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Happy Rabbit G-Spot Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator

- Rechargeable
- Silicone
- Easy to use
- Separate motors
- Quiet
- Weak
- Won’t fit everyone’s anatomy
- Details on clitoral arm
- Expensive



The Lovehoney Happy Rabbit G-spot vibrator is a dual stimulating toy; pairing both internal and external stimulation in one.  Designed to pleasure some of your most sensitive areas, the shaft of this toy is meant to be inserted to excite the G-spot while the arm of the toy is made to connect with your clitoris.  Best used by those possessing a vagina, Happy Rabbit is great for solo play, but can be handed over to a partner.  Because there’s a lot of give to the shaft, there’s little worry about causing your partner discomfort, but make sure to speak up if they’re thrusting too aggressively.

Though this toy technically has a base, it’s not the greatest toy to use for anal play.  It would work, but Lovehoney offers many other products that would work much better.  This vibe also isn’t the best if you like using toys in the tub or shower.  Being that it’s only splash proof, you can’t submerge it and should be careful around water in general.  Washing shouldn’t be a problem, just make sure the adaptor hole on the toy is properly plugged first.


Happy Rabbit is made out of silicone for the insertable portion and clitoral arm, and plastic for the base.  Both are body-safe and are some of the safest materials to use because they’re non-porous, phthalate free, contain no latex, and won’t cause issues with your skin like jelly materials often do.  The silicone on this particular toy has a matte appearance and a rubbery feel to the surface.  It’s not tacky, but does tend to pick up dust particles (though not as much as shiny silicone does).  The surface doesn’t have any intentional texture to it, but does have a very obvious seam that runs the entire length of the toy (front and back) and the face of the rabbit has some definition to it as well.  The seam can only be felt during use if you’re extremely sensitive to texture.  The face of the rabbit, however, is another story.  Though the ‘nose’ of the rabbit is very small, the sensation it provides will either be stimulating, or uncomfortable.  Unfortunately for me, it was the latter.


There’s no give at all in the base since that’s the plastic area of the toy, but there’s a lot of flex in the shaft of the toy, the ears of the rabbit, and in the clitoral arm itself.  It offers the most resistance in the arm, but that’s only because it was designed to provide a good amount of pressure.  The ears are extremely flimsy and for those of us that need a good amount of pressure or power, are pretty much only there for looks.  If they were thicker or shorter they would be better, but it seems like they were trying to make the length work for most rather than worry about the pressure you could get from them.


On top of the shaft being very flexible, it also has a lot of give to it.  Just below the G-spot curve is quite firm, but about 2 1/2″ from the tip it feels like it’s hollow in the center.  It doesn’t feel that way throughout the whole shaft, since the motors create firm areas that can only be lightly squeezed, but it is a strange feeling in your hands.  The fact that it has so much give is great for those that prefer slimmer toys.  The give makes the toy feel a little smaller that it is, making it comfortable to insert and easy to use.



The Happy Rabbit’s tip has a great curve to it that was designed to help target and stimulate the G-spot.  With the shaft being without texture, it’s obvious that the end was designed to help keep your focus on the targeted area, and little else.  The clitoral arm resembles a rabbit thanks to the ears and face, but isn’t done in a creepy sort of way.  The ears and nose are obvious, but the rest of the resemblance is left to the shape of it.  The ears can easily be spread apart, with one ear on each side of your clitoris, or you can put them on one side or the other.

The base of the toy is where the controls are located, and has a totally flat base.  The base makes it so that the toy can easily stand up straight when placed on a flat surface.  It’s also the widest area of the toy which makes it comfortable and easy to hold and control.  Between the white base and black silicone, is a strip of silver plastic.  This area doesn’t add anything to the toy as far as performance, but is a really nice added touch.

The size of this toy is fairly average, but will be either too large or too small for some users.  I wouldn’t consider it a beginner toy, but someone who’s used to at least some penetration should be all set to grab this one.  For those that enjoy a lot of girth, this won’t quite hit the spot for you.  It’s very average and will work best for those who enjoy average sized toys.  The length and base diameter can be found on the product page, but I wanted to give a few more measurements to see if this toy will fit your anatomy.  The circumference of the tip is 5″, the shaft is 4 1/4″ in the center but widens to 5″ right before the clitoral arm.  The full length of the clitoral arm (starting at where it connect to the shaft) is 3″ long, the ears make up 1 1/4″ of that.


This isn’t what I would call a travel friendly toy.  Though it doesn’t resemble a penis, it’s very obvious what this toy is and what it’s used for.  It would be very difficult to pass this off as something other than an adult product.  Because of that, it’s best to keep and use this toy at home, unless you’re not easily embarrassed.


