Oct 212013


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  • NS Infinit – one American, one Canadian -by Sexuality Sanctuary & STC (ends 10/31)
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  • SpunkLube Pink -by CliticalJenne (ends 10/31)
  • Happy birthday, M! Let’s hear it for the men! (A giveaway) -by Rayne Millaray (ends 10/31)
  • Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month -by JustLikeHeaven (ends 10/31)
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  • A Few of My Favorite Things Giveaway -by Krissy Novacaine (ends 11/1)
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Erotic Books

  • Adventurous Couples Guide To Sex Toys Book -by Gritty Woman
  • Dark Secret Love by Alison Tyler -by SubReiSkyeM




Oct 202013


After years of debating, I finally bit the bullet.  I’m done having children, I’m done nursing babies…it was time to give my worn out nipples something shiny and new to enjoy.  I know it’s going to take some time to get used to them, time for them to heal, but I’m already enjoying this new and exciting touch.

Sinful Sunday


Oct 192013

Echo Handle from Tantus

- Made from silicone
- Comfortable to use
- Great length
- Easy to clean and care for
- Stimulating texture (might be too much for some)
- Isn’t harness compatible/doesn’t vibrate (check out Echo Vibrator)
- Limited color options




The Echo Handle from Tantus is a dildo that boasts an impressive length.  Designed more like a dildo-on-a-stick, the base of the toy acts as a handle, making it easy to hold onto while you’re thrusting.  The overall size makes it comfortable to use on yourself or to place your pleasure in the hands of your partner.

Great for vaginal use, the Echo Handle has a wonderful texture that ignites the senses.  Though it doesn’t have a specific G-spot curve, the slight bulge at the end of the toy caresses your sweet spot with every thrust.  The length is wonderful as far as comfort during solo use, but be careful if you’re using on a partner, or vocal if your partner is using it on you.  It’s not difficult to thrust too hard and cause internal discomfort.

Without a flared base, you might immediately assume this toy isn’t safe for anal use, but the length makes it a much more reasonable option than many dildos.  It’s very unlikely this toy would slip inside of you accidentally, and yet again, the length makes it much easier to reach around and use it on yourself.  Just keep in mind the dildo is quite textured.

Apart from the size, it’s pretty straightforward as far as dildos go.  There are no vibrating parts to this toy, no bullet holes, and it isn’t harness compatible.  If you like the look of the texture but want something shorter, containing a bullet hole, and harness friendly, check out the Echo Vibrator from Tantus.


The Echo Handle is made from Tantus’ 100% Ultra Premium Silicone.  Silicone is totally body safe, latex free, non-porous, and phthalate free.  It’s a great choice for a sex toy material because it’s so safe to use and easy to sterilize.

This particular silicone has a shiny surface for the insertable portion and is a little more matte looking for the handle.  The surface itself is without texture, but the smooth silicone picks up hair and lint and has a lot of drag to it.  A little lubricant is all you need to get it to glide across your skin easily since the surface isn’t matte.

Though it’s made from silicone, the Echo Handle is very firm.  It doesn’t really give when you squeeze it and will only bend with force on the actual dildo area; the handle bends a little more easily but doesn’t really affect use.


The texture of this toy isn’t extreme, but it might be a bit too much for someone that prefers smooth toys in general.  After the slightly Untitled-3bulged head, the Echo Handle features four rows of ridges or ripples along the top of the dildo.  The bottom and part of the sides are smooth, keeping your focus on a targeted area.  It has a ribbed feeling to it during use which will either highly stimulate those that enjoy texture, or slightly bother those who don’t.  The ridges aren’t deep, so they shouldn’t cause discomfort, and are also easy to clean.  The handle itself is also detailed well, making it easy to grip with your hand during use since your fingers practically fall into place.


The design of this toy is where it really shines!  Rather than being shaped like a typical dildo, Tantus made the Echo Handle nice and long, making it so much easier to use on yourself.  If you’ve ever become uncomfortable trying to lean far forward to thrust a shorter toy, this will bring you relief!  You don’t have to put yourself in an uncomfortable position while you’re using this toy, and that alone makes it, and other handles available from Tantus, totally worth purchasing!

