Jul 232013

That’s What I Like About

you11. Tell us about you in 10 words or less.
Loving, broken, loyal, introverted, passionate, deep, honest, sexual, funny, creative.

2. What radio stations do you have programmed and regularly listen to (format, genre)?
We have a pop station programmed in the car.  It’s something we all can get into since we have children in the car with us most of the time.

3. What color are your eyes today?
More grey than blue

4. Did you shave today?

5. What’s your personality?
That’s a loaded question!  I’m different.  I’m quiet at first, but when I’m comfortable with you I can be really funny.  I’m more of an introvert than anything, but know how to let loose when I’m able to.

6. Tell us two things that most people mention they like about you.
Umm…I’ve been told I’m a good friend and I’m real.

7. Name one thing that you really like about yourself.
I’m a great listener that truly cares about people.

Bonus: How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?
Based on looks I would say mid-twenties, but based on who I am as a person, I would say 35ish.

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