Jul 022013

I feel him tight against his jeans, pressing into me
while I try hard to fight the urge that surges deep inside of me.
Hands roam, temperatures rise;
I’m holding back, unsure of why.
Warm lips grazing mine,
with hushed whispers reassuring me;
I focus hard on playing the part
and letting go of insecurities.
Strong hands remove my clothes,
allowing my secret skin to be seen.
His gaze is fixed, drawing me in,
deepening my sudden need.
Open mouths, well placed hands;
pleasure mounts as time stands still.
All at once the fear is gone and all that’s left
are needs fulfilled and a
built up

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Jul 022013

sexy_blankety_blank_tmi1. If my sex life were a film, it would be rated _R_ .  Enough that it’s not suitable for children, but could use a little more steam!

2. I got a body for _cuddles__ and a face for _kissing_ .  Aww, how sweet! ;)

3. It’s extremely sexy when a guy/girl _smiles_ .  Nothing is sexier than seeing someone happy!

4. Doing _the dishes_ naked makes me _wet_ .  Truly, it does.  I’m horrible about keeping the water in the sink and with no clothes on to soak it up…

5. In the morning, I am always _masturbating_ .  Ah, nothing like an orgasm before leaving the sheets!

6. I would love to _blow my man_ in the _middle of him getting tattooed_ .  Bizarre right?  Totally odd fantasy!  At least we always get tattooed at home, maybe someday it will come true!

Bonus: Roses are ____ , Violets are ____ , YOU CREATE THE REST OF THE POEM

 Roses are cliche

Violets are dumb

They just die away

and can’t make me cum

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