The overall look isn’t overly phallic, but isn’t the most discreet looking toy you’ve ever seen.  If someone were to see it, it would be pretty obvious what it is and what it’s used for; not many self defense weapons are nicely marbled looking and gently textured!  The bulged end could sort of resemble the head of a penis, but is different enough that it shouldn’t bother anyone who has an aversion to realistic looking toys.  There aren’t any testicles, veins, urethral hole, or anything else that would make it look realistic, not to mention the coloring.


The size might be intimidating when you first look at it, but keep in mind that only a portion of the toy is meant to be inserted.  The full length of the toy is 11″, with 7″ making up the insertable portion of the toy.  The thickest area is the ridge near the tip of the toy which is 4 3/4″ in circumference, reasonable for many average users.  The thickness along the shaft varies because of the texture, but is approximately 4 1/2″ give or take.  It will probably look quite small to most size queens, but the texture gives it something extra and should still be suitable.  If you’re a total beginner, you might want to consider something a little less textured.  Tantus has a large variety of silicone dildos that will work for anyone.

There are only two color options available for the Echo Handle; Midnight Purple and Strawberry.  If those colors don’t appeal to you, you can always try your luck at getting a different or unique color by snagging the Grab Bag Echo Handle.  Tantus can’t guarantee your grab bag item will be strikingly different, but you might end up with a color that appeals to you more.


Being made from such high quality silicone makes it super easy to clean and care for.  Before each use, make sure that your dildo is free of lint by washing it off or wiping it down.  After each use you can easily clean with antibacterial soap and warm water, or your favorite sex toy cleaner.  If you’re sharing with someone else or switching between orifices, it’s important to sterilize to prevent the spread of bacteria.  You can clean it with a 10% bleach solution, place it on the top rack of your dishwasher, or boil it for three minutes.  Because of the length, you’ll want to just hold the insertable area of the dildo into the boiling water since you don’t want the toy to be directly against the side of your pot.

Water-based lubricant is always the safest option to use with your silicone toys, because often times the material reacts poorly to silicone-based lube.  If water-based isn’t your cup of tea, make sure you spot test before slathering another type all over your dildo.

The Echo Handle doesn’t come with a pouch and the packaging isn’t suitable for long term storage.  The length makes it difficult to find something that will work for it, so just make sure there’s nothing that would damage your dildo wherever you decide to store it.  It wouldn’t take much for something small and sharp to puncture the surface or cut into the silicone.

-Echo Handle and Echo Vibrator comparison-


  • Long vs. short
  • More subtle texture vs. more intense texture
  • Handle vs. bullet hole
  • Not harness compatible vs. harness friendly 


The Echo Handle is something I’ve had my eye on for some time now.  The idea of it having such a convenient handle really caught my eye and I just had to see if it worked as well as I had imagined.

I wasn’t disappointed.

I normally lay on my back during my playtime, and sometimes have to stop using my insertable toys because it’s not always comfortable being a plus sized woman, leaning forward and pounding away (sorry, it happens).  With the Echo Handle, I was shocked.  I laid back and basked in the comfortable pleasure I was receiving.  I was able to use my go-to clitoral vibe and this dildo at the same time without needing to stop and readjust to get more comfortable.

Apart from my full body comfort, I was impressed by how effortlessly this dildo found and stimulated my G-spot.  I’ve never been able to orgasm from internal stimulation alone, but the intense pleasure I received from the Echo Handle was both welcome and surprising considering there isn’t an obvious curve to it.

I tend to be a size queen, and though this toy is smaller than what I normally use, it’s every bit as amazing because of the texture and overall design.  I suggest everyone look into getting a handle of your own, whether it’s the Echo Handle, the Goddess Handle, Anaconda, or the G-Force; there should be a little something for everyone.


The Echo Handle was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

Oct 182013

My breasts have never been attractive to me.

When I was six years old I received my first training bra.  Being a chubby child and living in a home that required excessive modesty, my mother felt it necessary.  I remember it in detail, being white and having an illustrated hippo lifting weights on the front.  I only realize now how wrong that image was.

Once I hit puberty, my breasts started to truly develop.  Still, I was ashamed.  I watched my older sister fill out and blossom, while my breasts developed into different sizes.  No one ever discussed what was normal or not and I felt embarrassed by their lopsided appearance; just another part of my body to be insecure about.

