Jul 312013

Doing her best to settle her nerves, Lucy sat down at the island in their kitchen, desperately trying to sip her hot coffee.  In the three years they’d been together Jon had sent her on dozens of little adventures, but something about this just felt so different to her.  She couldn’t quite put her finger on it.  Was it how he had been acting lately?  No, things were normal between them.  It wasn’t near their anniversary or any other special occasion she could think of either.  He was always surprising her with things, perhaps she was over thinking.

Reaching for her empty cup and tipping it to drink snapped her back into reality.  ”Lucy, you’ve got to start thinking straight!” she said out loud, shaking her head as she walked to the sink and rinsed her mug.  She read over the note a second time, hoping something would jump out at her, and when nothing did, she returned to the bedroom to shower and get dressed.

The hot water felt amazing against her skin and it wasn’t long before her mind was wandering to a different place.  She stood in the shower for a while, allowing the water to spray against her back and run down the length of her body.  Every drop that touched her seemed to make her more aware of what she was feeling.  Her nipples hardened and puckered, and the warmth between her legs made her feel like she was about to ignite.  With closed eyes, she gently kneaded her breast with one hand, and slid the other down her belly, over her smooth mound, and between her swollen lips.  A sigh managed to escape her mouth as her fingertips slowly circled her puffy clit, teasing herself as she thought of what the night might contain.  After a moment she gave in, rubbing fiercely against her throbbing flesh while pinching her nipple with the opposite hand.  Water was streaming down her face, her breath grew faster, and the pressure was building.  Closer, closer, and just before she allowed herself to climax, she stopped; knowing that this little tease was only going to make later that much more intense.  Wiping her face with her hands and opening her eyes, she let out a quick breath and turned off the water.

Wrapping her flushed body with a towel, Lucy walked out of the bathroom and over to her dresser.  She pulled open the underwear drawer and was quite confused when she was greeted with another note and something wrapped in pink tissue paper.  She gathered both and sat at the edge of her bed.

“My princess, you know I wouldn’t make you wait all day without allowing you to have a special surprise.  This one, you may open now so that I may toss it aside later.  - Jon”

Setting the note to the side, she quickly tore apart the paper and just stared for a moment.  The fabric was amazingly elegant and simple, while somehow also being incredibly sexy.  She felt the panties between her fingers, and then brushed it against her face.  A shiver ran down her spine as she imagined how amazing these would feel against her already sensitive lips.  The panties and matching bra were impressively detailed, having a soft black lace layered over the dark grey, silky fabric.  Jon had incredible taste and Lucy was always impressed with his attention to detail.

She slipped her feet into the holes of the panties and pulled them up over her behind.  She turned away from the mirror and put the bra on before turning back to take in her full appearance.  Her jaw dropped.  The dark fabric was an amazing contrast against her pale skin, and she was shocked at how well the set fit her body.  Jon worked his magic again, somehow managing to find something that fit her full body perfectly; something she could seldom accomplish when shopping for herself.

After trying on half her closet and deciding on a casual lightweight black dress and simple flats, she decided to head over to the nursing home early today to distract her mind and speak with her friend about the exciting evening ahead of her.  She knew Edith was going to love every second of this!  A quick glance at the clock showed her it was just after 9, “Only seven hours to go.  Ha, only!” Lucy said to herself as she locked the front door.

Harlow Nursing Home was only about fifteen minutes away and became like a second home when her grandmother suffered a stroke a few years ago.  Though she had since passed, she felt like a part of her remained within the wonderful ladies she met there.  Margaret, Shirley, and especially Edith treated her as though she was their own granddaughter, and they became like family to her.

Stepping out of her car, she placed the small box inside her dress pocket and advanced toward the facility, anxious to get Edith’s opinion about her special surprise.  The lady at the front desk greeted her as she signed in, exchanging their normal hellos, and she made her way to Edith’s room.  The frail old lady was sitting in her chair, watching the birds flit around by a nearby feeder.  At Lucy’s knock, she slowly turned her head with a youthful grin on her face.

“Hello dear, you’re early today” Edith croaked before clearing her throat.

“I know, hopefully I didn’t interrupt anything.  I just couldn’t wait any longer to get here, I have a surprise to share with you.”  Lucy leaned over the woman and placed a gentle kiss on the woman’s worn cheek.  The warmth in her smile always touched Lucy’s heart and the sparkle in her eyes always made her wonder what this woman would have been like sixty years ago, positive they would have been close friends.

Edith sat back and listened as Lucy pulled up a chair and told her about the notes and gifts and showed her the little wrapped box that was still a mystery.  After finishing up her story, she asked her dear friend what she thought.

“Are you sure he’s not going to pop the question?”

“Yeah, I mean, when we first got together we both agreed we wouldn’t do the whole marriage thing.”

“It’s been a few years, people change their minds about things, you know.  How would you feel if he did ask.”

“I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately” Lucy sighed, “and it’s something I’m almost scared to hope for, because I know he doesn’t want to.”

“Well, maybe he’s finally realized the sex will be just as good. If you’re still full of passion after three years a ring and a little name change isn’t going to change that!” Edith said with a wink.  Lucy couldn’t help but to smile.  Her lovely friend wasn’t shy about speaking her mind, and there was even a little truth thrown in there.  Maybe not about the sex exactly, but maybe he had realized they had something more special than most.  She knew in her heart that if she was meant to spend her life belonging to anyone, it was Jon.

After spending the next hour discussing the latest about the cafeteria food and the gossip surrounding who was interested in who around the home, it was obvious that Edith was getting tired.  She closed the blinds and promised to stop by the following day to let her know what the box contained.  It tickled her pink how excited her friend was, and she didn’t want to keep her waiting.

As she reached into her purse to take out her car keys, she heard her phone alert her to a new text message.  A curious smile crossed her face as she pulled out the phone and saw it was from Jon.

You haven’t been pampered enough, head over to Peaceful Massage.  You have an appointment.  - Jon

She shook her head in disbelief.  This man!  She started the car and pulled away, feeling full of love, excitement, and anticipation.  Oh, she couldn’t wait to see him later!

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