Jul 102013

I’ve always loved the look of vintage/antique things.  I’m particularly fond of skeleton keys, old locks, bottles, and jars (and almost anything made out of glass).  Having children, I can’t always grab these things to take home with me, but that will change once they are older.  It wasn’t until recently that my husband and I started checking out some of the local antique shops, and I discovered that my love for all things old was much deeper than I previously thought. I wanted everything I saw, even if I had no use for it, and as I lusted after these amazing treasures all I could do was imagine how amazingly unique and interesting my home would be if I lived on my own (poor Mr. PropertyOfPotter!).  Snapping back into reality, I enjoyed looking through all the amazing things that had held up so well over time.  We walked away with a few Ball canning jars for my sea glass collection, but I held back on other things due to lack of funds. *cries*

nuts-21Not long ago my husband and I went on a mini vacation on the motorcycle and sadly dealt with nothing but rain the whole time.  We decided instead of trying to see the sights (which was the whole reason for the location), that we would do a little antiquing.  The first shop we stopped at proved to be a wise choice, since we picked up a couple wonderful things!

I saw this adorable looking round tin and picked it up to get a closer look.  When I read the front I knew it was something we had to grab!  Our tattoo artist’s name is Adam and the wording on the front was too much to pass up!  He’s the type of person that is constantly joking about his ‘junk’ and I could just imagine the look on his face when he saw this!  He’s also a collector of all things unique and interesting and after showing my husband, we agreed that it had to come home with us.

nuts-33While I was standing there, I opened the tin to see what it looked like on the inside.  I hadn’t noticed how heavy it felt, so I was quite shocked when a long, faded, cloth covered spring came popping out of it.  I jumped, seeing as it was very unexpected, and my husband and I were both laughing until we were crying!  The owner of the shop came over to see what the fuss was about (I think she assumed we were up to no good) and realized that our laughter was deserved.  We closed the lid, finished up our shopping (where we also purchased our second lock), and excitedly imagined the look on our artist’s face when he saw our gift to him.

nuts13Today is a tattoo day, so we were able to give him the gift.  You could instantly tell that he loved the look and text on the tin, and after asking if there was actually any nuts in it, he opened it and jumped back while the spring flew out.  We were all laughing and it proved to be a great gift.  Old? Check.  Great design? Check.  Slightly perverted? Check.  I’m almost sad my man’s name isn’t Adam…the tin was a little difficult to part with!

Jul 102013

all at once;
the first moment to ourselves
we turned into one.
Didn’t take much time
to find the lines
we had crossed and
the ones set before us.
So sure of ourselves
and the way we fit
and moved
and loved every moment of it.
We will always be one
the promised hummed from
your lips, drawing me in
to place a kiss on mine.
I cherished those times
while longing for more,
hoping you were sure
about me
and us
and everything in between.
Future bright,
right ahead of us;
egging us on,
daring us to be free.
Needs were met
and mattered and
didn’t bleed through my eyes
like they used to all the time.
I was lost in you.
So sure our love
was deeply seeded,
wouldn’t bend or break
or change our fate or be beaten.
But loss changed you.
Hammer and nails,
our joyride derailed
and up went the walls
while I sat there defeated.
I needed you.
I had never felt so lost
so confused and abused and
I waited.
My love still strong for you,
I begged you to let me in.
You were gone,
we were broken
but I still had hope in my heart.
Years have passed,
surprised we’ve lasted this long;
hate-filled words and screams
and endless wrongs.
I never should’ve assumed
our bond was that strong;
but I promise,
I’ll love you
until my last breath
is gone.

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