At the age of 16, my first boyfriend fondled my breasts.  It was the first time anyone had touched me there apart from myself, and even then I avoided it apart from washing in the shower.  I felt guilty because of my beliefs at the time, and it took a long time for me to forgive myself for allowing it to happen.

My ex husband was the first man to see my bare breasts, and they never interested him much.  He made me feel as though he disapproved since he lacked any desire for them, and I was too young and shy to discuss it with him.  We were together for four years, and he only touched me there on a few occasions.

On October 19th, 2005 I found out I was pregnant with my first child.  As the months progressed I watched as my areolae changed from a soft pink to a darker brown and nearly doubled in size.  I was embarrassed by this change, and though I knew it was normal, I felt they were even uglier.  They no longer looked sweet and youthful, I felt like they were somehow tainted.  I tried to embrace this new development, tried to take it as another mark of motherhood, but it killed the little confidence I did have.

Around seven months into my pregnancy I started producing colostrum.  Watching this thick, yellow fluid leaking from my nipples was surprising, but gave me a sense of peace.  I had always planned on breastfeeding my baby and this was proof that my body had set the gears in motion to produce the milk my infant would be nourished by.

My daughter was a natural at nursing, and I found immense comfort in knowing my breasts were able to supply everything she needed for the first few months of her life.  I went on to nurse my first for 20 months, my second daughter for 18 months, and my third daughter for 11 months.  Being able to nurse my children was extremely important to me, and no matter how ugly I felt they were, I took immeasurable pride in knowing their nourishment was coming from me.

The color of my areolae did lighten up, and leveled into a light tan color once I was finished nursing, but having babies did a number to their shape.  How much my breasts sag bothers me all the time.  They’re not large, they aren’t weighed down, they’re just exhausted and limp.  It often pains me to see them, wishing so badly my husband would be able to enjoy full, perky breasts, but I know that thought is just my insecurities shining through.

My husband does enjoy them, and since we’ve been together I’ve realized how much I enjoy nipple stimulation and the feel of his hands caressing them.  It’s something I never knew before because I was too ashamed to explore and worse, to ask my ex husband to touch me there.

I’ve always had a negative view of how my breasts look, but the idea of losing them is terrifying.  I’ll take my saggy, lopsided breasts and learn to love them, appreciate them, and work hard at letting go of the insecurities I have surrounding them.  Breast cancer is serious, and having a mastectomy is the smallest concern to someone battling breast cancer.  I admire the courage of those fighting, those who have lost their breast(s), and the loved ones who’ve watched this evil disease end the life of someone they cherished.

My breasts are far from perfect looking, but they’re healthy, they’re mine, and have served an amazing purpose.


Whether you have a family history of breast cancer or not, make sure to get properly screened.  Early detection is key, and men aren’t exempt.  To learn more about what breast cancer is, how it can be treated, or to donate to breast health services for women in need, visit the National Breast Cancer Foundation website.


Oct 162013


I have a confession to make, the first time I read an erotic novel was about a year ago.  Though my husband knows I’m a sexual person, and though we have a whole slew of sex toys, admitting that I was interested in reading erotica was something I almost felt ashamed about.  I’m not sure exactly what it was about it that made me feel so shy and nervous, but it took a lot of courage to tell my husband that I was interested in purchasing some.

Not knowing where to start, I went with what was in the spotlight at the moment; the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy.  I flew through the first book, passed quickly through the second, and just couldn’t stay interested in the third.  After all the hype, I figured I would be super impressed with it, but it lacked something and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

After the disappointment surrounding them, I didn’t touch another one until recently.  Cleis Press sent me The Ultimate Guide To Prostate Pleasure and included a catalog along with it so I could choose a few other books.  I was also asked if I had interest in reading Dark Secret Love, and to be honest, after reading what it was about, I wasn’t totally sure it was right for me.  Fifty Shades kind of left a bad taste in my mouth and I was worried this book would as well, especially since I can’t personally relate to a BDSM lifestyle.  I hadn’t read anything from Alison Tyler before, but after seeing how many books she already had published, I figured it was worth a shot, especially since one of the key points was how much of her own story can be found with its page.

