Q&A With Co-Owners Of Toy Box Under The Bed!

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Jul 032013

Recently on twitter, I saw a company name that wasn’t familiar to me; Toy Box Under The Bed.  As they were actively seeking out bloggers to review products for their sex toy shop, I was also looking for companies to review for.  Perfect match?  Sounded like it to me!  After joining their brand new blogger/review program, I decided to toss out the idea of a little Q&A, a chance to get us all familiar with the owners and the shop itself.

To celebrate one month in business (yes, this awesome site is that new), here are some questions to help familiarize us all with this great new shop.

What inspired you to start your own adult toy store?

We had been looking into different business opportunities with low overhead and unlimited possibilities in hopes of using any profits from the business to fund IVF.  We have been trying to conceive on and off for the last 2-3 years.  Then after having a failed adoption last year, we decided it was time to move onto IVF.  However, the price tag of IVF is pretty hefty! In one of Kate’s insomnia-induced “genius” episodes, she came up with the idea to sell sex toys.  Lesbereal, she was probably horny and who doesn’t like sex toys?

Were your family and friends involved/supportive of that decision? 

Our friends think it is great! We are both from conservative households, though, so we haven’t told our family members about our business.  We seriously doubt they’d be involved or supportive of the business.

How did you choose the name?

We sat on the couch just throwing out names and thought about our own “toy box.”  We joked about how all lesbians have a toy box somewhere.  We started playing around with different places a toy box could be kept, and “Toy Box Under The Bed” sounded much better than “Toy Box Under The Bathroom Sink.”  What we have learned since starting our business is that it is not only lesbians that have a toy box!

How long did it take for the idea to become a reality?

Honestly, it all happened very quickly.  When we set our mind on something, we tend to obsess on making it happen.  We found a distributor that had amazing prices and signed up with them as soon as we came up with our business name.  The next day Kate spent the entire day getting our business license, tax information, and all other necessary items together.  We were live and online within the next day! 

What overall feel do you hope customers get from your shop?

We strive to be customer oriented.  We really want customers to feel that they can email us for product suggestions, information, or any other questions they have.  We also want to make sure that we keep our prices affordable, so everyone can enjoy the world of sex toys! We got tired of having to pay a fortune for sex toys, so we want to be the place people come to for affordable, yet quality, products.

How do you decide what to carry in your shop and do you feel that your personal sex life has any influence on that?

When we first started, we were focused on carrying products for a lesbian audience, which was of course based on our personal sex life.  However, we quickly realized that men and straight couples were interested in sex toys, also.  We did not want to limit our product selection and leave other groups of people out.  We began adding products that would appeal to all people and all types of sex.  Our eyes have definitely been opened to products that we did not even know existed! We are actually working on adding some new products, so make sure you stay on the lookout!

Do you feel that the sex toy industry is fair to all genders?  How do you think it could be improved?

The thing that bothered us the most was when we were going through the sex toy images.  Most of the images were of skinny-waisted women with large boobs and didn’t even pertain to the product that was trying to be sold.  We have gone through most of our products to ensure that the images shown are of the product or are helpful in showing how the product is used.  We would love to see toys marketed to women better, such as the way that LELO products are marketed.


What was your first toy, how old were you, and how did you obtain it?

Kate: I was 18, and I went to a store called Condom Knowledge in Tallahassee, FL.  I was a freshman in college and had never seen a sex toy before.    It was called “My First Vibe” with a bonus vibe ring, It was baby blue.  I’m pretty sure it isn’t even sold anymore! However, it looks a lot like our “Velvet Touch 7 Inch Vibe.”  Funny story: when I went back home that summer, I took the vibe home with me and shoved it under my mattress.  My mom decided to wash my sheets while I was at work and found it! She threw it away and NEVER talked about it again.

A (uses initial since she works in a job that needs privacy): I honestly don’t remember what my first toy was exactly.  All I remember is that I was 16 and went to a store called Condom Knowledge in Panama City Beach, FL.  I assume it was a dildo of some sort.  I do not have a funny story.  :)

What’s your favorite toy?  Is it carried in your store?

Kate: If I had to choose one…I couldn’t.  Soooo, I’m going to go with my two favorite.  First, the Wand Essentials Multi-Speed Body Massager plugs in, which means I never have to hunt for batteries.  I also love that is has all the different speeds.  I haven’t tried any of the attachments yet, but I do plan to soon!  It is a little loud, but the pleasure is so great, I can live with the noise. My second favorite would be the Echo Silicone Vibrating Dildo.  I really, really love the way the Tantus products feel.

A: I honestly love all of our Doc Johnson dildos.  The one I prefer to strap up with the most is the Naturals Cock. I also swear by Liquid Silk lubricant since it looks like a certain bodily fluid, if you know what I mean. J Mixing the two products is great for gender play!

Have you always been a sexually open person?  If not, what changed that?

Kate: Well, in high school, I was sure I was going to be a nun.  Then I went to college and all of that changed.  I began to explore my sexuality and became very open to new experiences.  Now, I’m actually completing my Master’s degree in sociology with a focus on sex, sexuality, and gender!

A:  I was always the “wild child.”  As a teenager, I was very interested in exploring my sexuality.  I think I’ve actually calmed down as I’ve grown older.

If you could teach every customer one thing, what would it be and why?

Kate: Just be who you are, because that is the only thing that will make you truly happy.

 A: Be comfortable in your own skin, because everyone is beautiful and special in their own way.  (I still struggle with that one sometimes, though!)

These wonderful women aren’t looking to turn profits, they’re hoping to be able to start their family thanks to this business!  Can you think of a better reason to support a company?  Family has always been extremely important to me, and having three of my own I totally understand the want and drive to have children.  These great women have the right goals in mind and have created a welcoming and fun shop that will help you full up your own toy box, whether it’s under the bed or not!

Please take a moment to check out this great little shop!  As you can tell, the owners are fantastic and are open to feedback; something you can’t say for a lot of adult companies.  If you see something you like, don’t forget to use code “POTTER” at checkout to receive an additional 10% off your purchase!