam‘ and not sex toy.  This is awesome if you’re looking for a product that will blend in with its surroundings rather than stand out, and might make some new toy users feel more comfortable knowing it doesn’t immediately look like an adult product.


In general, the Revel Body is round, though not entirely.  One end features the tip of the attachment (that’s in contact with your body most during use), and the opposite side has a cavity where you see the flat end of the attachment.  The controls are also on the back side of the massager, making it easy to intentionally change functions during use.

Having the cavity is important because it helps you remove the attachment for cleaning or switching it out for another one.  To do this, you must press on the flat end of the attachment (in the funnel).  This will bring the tip forward, making it so you can easily grab and pull it out the rest of the way.  Don’t be surprised if it offers resistance, it’s held in place my strong magnets and is totally normal.


The size makes it comfortable to hold and easy to manage.  Though I don’t have one to compare it to, it seems similar in size to a tennis ball.  It has a circumference of 8 1/2″, with the attachment itself being only 2″ tall.  The width of the included tip is 1″ in diameter which provides broad stimulation during use.  Because it’s discreet and isn’t large, it’s a nice toy to take with you on the go.  Revel Body also sells a travel kit which is great for storing your massager and for use on the go.



Untitled-3The Revel Body is rechargeable and will require an initial charge before use.  It comes with a really neat charging base which prevents it from rolling and potentially disconnecting from the unit.  The base is USB rechargeable so you can plug it into your computer, or use the included adapter to plug it into a regular outlet.  When it’s charging, you’ll see a light glowing from within the cavity (or funnel area) of the toy.  The light will glow until it’s fully charged.  The time it takes to charge depends on how low the battery is.  The include booklet states:

“Charging the Revel Body will take approximately twice as much time as it was used (if you run the product for 10 minutes, it will charge in about 20 minutes).”

I’ve been extremely impressed with how long it holds a charge.  I used the Revel Body for over an hour without a decrease in power or needing to be charged.


There are three buttons that control the functions of the toy.  The power button, a plus button, and a minus button.  When you power on the toy, you’ll see the lights flash a few times.  How many times it flashes will depend on how juiced up the battery is.  One flash means it has about 25% power remaining, two flashes means 50%, and three means it’s fully charged.  I think this is a really awesome feature since it’s sometimes difficult to tell when your toy needs to be charged and when you can use it for an extended session.

Untitled-6Once the toy is on, you’ll be on the first setting and the three lights in the funnel will glow steady during use.  Rather than various patterns, this product features 10 speeds.  Each press of the plus button will bring you to a faster setting (and can be decreased at any point to lower the speed).  Please note I’m not saying a higher or more powerful setting, I’m saying faster.  The highest setting isn’t the most powerful, in fact, the higher settings actually feel more buzzy and less powerful than some of the lower ones.  It’s the speeds toward the middle (third, fourth, and fifth) that feel the fastest to me and provide deeper vibrations.  The motor within the massager isn’t like standard vibrators.  It’s a totally new concept that’s pretty interesting.  You can learn more about TrueSonic technology by visiting this website.

The sensations the toy provides are very different than what you might be used to, because the massager works differently.  The whole toy doesn’t vibrate, instead, the attachment moves in a sort of up and down tapping motion.  Even on the lowest speed it’s pretty fast, but the higher the setting the faster this motion is.  The sensation doesn’t travel through the toy, so there’s no concern about your fingers getting numb during use; the focus is in the end of the attachment as it moves.

The sound level is quite discreet, especially if you have it lubricated (as stated in the Material/Texture section).  Without lubrication, the lower settings give off a rattling sound.  It’s not loud enough that someone would be able to hear it outside of a closed door, but it might be distracting during use.  The higher settings don’t rattle, but have a very electronic kind of sound to them.  No matter what setting you’re on, some lube and a little white noise will prevent nosy people from knowing what you’re doing.

When you’re finished, you simply press the power button and you’re all set to remove the attachment and clean the toy.


The Revel Body arrives in a very modern and classy looking package.  On the outside is a thin sleeve that has an image of the product on the front and a little information on the back.  At first glance it looks like a package for a web cam, but once you read the box it’s obvious what it contains.  It can easily be removed and discarded if you require discretion.