From the first sentence of the Introduction, I could tell this wasn’t going to be like anything I’d read before.

Welcome to my world.  Have a seat.  Make yourself at home.
I’m about to tell you a story.

The introduction goes on to express that this novel is her story, “How much of my tale is real?  As much as I was able to give”, that statement alone piqued my interest and I knew immediately that this book was going to be very different.

The more I read the more I felt like we were in some dimly lit corner of a cafe, comfortably sitting back, sipping my coffee and listening to her intimate experiences; totally unaware of our surroundings.  Might seem a little extreme, but I truly felt I was learning about her life, spoken from one friend to another.

Dark Secret Love is the story of Samantha, a young woman with a passion for writing and a sexual desire to match.  The character takes on a raw and real appearance, being easy to relate to even without having the same kinky desires.  From the start it’s obvious what Sam needs, and while some men were able to immediately understand, others weren’t so intuitive.  After leaving an oppressive three year relationship, you really start to see her blossom.  She’s discovering herself, owning her pleasure, and freeing herself through the discipline she craves.  Sam encounters a few men who help her on along the journey, but it’s someone unexpected who ends up understanding her best and is always a few steps ahead of her.

Alison Tyler keeps you interested, always wondering what might happen next.  The scenes are sexy, well written, and provide the reader with the perfect amount of detail to allow the story to come to life.  Whether you’re in a Dom/Sub relationship, have fantasies about being in one, or simply appreciate well written erotica, Dark Secret Love is an excellent read!

As I watched the final pages thin, I couldn’t understand how the story could end here; and it doesn’t.  The Delicious Torment will be the next book in this series, and an excerpt is provided.  I was left wanting, and was pleased to see there will be other delicious pages to follow.

A little about the author:

Alison Tyler, “mistress of literary erotica,” has mined her memoirs, spinning a kinky fairy tale with a happily-ever-after ending. Dark Secret Love is a modern-day Story of O, a 9 1/2 Weeks-style journey fueled by lust, longing and the search for true love. Inspired by her BDSM lifestyle and based on her private diaries, Tyler draws on her twenty-five years’ experience penning sultry stories to create a scorchingly hot work of autobiographical fiction, a meta-novel with reality at the core.

Take a deep breath and get your safe word handy. Alison Tyler will push your boundaries to their limits—and have you begging for more.

Dark Secret Love is available for purchase through Cleis Press, and is also available on Amazon.com in Paperback, Kindle, and Audible editions.

Or, you could enter to win a paperback copy in my latest giveaway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Giveaway is open from Oct. 17 @ 12 am through Oct. 31 @ 12 am
  • This giveaway is open world wide and is sponsored by Cleis Press
  • Cleis Press is responsible for shipping the book once the winner is chosen
  • The winner will be emailed once the giveaway has ended and will have one week to respond before another is chosen

HUGE thank you to Cleis Press for sponsoring this giveaway!  Make sure you check out their website to see other books available.cleispress

Oct 162013

giveaway10113The Sin Doll

Congratulations on winning and I hope you enjoy it!  Thank you each for entering and showing interest in the giveaway!  I’ll be having other hollow book giveaways in the future and will be working on a tutorial so you all can learn how to make your own.  I have other giveaways in the works, but wanted to ask your opinion.  I appreciate your input and it’s my desire to hold giveaways that interest as many as possible.

Are you more, less, or just as likely to enter giveaways that features a product I’ve hand made?

What other giveaways would you be interested in entering through my blog?

Thank you all, again, for entering the giveaway and I hope you’ll keep coming back to read reviews, experiences, and of course, enter more giveaways! 

Oct 142013

SPUNK Lube Pink

- Glycerin free
- Long lasting
- Safe for all toy materials
- Doesn’t stain
- Doesn’t get sticky
- Feels ‘natural’
- Fun color (could be a con)
- Smell/taste
- Contains parabens




SPUNK Lube Pink is a fun colored lubricant that’s designed to make your playtime nice and smooth!  This lube is considered a hybrid formula, creating a product that blends both silicone and water into a long lasting and toy safe lubricant.  Often times you hear ‘silicone-based’ and immediately shield your silicone toys; desperate to make sure nothing causes damage to your precious friends..eh..toys, but not this lube!  If it makes you more comfortable, you can spot test on an area of your toy that isn’t insertable, but I haven’t had any issues with it!