Untitled-8The best thing about this vibrator is that it’s fully rechargeable.  You don’t have to worry about the cost of batteries since you can just plug it in to juice it up.  On the back of the base is a small hole that has a silicone plug over it.  The plug prevents any water from leaking into this area, so it’s important to keep it closed while you’re washing it.  When the plug is removed, the port is revealed.  The toy comes with its own adaptor and is very easy to use.  When it’s plugged into the toy and wall, the light will glow red until it’s fully charged.  Once the toy is all juiced up, the light will switch to green; showing that it’s ready for action.  The booklet it comes with says that it takes six hours to fully charge, but mine took approximately nine hours before the light changed.  Keep that in mind when charging for the first time.


The front of the base shows two buttons that sort of resemble a plump exclamation point.  The top button controls the vibrations of the shaft, and the bottom controls the clitoral arm.  There are no light indicators showing which setting you’re on, but the functions are very easy to understand.  There are two motors in the shaft that have five different settings.  The first three are your standard low, medium, and high; and the other two are patterns.  The first is pulsating, and the second is a back and forth pattern between the motor located near the base of the clitoral arm, and the one located near the tip of the toy.  One click turns the shaft on and brings you to the low setting, and each click after that will bring you to the next.  If you keep clicking the button, it will keep cycling.  The only way you can turn the toy off is by holding the button down for a few seconds.  When you turn the toy back on, it has held your place and will start on the same pattern you left off on.  The clitoral arm works in a similar way.  There is one motor and it only contains the steady low, medium, and high functions.  It turns on and off the same way that the shaft does and will also hold your place.

Sadly, the power behind this one is quite weak.  I need a lot of power in my toys in order to climax, and this one just couldn’t bring me there.  The vibrations are deeper than a lot and aren’t buzzy, but without the power behind them, they aren’t enough.  This would be perfect for someone that prefers a lighter stimulation, but power queens will only find this to be a tease and may even get frustrated by it.

The power can be felt strongest directly in the areas where the motors are, but can be felt throughout most of it.  I couldn’t feel it through the ears during use, but I’m also not very sensitive to vibrations.  The base does have the vibrations travel through it, but it doesn’t cause your fingers to tingle, which is nice.

Though it lacks in power, it’s very quiet.  Anyone who’s concerned about sound issues won’t have a problem with this one.  With some sort of white noise, you could use this with someone else in the same room with you, and they wouldn’t be able to hear it.  Through a closed door of a silent room, it wouldn’t be heard either.  So while it is weak, it is also very sound discreet.

The battery inside of it lasts a decent amount of time, but the length will depend on which setting you’re using.  The higher settings will obviously eat up more power than the weaker ones.  According to the product page, the battery should last two hours.  I haven’t used it for that long yet, but it hasn’t given up on me after using it collectively for 30 minutes on the highest setting.


Happy Rabbit G-Spot can be washed with antibacterial soap and warm water, or your favorite sex toy cleaner.  Be careful while you’re washing that the plug is firmly in place and try to avoid running water over that area.  Should you want to share this item with someone else, you’ll want to fully disinfect by wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution.  Because there are internal working parts, you can’t boil or put it into your dishwasher.

Using a water-based lubricant is your smartest option with this vibe since some other lubricants could potentially cause surface damage to the toy.

Included with your Happy Rabbit is a black drawstring storage pouch.  This is the perfect size to house and protect your toy from dust, lint, and surface damage.  It’s the best option for long term storage since the included packaging wasn’t designed to store the toy for long.


When your rabbit arrives it’s housed in a black box with a thin cardboard sleeve surrounding it.  The sleeve shows an image of the toy directly on the front, and provides information about the product on the side.  It’s not discreet, but it’s done tastefully.  The sleeve can be removed and discarded.  The top of the black box shows the words ‘get happy’ and has the Lovehoney logo next to it.  Those are the only marking on the box itself.  When you open the lid, the toy is in full view.  It’s housed in a plastic tray that prevents the toy from moving around inside of it.  The tray is thin and cheap and wasn’t meant to last.  Everything you need is included inside; the vibe, storage pouch, charger, and information booklet.  The booklet itself doesn’t have that much information in it, only the very basics of using the toy, but it’s printed in several languages.



While this vibrator is high quality and does boast many of the things I look for in a vibe, this one just wasn’t for me.  I had a few issues with it, but they might not be the same ones you would have.  The first issue I had was power.  I’m a power queen and this baby was just a warm up toy for me.  I couldn’t climax using this alone and had to reach for something else to finish up.  The second had to do with the ‘nose’ of the rabbit.  Rather than providing that pin-point stimulation I love so much, it felt like it was scratching my clitoris.  No matter how I shifted it, it remained uncomfortable if that area was against me.  I did manage to get it positioned in a way that was stimulating, but I was having to work for that pleasure.

If you’re sensitive to vibrations and need something that’s average in size, this would be a great toy to look into.  You can find the Happy Rabbit G-Spot Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator and more at Lovehoney.


Lovehoney was generous enough to provide this product to me free of charge in exchange for an unbiased review.  This disclaimer is in compliance with FTC guidelines.

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