The actual package itself only says ‘Revel Body’ on it, which makes it much more discreet.  The cover goes over the half box below, and the massager is resting on a plastic piece inside.  Be careful when you’re opening it, since it’s not anchored well.  Once you take out the massager, you remove the plastic tray to access the instruction guide and charger.  It’s all a very nice set up and does work well for storage since the cardboard is very thick and should last a long time.

Untitled-8(Please note, I placed the massager upside down on the plastic tray for the photo, it will be placed in the box properly when it arrives.)

The instruction guide contains all kinds of useful information about the product.  Version one of this product contained a booklet that was full of warnings that were really concerning to users.  This one is trimmed down considerably and is much more understandable.  Here are all the warnings included within the booklet, so you know what to expect prior to purchasing:

  • Part One
  • Part Two
  • Part Three
  • Part Four

I hope these images help to ease your mind about what you’ve heard concerning the warnings surrounding this product.


The Revel Body is a product I’ve struggled with.  I really want to like it, but it falls short in a few ways for me.  I’ve spent more time testing this product than any other I’ve received and have simply come to the conclusion that this isn’t the right product for me, but I think it would be awesome for the right person.

The original attachment is all wrong for my body and tastes.  I have a buried clit (or an innie as some call it) and the flat surface makes it a challenge to get the tip to connect well, even while I’m spreading my labia with my other hand.  I shouldn’t have to struggle to spread myself open in order to access things when I’m trying to pleasure myself.  I realize this won’t be an issue for everyone, but there are additional attachment that make up for this problem.

Once I found a tip that connected better with my clit, I was able to really test out the product.  I’m a pressure lover.  I really enjoy pressing down on my clit with vibrators or when using my fingers.  This product doesn’t work that way. It requires you to sort of hover over your pleasure areas during use since the power will decrease (or cease) if you press down.  This is something I don’t respond well to.  It took me a lot longer than normal, but I was able to climax using it (but only on the middle settings I mentioned were the highest in intensity).  If you aren’t into pressure, you’ll probably enjoy it a lot more than I did.  Again, that only has to do with my personal tastes and preferences.

One of the biggest things I was concerned about was whether or not hair or loose skin would be tugged on during use.  The booklet itself even says,

“You may place a layer of fabric between your skin and the Revel Body if you are experiencing too much sensation or if you’re using the Revel Body on hairy or loose skin areas.”

That statement alone is concerning considering the vulva is a naturally hairy area and the labia minora is made up of looser skin that’s pronounced on many women, including myself.  I was nervous, but I went about testing this without fabric, because I don’t think you should be required to put a layer of fabric between your sex toys and your body to prevent bad things from happening.  No matter where or how I moved it, it didn’t catch my skin.  I’m shaved, so I can’t speak for the hair aspect of it, but I don’t think it’s something to be terribly concerned about in general.

The final test I did with the Revel Body was in my bath tub.  The idea of the toy creating a sucking sensation when turned around really interested me since I love that feeling.  When I placed the toy under the water, I first pressed it against my hand.  I could feel a very light suction, but nothing extreme.  I tested out the various settings and didn’t notice it getting any stronger, no matter what speed it was on.

I did the best I could to get it to suction over my clit, and it was really underwhelming.  I’m a very lucky lady and have a man who really knows what he’s doing in the oral sex department, so I’m not sure if that’s why it wasn’t very stimulating to me or not.  I’m sure those who aren’t used to that type of stimulation would respond better than I did, but it really wasn’t a strong enough suction for me to be pleasured by it.

So, as you can see, my issues with the product are really surrounding my individual taste and needs.  I require a lot of power, pin-point vibrations, and good pressure.  This simply wasn’t the right toy for me.  If you have similar needs to me, you might want to pass on this one.  However, if you respond better to broad, lighter stimulation, this might be just the product for you!

If you purchase the Revel Body directly from the company, you’ll have a 30 day period in which you can return the product for any reason.  Please make sure to read their guarantee and terms to learn more.  In addition to that return period, there’s also a one year warranty against manufacturer defect-related problems.  If you purchase from another retailer, you’ll have to go based on their return policies.

Click the banner below to purchase the Revel Body, any (or all) of the attachments, and the travel bag!

The Revel Body was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

Jan 062014

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