Whether you’re using the lube for toy use or intercourse (it’s latex friendly and safe to use with condoms), it lasts a surprisingly long time and works extremely well.  I don’t normally need lubricant during vaginal sex, but do for larger toys and was very impressed by how well SPUNK Lube Pink did the job.  Even more impressive is how well it works for anal activities.  Though you need to use a little more when you’re engaging in backdoor play, there’s little need to reapply, no matter how long you’re going at it.

Though this particular lube from SPUNK Lube seems to be marketed more toward females, anyone can use it.  The long lasting formula not only works well for penetrative practices, but can also be used for jacking off.  It remains slick and shouldn’t need to be reapplied.  If you’re planning on starting off with hands and moving to oral sex, make sure you wipe it off first.  It’s not flavored and wasn’t made as an oral enhancer so the taste and smell might be a turn off to the giver.

The ingredients list is pretty short with this lube, it does contain parabens (which some like to avoid), but is glycerin free.  Nothing immediately jumps out to me as an allergy concern, but you’ll want to check the list before purchasing.

Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Dimethicone, Dimethiconol, Propylene Glycol, Hydroxymethylcellulose, Methylparaben, FD & C Red 40


SPUNK Lube Pink doesn’t have any kind of special texture to it, it’s simply smooth and makes everything very slick.  What I really like about this particular lube is that it’s not super thick, but isn’t thin either.  It’s really the ‘just right’ kind; you have enough time to apply before it runs, but it spreads very easily.  Nearly everything about the consistency reminds me of their Hybrid formula which is their ‘cum lube’, so if you’ve had contact with cum, you’ll know how it feels.

The biggest difference with this lube and cum, is that it doesn’t get sticky.  I have serious issues with things feeling sticky, and so I always clean up immediately after my husband and I have played together.  This lube is super easy to clean off your skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth after you’ve wiped it away.

It’s impressive how long this lubricant lasts and it’s more likely you’ll need to wipe it away when you’re finished than need to reapply during your session.  A simple wipe or cloth works fine, you don’t need to use soap and water unless you’d like to.

The image below will give you a little idea on how thick the lubricant is.  The photo on the bottom is when it was first applied, the image to the right is after I held my hand up for 10 seconds, and the photo on the top was taken five seconds after holding my hand upside down.



SPUNK Lube Pink has a sort of soapy smell and taste to it.  It’s not overwhelming and shouldn’t bother someone in general, it’s mostly obvious when your face is close to the area where it’s applied.  Once you’ve cleaned up, your skin doesn’t hold onto the scent, so even if you really don’t care for it, it doesn’t linger.  The same goes for the taste, once you’ve cleaned the area, the taste is eliminated.


Untitled-3SPUNK Lube Pink is only available in 8 oz bottles.  These bottles are made from a clear plastic that’s soft enough to squeeze, which is what you’ll need to do in order to dispense the lube.  The black top is pop style, you press one side and the opposite pops up.  When it arrives, there’s a plastic seal around the cover, but mine ended up leaking in the package.  Make sure it’s always standing up to avoid the bottle leaking.

The label has a black background and some of the text is pink to go along with this colored lube.  It gives you the ingredients and a little information about the product, but all in all it’s pretty basic.  The text does give away the fact that this is a personal lubricant, but the label can easily be peeled off, making it look more like a lotion or hair product through the clear bottle.


After reviewing SPUNK Lube Hybrid and SPUNK Lube Pure Silicone, SPUNK Lube Pink was the final lube for me to review.  I loved Hybrid and liked Pure Silicone, so I was curious to see if Pink would meet my expectations.

Honestly, apart from the smell and color being different, I had exactly the same experience with Pink that I did with the Hybrid.  I don’t have sensitivities to glycerin, so I didn’t personally experience a difference between the two.  My husband didn’t love the color of this one, but it worked exactly the same and I was just as impressed by it!

I was both pleased and surprised that the pink coloring didn’t cause clothing or sheets to stain or discolor, and think colored lube is pretty fun and interesting to use.  Perhaps another color will come out eventually?

