Jul 042013

Over two years ago, my husband and I went to visit a tattoo artist/friend of his because it had been years since they had seen each other.  Joking about what he was going to get tattooed, it somehow came up that he would get our wedding date; making it impossible for him to forget.  I never thought he would actually do something so personal like that, so I told him, “If you get that, I’ll get a property stamp on my lower back”.  I think that idea excited him more than anything!  He got tattooed first, getting our newborn daughter’s hand print on his throat, and while I was tending to our daughter, he also got 09-22-10 tattooed along the base of his thumb.  After that, it was on!  My property stamp was inked into my skin, forever showing who I belong to.  Everyone always said that you should never get a partner’s name tattooed on you, but I happen to love that his name is forever on my body!


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Sultry Saturday

Jul 042013

Yesterday we spent the day with family and friends and were able to watch some awesome fireworks.  It had been years since I saw a show and my kids all really enjoyed it.  I was able to snap a few photos of the beauty, so in case you’re unable to catch them this year or if you’re outside of the country, please enjoy what I was able to capture!

The 4th of July is truly set in place to celebrate our (the United States) independence through the adoption of the Declaration of Independence which was adopted back in 1776.  Here, you’ll find more information about Independence day, what it represents, and how it all came to be.  As for us?  We love to celebrate it by getting together with the people we love and simply enjoying our time together.


Tonight, I’m celebrating in an unconventional way.IMG_2894(Pictured: Dreamgirl Stretch Lace Open Crotch Boyshorts, Wet Body Glide Flavored Lubricant, and We-Vibe Salsa)

Are you doing anything to celebrate tonight?  Are there any ‘fireworks’ in your evening plans?

Awesome sale? I think so!

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Jul 042013

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