Jul 082013

Recently, my daughter turned seven and we had a birthday party for her.  A few of her school friends were able to make it, and we had a great little party.  When it was time for gifts, our neighbor, a fellow classmate of my daughter, gave a picture she drew in place of a card.  It was viewed and tossed to the side since everyone was dying for her to open gifts.  Once the chaos died down, I went back through and look at the cards she received.  This little seven year old girl drew this image:


Untitled-3When I asked my daughter what it was, she said that the girl told her is was a character from Jake and the Never Land Pirates which is a popular TV show that can be found on the Disney Channel.  Being that we don’t have cable, I wasn’t exactly sure who this character was, and doubted her name was I Sex.  When I looked it up, it turns out the character is actually Izzy and looks like the character to the left.  I really have no idea if the girl was trying to spell Izzy or something else, but the drawing paired with the words really threw me.

I immediately showed my husband who raised his eyebrows for a moment and enjoyed a good laugh with me.  I love the fact that we can share these little things together.  It always baffles me what kids come up with, and after being a parent for the past seven years, little surprises me.  This will be a drawing I hold on to for my daughter since I’m sure in another ten years, I’ll pull it out and we’ll both enjoy a good laugh about it!