Go, buy yourself some SPUNK Lube Pink, Hybrid, or Pure Silicone.  They’re all great lubes and are worth trying out!  Pink is currently on sale, so make sure you check it out before they’re back to being full price!


SPUNK Lube Pink was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines. 

Oct 142013

keyPhoto courtesy of Property Of Potter

Welcome to HedoVibes, a collection of reviews and giveaways that were posted in the past week or so from around the web. This is a collection of adult product reviews & contests from real reviewers. If you want to be included in the next edition use the submission form. Want to read more reviews? Check out HedoVibes for a list of the latest reviews and stellar reviewers. You can also follow on twitter for the latest round ups.


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Oct 142013


I’m not a good writer.  I don’t have any real experience with writing, and have trouble feeling confident no matter what I type.  I often question my abilities as a blogger and struggle to feel like what I have to say is relevant, easy to understand, and something others can relate to.  Some of my closer friends know what I’ve been through as far as my education, but I feel that I need to lay it all out there in order to move forward, feeling secure and capable rather than defeated and ashamed.

From preschool through fourth grade I attended a public school.  I’m not bragging when I say I was a great student.  I loved learning, adored my teachers, and my grades reflected both.  I’ve always been someone to put in my all, having a strong desire to impress others and find some kind of worth within myself.  My peers made fun of me because I was a ‘goody good’; always trying to do the right thing, being as helpful as possible, and working hard to be the best I could be.  By the middle of my fourth grade year, my mother not only noticed a decline in my self esteem thanks to my peers, but also noticed I was no longer being challenged in my classes.  The idea of being homeschooled was brought up; promises of special school trips, learning what I wanted to learn, and being able to sleep in were only some of the pros my mother mentioned.

Sounded good to me!

I was 10 years old at the time, truly having no idea what I was getting myself into.  When I walked away from my elementary school at the end of the year, it was the last time I would be in a typical school system.  My fifth grade year started, and while I could tell my mother tried to make it fun, I wasn’t being taught enough, and found I was often lonely.  I hardly ever heard from my school friends, and was almost always at home, practically hiding in my room from my emotionally abusive father (but that’s another story).

At the end of each school year, I was tested to make sure I was learning what I should and could advance to the next grade, and each year the state found me to be up to par (and advanced in certain subjects) and able to pass.  However, what they didn’t know was that after the little teaching my mother did for my fifth grade year, she stopped.  My mother struggled with depression, felt like she was stuck in an unhealthy marriage, and was trying to figure out how to deal with my rebellious teenage sister; my schooling was the least of her concerns.

I lived in my bedroom, writing in my journal and spending a lot of time reading novels.  Each year I would wait for my mother to get me the books I needed and actually teach me something, but every time I mentioned it, she would gesture to our library and tell me to just go read something.  She didn’t teach me anything and despite my desire to learn, I had become so socially awkward that the idea of going back to public school sent me into panic mode, knowing at this point I wouldn’t fit in or be at the same level academically.  Toward the end of “seventh grade” a private school opened up in our town.  It was put together like a one room schoolhouse and would have grades pre-k through eighth grade attending.  My parents spoke with the people who started the school and decided it would be a good fit for me.

I was terrified of going back into a regular school setting, afraid of failing my teacher because I wasn’t smart enough, scared of being around other children every day, and totally insecure in my ability to handle it.  Shortly before school started, I found out that there would be only four other students apart from myself; a fourth grader, two third graders, and a preschooler.  The idea of being the only eighth grader was a relief, but was hard at the same time.  I desired friendship, but had no idea where to find it and pretty much gave up on it.  I became a ‘big sister’ to the other kids in the school, and often helped them with their school work rather than focusing solely on my own.  The teacher sort of took me on as an aid and though she did teach me, the focus of the school was for younger children.

The next year was back to homeschooling…er…unschooling.

I volunteered at the school weekly, spent a lot of time babysitting, but my own schooling never really happened.  The state required a portfolio at the end of each year showing pieces of the work I had done, so the month of May my sister and I would take some time writing up a couple papers and putting a few projects together.  Each year I “passed” and every year made me feel even worse.

That’s right, my last year of formal schooling was eighth grade, and even that is a reach because of how I was taught and what was expected of me.

Sick of dealing with the situation I was in, I took the first chance I had to get out of my situation and ran with it.  I got married, had babies, and never finished high school according to the state.  I had completed my Junior year, but didn’t graduate from high school.  I started working on getting my GED a couple times, but wasn’t able to because of my life situations.  My ex husband wasn’t supportive and I had small children to care for, so I threw myself into being a mommy, and put it on the back burner.

A lot happened in between, but March of 2012 I decided it was time.  I made it a priority and by the end of May I passed the GED test with flying colors, surprising even myself with the scores I received.

My point of this post is that I’m not highly educated or wicked smart, as they say here, and it’s something I have a lot of anxiety about.  I do my best, but I read what others write and am full of awe.  I wish so badly I had stayed in school, and wonder often where I would be today if I had.  I can’t go back to that, nor would I want to, but I know my posts are lacking since I don’t know all the right words to say and what makes sense in my mind isn’t always simple to write out.

I’m hoping that expressing these feelings will eliminate some of my insecurities and help you all understand my situation a little better.

*cough* Carry on.. *cough*


Oct 132013

Grim Reaper from Divine Interventions

- Made from silicone
- Unique design
- High quality
- Interesting Texture
- Small areas to clean
- Doesn’t come with a storage pouch




The Grim Reaper from Divine Interventions is a unique silicone dildo that creates a far more positive experience than what you normally associate with the face of death.  Super detailed and covered in texture, this bad boy was designed to please!  Whether you plan on purchasing as a conversation piece, or plan to tuck it away in your bedroom for private use, the Grim Reaper is a great choice.

Though there isn’t a specific G-spot curve, this toy has a lot of good things going for it.  The texture is obvious and while the dildo may not connect with your G-spot, certainly stimulates during use.  The base of the toy is nice and large, making it easy to grip while you’re thrusting it.  It’s totally flat on the bottom; it doesn’t have a suction cup or a bullet hole, though you can easily make it vibrate by placing a vibrating cock ring on the base of the shaft.

Since the base of the toy is nice and large, it’s also totally anal safe.  There’s no way for this toy to get sucked up inside of you, but you might want to consider something else for backdoor play.  The details in the face hold onto bodily fluids and can be a little more challenging to clean as a result.  If you don’t mind the extra cleanup, it’s certainly safe enough to use it that way.

The Grim Reaper can be used with a partner as well, but it’s important to not thrust too hard since it could cause some discomfort.  Though the material is mostly soft, it’s long enough to irritated the cervix if used aggressively.  The dildo is sized well, but doesn’t work great in a harness.  It tends to sag since there’s nothing to really keep the top back and hold it properly in place.


Made from silicone, the Grim Reaper is non-porous, latex free, phthalate free, and completely body safe.  It’s a great material for a sex toy because it can be fully sterilized and safely shared for that reason (sterilizing between uses).

Untitled-4This particular silicone has some drag to it, but is fairly smooth in general.  It’s not buttery smooth, but doesn’t feel sticky or tacky.  A small amount of lube is all you need to help it glide smoothly.  The surface will pick up small lint particles, but is very reasonable.  Just make sure you rinse/wash it off before use.

Untitled-3The firmness level would be about a medium, it can be bent easily and squished with a little force, but it’s not something I would consider soft.  It provides great pressure to the areas that matter most, but isn’t hard enough to cause discomfort (as long as the size is something you’re accustomed to).

Much of the dildo is totally smooth, but the Grim Reaper isn’t without texture!  The end of the toy is where you’ll experience it most, between the hooded face, the scythe, and the rippled texture behind the head, but you can also feel it down the front of the shaft because of the cape.  The ripples behind the head are most obvious and provide a ribbed sensation thanks to the design.  The face really isn’t felt, but the whole head is very stimulating.  If you prefer smoother toys in general, this might be a bit much because of how obvious the texture is behind the head, but it should be great for those that like their toys to have texture to them.



Untitled-5Divine Interventions makes some of the most interesting and controversial toys I’ve ever seen; the Grim Reaper isn’t the exception!  Phallic in design, the dildo features testicles at the base, an obvious shaft, and textured head.  The website itself calls it the “large, black, uncut cock”, but is also available in Steel which is a gorgeous marbled grey that has a beautiful metallic shimmer.  Because it’s marbled, no two will be exactly the same, but they’re all equally gorgeous!  Mine also features some of their deep red which really gives my Grim Reaper a deathly appearance on top of the overall design.  I was told he was sending me a custom color, but didn’t request it, so I’m not sure if you’re able to customize the coloring in general.  It never hurts to contact the company directly and ask.

Untitled-2The most detailed area of this toy is obviously the face.  It has a very creepy skeletal appearance which is set in slightly from the rest of the toy.  The texture can’t be felt during use, but this area creates quite a pocket for bodily fluids to collect in.  As long as the site of your own stuff doesn’t bother you, it’s really not a big deal, just make sure you wash it directly after.

Because the base is flat, you can set it on a table, nightstand, shelf, etc. without having to worry about it tipping over thanks to the balls.

The size isn’t beginner friendly and isn’t the best travel companion.  It’s not a super large toy, but it’s not small by any means.  The average user would find it quite girthy, but a size queen would probably feel like it’s on the smaller end of what they normally enjoy.  The obvious texture does make it feel a little larger than if the dildo was the same size and totally smooth, which might pose an issue for some.  Bottom line, unless you’re used to girthy toys, this will probably be a little too large for you.

The full length is 7 3/4″ long, 6″ of that being insertable.  The end of the toy is 5 1/4″ in circumference, and varies slightly down the shaft because of the texture changes.  At the thickest (where the scythe is) is 5 3/4″, but narrows back down to 5 1/4″ near the base.



One of my favorite things about silicone dildos is how easy they are to clean!  For regular use, you can clean with antibacterial soap and warm water or your favorite toy cleaner.  Because of the facial detailing, you will want to use a soft bristled tooth brush to get into all the small areas, it’s not difficult, but it is another step you need to take.  If you’re sharing with someone else or switching orifices, you’ll want to sterilize it.  You can boil it for three minutes, or clean it with a 10% bleach solution.  Divine Interventions recommends not using the dishwasher to clean your Grim Reaper.

The safest option for lubricant is using a water-based type.  Sometimes silicone lubricants can cause the surface of your silicone toys to degrade, so it’s best not to mix them.  If you just can’t help but use a silicone-based lube, make sure you first spot test to make sure it doesn’t react.  While you’re shopping at Divine Interventions, you can pick up a bottle of their Holy Water Lube which is completely safe to use with your silicone toys.  If you’re interested in snagging one for free, check out my giveaway for a change to win your own bottle.

The Grim Reaper doesn’t come with any type of storage, so you’ll need to put it inside a plastic Ziploc bag or a large storage pouch.  When it arrives, it’s only sealed in a plastic bag that needs to be torn/cut in order to remove the toy, so it can’t really be reused.  Keeping your dildo inside of a bag or pouch is important since it will protect the surface from potential damage.


Every dildo available from Divine Interventions appeals to me for one reason or another.  Their products are so unique and interesting that I would love to get my hands on each of them!  The Grim Reaper seemed like the obvious choice for this time of year because it screamed ‘Halloween!’ to me.

It’s always a gamble whether or not such an interesting toy will actually be stimulating or if the appeal is solely in how it looks.  The Grim Reaper actually surprised me!  I usually prefer a softer feeling silicone, but the firmness was actually really nice thanks to the great texture.  I don’t orgasm from internal stimulation alone, so I pared it up with my go-to external vibe and found it to be really pleasurable.  The ribbed feeling was so nice and while I didn’t really feel it connecting with my G-spot, the texture still intensified my pleasure.

I used the dildo for about twenty minutes, and when I pulled it out, the face acted like a bowl for my bodily fluids.  It’s easy to clean, but you’ll want to be careful when you pull it out that you don’t make a larger mess.  Might sound a little gross, but I’m totally comfortable with what comes from my body, just be prepared that it may also happen to you.

Overall, I’m impressed that this dildo is a lot more than something cool to look at.  It’s just as great in use as it in in appearance, and I can see this appealing most to advanced toy users who prefer some girth and texture.

Make sure you check out the awesome products available from Divine Interventions.  The Grim Reaper and The Devil would both be a wonderful treat to buy for Halloween!


The Grim Reaper was provided to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This is in compliance with FTC guidelines.